Friday, October 27, 2017

CD Review: New Punk/Metal Music From Ubergang, Spider Crew, Long Arms, Deliver & From The Heart

Arriving on November 24th is the full-length debut release from German metal band Ubergang titled "Zeichen der Zeit." Their new 13-song set is filled with thrash metal riffs and while you may not understand the lyrics due to the language barrier, the music will certainly excite your senses. They gets things moving quickly with the punk-like delivery of the opener "Nichat Allein" and the hardcore metal appeal of "Vakuum." The high-powered guitars of "Nichts Zu Verlieren" and the machine-gun drumming in "Leidenschaft" will make you take notice of this rising new European metal band. To find out more about Ubergang and their latest release "Zeichen der Zeit," please visit their Facebook page at

Last month we receive the latest release from Austria's premier indie hardcore/punk band, Spider Crew. Their new album titled "Sounds Of Hatred" features a dozen hard-hitting tracks that attack all the different forms of hatred that go on in the world today. They begin their new release with an old-fashion recording getting overtaken by the intense delivery of "Six Feet Under." The album continues with the battle cry of "All In Me" and the quick, punk-like fury of "We Don't Need You." The guitars blaze a path through your mind with "Enemy Within," while the screams of "Never Fade Away" showcase the dedication and emotions that are poured into their music. To find out more about Spider Crew and their latest release "Sounds Of Hatred," please visit their Facebook page at

From Virginia, comes the debut album from the punk rock band Long Arms. Their new release titled "Young Life" will be released on November 3rd through Dead Serious Recordings. It features a dozen tracks of positive energy, beginning with the addictive, repetitive guitar riff of the title song "Young Life." Long Arms continue their new release with the post-punk tones of "Quentin" and "Is This Heaven," as their songs are geared toward modern alternative rock radio. The have perfect recipe for a hit with "Tired Old Town" as the chorus sticks in your head. Next, they slow the tempo down for the swing of "Truly," before wrapping up their new album with the acoustic pop song "Nova" and the fun, lighthearted, energetic tones of "Party Girl." To find out more about Long Arms and their latest release "Young Life," please visit their Facebook page at

From Germany comes the latest release from the hardcore punk/metal band Deliver. Their new 4-song EP titled "On Solid Ground" is their third release on the Demons Run Amok label and begins with the high-powered energy of "Cannot Handle" as screaming vocals and a solid pounding rhythm signals the band's arrival. They speed up the tempo with the punk-like energy of "Vacuum," before finishing their new release with the shear force of "Still Here" as the band motors through this quick 11-minute album. To find out more about Deliver and their latest release "On Solid Ground," please visit their Facebook page at

Next up is the return of the hardcore band, From The Heart with their sophomore release titled "Make It Last." From The Heart are determined to put Eurocore music back on the map as their music carries an old-school, fast, aggressive sound with a punk-like attitude. Their album kicks off with the swiftness of "Passion" as you find yourself trying to keep up with the song's furious punk-like speed. The album's hardcore sound should definitely make you take notice of this rising "Eurocore" band as songs like "King Of The Hill" and "Self-Destruct" will make you fans of From The Heart. They finish up their new album with pounding rhythms of "My Revenge" and the intense pace of "In This Together." To find out more about From The Heart and their latest release "Make It Last," please visit

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