Thursday, November 30, 2017

New Music From Indi-Artists Bonefish, Cary Heuchert And Dinosaur Eyelids

From Sweden comes the new release titled "Atoms" from the mainstream, modern rock band Bonefish. This is the band's second full-length album and kicks off with the slow-buildup of the title-song "Atoms" as you will find yourself singing along to the chorus. Their new 11-song release continues with the addictive dance/rock rhythm of "Another Day" and the melodic "Fallen In Love." Bonefish change gears for the darker, Americana groove of "Potential Loss Of Faith" and then return to the pop sounds of "I See Your Heart." They wrap up their new release with the country-rock appeal of "Hey Hi Ho" and the steady delivery of "Crappy Eyes." To find out more about Bonefish and their latest release "Atoms," please visit

Canadian singer/songwriter Cary Heuchert is re-releasing his 2014 album "Blue Rain" with new liner notes and a brand new song "Mirror Of Dreams/Nightwish." The original 10-track album displays Cary's amazing songwriting ability as his acoustic-based psych-folk-pop sound allows you to follow his words while the music relaxes your mind as in "Every Morning Comes." He adds a middle-eastern rhythm to "The Girl Of Dreams" and finds the perfect blend of adult contemporary pop to the soft rock of "Rainfall." His original album finishes up with the acoustic folk ballad "Someday" and the psychedelic feel of "Ode To The Sun." The new bonus track, "Mirror Of Dreams/Nightwish" has a classical backdrop as Cary gentle delivers his storied lyrics. To find out more about Cary Heuchert and his latest release "Blue Rain," please visit

From New Jersey comes the latest release titled "Left Turn On Red" from the alternative rock band Dinosaur Eyelids. This is the band first new album in three years and they kick off their new 11-song release with a couple of indie-grunge burners "Day Zero" and "Into The Woods" as down-tuned guitars and raw rock drumming showcase the band's signature sound. They continue to blaze a path with the garage-rock appeal of "Basilone Bridge" and the sonic college rock radio gem "Neshanic." The band slow down their sound for the accessible, mellow alt-rock of "L.A. Lady"  and acoustic plea to alcohol with ""Whisky," before returning with the punk-like energy of "Land Of Sky." Dinosaur Eyelids wrap up their new album with the steady strumming and inspirational "No Money Blues" and the acoustic folk-rock appeal of "Sourland Wind." To find out more about Dinosaur Eyelids and their latest release "Left Turn On Red," please visit their Facebook page at

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New Music From Singer/Songwriters Rich Krueger, Christopher Pellnat And Lindsay Bellows

From Chicago comes the latest release titled "Life Ain't That Long" from singer/songwriter Rich Krueger. Krueger has been performing with his band, The Dysfunctionells for the better part of three decades and is ready to breakout on his own with two new solo albums. This release, being the first of the two new albums contains 10 solid songs of well-structured songwriting, beginning with the upbeat, Americana vibe of "A Stoopid Broken Heart." The album continues with "The Gospel According To Carl," which sounds like it came straight from the seventies folk/rock movement and should turn you into an instant fan of Rich's songwriting. His music takes on an edgier sound with his tribute to 1977 when Krueger was only 17 years old and all the highlights he experienced that year in "77/17." When he slows down for the ballad "Can't See Me In This Light," you can appreciate the honest delivery of his words and the emotions he pours into his performances. He wraps up his new release with the seven-minute, soul grooved plea of "The Wednesday Boys" and the inspired, gospel sway of "What We Are." There are also two bonus songs added to this album, including his Christmas-themed "And It's That Time Again," which Rich wrote back in 1985. To find out more about Rich Krueger and his latest release "Life Ain't That Long," please visit

From New York comes the latest release titled "Honey Venom Wings" from singer/songwriter Christopher Pellnat. His new 10-song release has a nostalgic overlaying tone as he begins with his plea to the bees with "Quiver." He picks the tempo up with the steady rhythm of "On The Ground," as the song's structure carries a Celtic vibe. Christopher draws you in with his words during the acoustic folk story of "Cloud King" and during the explanation of "Vegetarian Blues," before finishing his new album with the gentle acoustics tale of "I Made A Circle (And I Don't Know Why)." To find out more about Christopher Pellnat and his latest release "Honey Venom Wings," please visit his Facebook page at

Arriving on November 17th is the debut release from singer/songwriter Lindsay Bellows titled "Wake To Dream." The new 5-song release is a perfect introduction to this new independent artist as you are instantly draw into her sound on the smooth R&B pop of "Slow Steady." Her voice grabs your attention on the playful delivery of "Wake Up" as the song's rhythm has a jazz based groove. Her new short release finishes up with the slightly funkier beat of "Wild And Free" and the a capella feel of "Simple Gifts." To find out more about Lindsay Bellows and her latest release "Wake To Dream," please visit

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tears For Fears Look To "Rule The World" With New Greatest Hits Release

Eighties rock duo Tears For Fears reformed this past summer for a sold out arena tour of the U.K. and co-headlined a U.S. tour this past year with Hall & Oates. To celebrate their triumphant return, Universal Music will release a brand new, greatest hits set titled "Rule The World" on November 17th. It will be only be the band's second "greatest hits" set (first came out in 1992) and contains two brand new songs, "I Love You But I'm Lost" and "Stay," the duos first new music since 2004.

The new 16-song set begins with two of the band's biggest hit singles, "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" and "Shout," before reaching the first brand new track "I Love You But I'm Lost." The song contains a modern dance/pop flair highlighted by the timeless Tears For Fears vocals. Most of the songs on this new compilation mainly revolve around their first three albums, all released during the 1980s. The second new song "Stay" is a sweet sounding ballad that fits perfectly alongside their other mellow classics, "Mad World" and "I Believe." The new release closes with some of Tears For Fears more recent output, 1995's "Raoul And The Kings Of Spain" and 2004's "Closet Thing To Heaven." To find out more about Tears For Fears and their new "greatest hits" compilation "Rule The World," please visit

Monday, November 27, 2017

Celebrate Jimi Hendrix's 75th Birthday With New "Illustrated History" Book

On November 27th, we celebrate the 75th birthday of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix, who left us way too soon at the age of 27 has been the subject of countless books about his life and music career, so why would be need another one. Well, the newly published "Hendrix: The Illustrated Story," gives us the complete life of Jimi Hendrix as famed music writer/historian Gillian G. Gear examines everything from Hendrix's upbringing as a child, to his time in the military to becoming a star in London.

Not only are Gear's word's easy to follow as she quotes people who were around Hendrix throughout his life, but the hardcover, gift-book contains over 200 color/B&W images, many have never been published before. The first couple chapters center around Hendrix's influences and his time performing as a sideman in many bands before catching the eye of producer Chas Chandler, who eventually turned Jimi Hendrix into an international rock star. As great as the photos are, just as great is the addition of the famed concert posters and rare singles that the Jimi Hendrix released during the late-sixties.

As you read through this book, you get a sense as to the whirlwind career that Hendrix had in those few short years before his death. He was constantly involved in music, either writing, recording or performing, Hendrix was always creating something magical. The book also covers the three studio albums and one live album that Hendrix released during his lifetime, along with insight into the guitars Hendrix would use during his performances.

The last couple chapters cover the final days of Jimi Hendrix performing his last concert at the "Open Air Love Peace Festival" in Germany and his posthumous album releases and movies about his life. Also included at the end of the book is a complete listing of his live performances from 1967-1970 and a selected discography of his albums and singles. So, if you are looking for the most complete, illustrated history of the legendary Jimi Hendrix, look no further than the newly published "Hendrix: The Illustrated Story." To find out more about this wonderful new book, please visit

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Donny Osmond Gives His All To His Fans For "One Night Only"

The legendary Donny Osmond has been a part of the entertainment industry for almost 55 years. His musical career began back in the mid-sixties when he performed with his brothers as "The Osmonds." Then in the early seventies, Donny broke away from his brothers and began his solo career with the hit singles "Go Away Little Girl" and "Puppy Love."

This past summer, Donny Osmond went on tour in the UK, performing at sold-out arenas at every stop. To celebrate that outstanding achievement, Gonzo Distribution Ltd. released a brand new live CD/DVD set of his performance at NEC Birmingham. Osmond described the tour as one of "my favorite that I've ever done." The 2CD/2DVD set spans Osmond's entire career, including covers of more modern hits like "Dynamite" and "Uptown Funk."

The shows kicks off with a medley of classic tunes like "Celebration" and "Start Me Up," before he draws his fans in with a stellar version of "Puppy Love." The cameras that capture the entire show where everywhere in the arena, from the audiences point of view, to being on stage next to Donny Osmond. Some of the greatest clips of the show are when you can see the joy and love on the face of his fans as his gives his all to his performances.

The show continues, mixing in covers of classics like "Let's Stay Together" and "The Long And Winding Road" with more of his hit singles like "Sacred Emotion" and "Breeze On By." You can see how Osmond works the crowd as they sing-along to some of his more obscure tracks like "Long Haired Lover From Loverpool" and during a segment he calls "The Purple Cards," Osmond answers questions from the audience and even finds one fan in the audience to sing just for her. Osmond also performs with his brothers, virtually on screen singing "Love Me For A Reason." Donny does it all, he swings with his dancers during Steely Dan's "Peg" and even performs "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" from the Disney classic, "Mulan." The performance closes with Donny performing on the piano, singing "Survivor" and the inspirational ballad "This Is The Moment." To find out more about the new Donny Osmond live album "One Night Only," please visit

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Celebrate Christmas With "Home Alone 2: 25th Anniversary" & New Jennifer Saran Release

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it's time to bring on the Christmas movies. One particular movie that is celebrating an anniversary is "Home Alone 2." The "Home Alone" series produced 3 theater movies and 2 made-for-TV movies and also turned child actor Macaulay Culkin in a star at the young age of 10. The first "Home Alone" movie was one of the biggest grossing movies in the U.S. from its release in 1990 to 2011.  The movie's sequel "Home Along 2: Lost In New York" follows Culkin and the same two criminals, the Wet Bandits (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) to New York as Culkin's character "Kevin McCallister" gets on the wrong flight and has to fend for himself in the "big apple."

To celebrate the movie's 25th anniversary, 20th Century Fox re-released the film back in October as a combo Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD package with new cover art. To find out more about this new release, please visit

Songstress Jennifer Saran is preparing to released her debut, holiday-themed album titled "Soulful Christmas." on November 24th. It features a 17-song mix of originals and Christmas classics, performed with a timeless feel. She begins with the holiday original "Christmas Lover," which features supporting vocals from the legendary Temptations. Eleven of the songs are newly penned originals as Saran showcases her beautiful vocals on "Long Road Home For Christmas" and "Some Children See Him." The title-song "Soulful Christmas" can easily be a new traditional R&B holiday classic as it carries that timeless quality, like in "Sleigh Ride" and the album closer "Frosty The Snowman." She picks the tempo up with the pop beats of "Merry Christmas To You" and has fun performing with Cornell "CC" Carter on the playful "Christmas Delight." To find out more about Jennifer Saran and her latest release "Soulful Christmas," please visit

Friday, November 24, 2017

Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Music Fan

Once again, the season of giving is upon us and fans of classic rock music will have much to celebrate. This year was dominated by anniversary box sets from some of the biggest artists of all time. Leading the way of must have gifts is the 50th anniversary release of The Beatles iconic album, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." This new 4CD/DVD/Blu-Ray box set not only contains a new remix of the album, done by Giles Martin (son of George Martin), but the box set also comes with two full CDs of outtakes from the album sessions. The quality of these studio outtakes is amazing and Giles Martin does a stellar job breathing new life into this 50 year old masterpiece. Plus, along with the four discs of music, you get a hardcover book that talks about the sessions and what went into the creation of each song on the album. Many other pinnacle albums celebrated their 50th anniversary this year with box sets (The Doors, Rolling Stones), but none were more impressive than The Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."

While 1967 was a magical year in music, so was 1987 as two historic albums were released that year and each one received a 30th anniversary box set for fans to dive into. The band, U2 were still on the rise, when they released their breakthrough album "The Joshua Tree" in 1987. The album spawned six singles (two hitting #1 on the charts) and took U2 from performing in theaters to large venue arenas and stadiums. The band, along with Universal Music, released a 4CD or 7LP box set that included a remastered version of the album, an unreleased live show from that tour and two discs worth of outtakes, B-sides and rarities. Fans will also appreciate the wonderful book of photos that accompanies this box set.

Another major release that year was Def Leppard's album "Hysteria." The album would go on to sell over 12 million copies in the U.S. alone and distribute 7 hit singles that are still being played in concert 30 years later. A new 5CD/2DVD box set was released this past summer that simply made fans drool. A newly remastered version of the album was joined by a live, two disc set "In Your Face, In The Round," which was recorded in 1988 in Denver, CO. The final two discs in the set, collects all of released remixes and B-sides. The two DVDs include music videos, live shots and the VH1 documentary "Behind The Music."

One final box set that has become a yearly event is Bob Dylan's "Bootleg Series." This year marks volume 13 and focuses on his controversial Christianity period from 1979 to 1981. The new 9-disc (8CD/1DVD) set includes 100 previously unreleased live and studio recordings, including 14 unreleased songs. In that time period from 1979 to 1981, Bob Dylan released 3 albums that centered around his faith and the bible. This new eight-disc set features two discs of mixed live songs and two discs of rare, unreleased music from that period. The remaining discs contain two complete live shows from Toronto in 1980 and Earl's Court in London in 1981. A very special DVD is included and contains a newly created documentary titled "Trouble No More - A Musical Film," which follows Dylan on tour in 1980. Now, if these massive box sets are out of your price range this holiday season, don’t be upset, they also have 2CD and 3CD condensed versions for you to appreciate.

A new rising trend that has been happening is the release of more live albums. A few of the live albums that need to be on your Christmas list this year is David Gilmour's "Live At Pompeii,” Bob Marley's "Live!" and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats “Live At Red Rock.” Last year, David Gilmour returned to Pompeii (he played there with Pink Floyd in 1971) to perform live in front of an audience. It was the first time that live performances in front of a crowd was permitted in almost 2,000 years. Gilmour knew this was a special occasion and captured the moment in high-definition on Blu-ray, DVD and on CD. As Gilmour mixes in Pink Floyd classics with songs from his latest studio album "Rattle That Lock" you will certainly fall in love with this timeless music all over again.

A newly released deluxe edition of Bob Marley And The Wailers "Live!" album features both shows from the band’s 1975 performance at the Lyceum Theatre. Originally this was released on vinyl in 1975 and now both shows are available for the first time on vinyl and on CD. If this isn’t enough Bob Marley for you, Voyageur Press recently published a new book titled "Bob Marley And The Wailers - The Ultimate Illustrated History." It features over 300 photos and follows the life of Bob Marley and The Wailers, including original Wailers Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston. This is a great history lesson into how the world discovered reggae music through Bob Marley and The Wailers.

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats have been riding the wave of success since the release of their 2015 self-titled studio album. Last year they cobbled together some outtake and live songs for the EP “A Little Something More From” and now this holiday season, the band will release their first live album, “Live From Red Rocks.” This single CD release will give fans insight into the band phenomenal live performance as they headlined their first tour in 2016. The highlight of the set is the band’s closing number, a rousing performance of Sam Cooke’s “Having A Party.”

The holiday season is also a time for greatest hits compilations and one of the top releases this year is Elton John's "Diamonds." It was released in a number of formats including a 3CD set, a 2CD set, a 1CD set and as a 2LP gatefold vinyl. The 2CD set contains 34 tracks from throughout Elton John's entire career right up to his last studio album "Wonderful Crazy Night." The limited edition 3CD boxset includes the same two discs as in the 2CD set along with a third disc of Elton's favorites and a 72-page hardcover book that contains stories about each song in the set. This will be a must have for any Elton John fan this Christmas season.

So this was just a quick run-down of some options for the music fan in your life. I hope that this was informative and please check out my music blog at for album and concert reviews all year round.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Concert Review: Dead & Company Keep The Spirit Of The Grateful Dead Alive With Show In Hartford

When the Grateful Dead called it quits in 1995 following the death of singer/guitarist Jerry Garcia, fans were at a loss, scrambling to find the next form of the Grateful Dead to follow around the country. The remaining members of the Grateful Dead have joined together on a number of tours over the course of the last two decades, but nothing lasted longer than a few years. This latest version of the Grateful Dead, named Dead & Company, features original Grateful Dead members Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann, joined by former Grateful Dead keyboardist Jeff Chimenti and newcomers Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers Band) and Connecticut native John Mayer. After a highly successful run of shows this past summer, they decided to reconvene for a Fall tour, which included a stop Wednesday night at the XL Center in Hartford.

As the first notes of the opening song "Iko Iko" rang out through the arena, all worries of violent threats on this show vanished as the sea of people moved in unison to the song's rhythm. Connecticut's own John Mayer would make his presence known early singing lead on the slow blues of "They Love Each Other" as all would be in complete awe of Mayer's skills on the guitar. Fans were pleasantly surprised by the addition of a countrified version of the Grateful Dead classic "Friend Of The Devil." The Dead & Company closed out their first set with an enlightening version of their classic "Birdsong."

The band would kick-off the second set with an epic, 16-minute version of "Estimated Prophet," only to be outdone by their even longer epic delivery of the nearly 20-minute "Eyes Of The World." The song would not only showcase Mayer's exceptional guitar skills, but also allowed pianist Jeff Chimenti and bassist Oteil Burbrige their own moment in the spotlight with solos. Oteil would also sing lead on the mellow "China Doll," that would lead into the fan favorite "The Other Ones." After drummers, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart performed their trippy solos "Drums" and "Space," Bob Weir would lead the band through the bluesy "Black Peter." Dead & Company would raise the energy in the arena once again, closing out their second set with "Uncle John's Band" and "U.S. Blues," as Mayer and Weir traded verses and the audience would help them out, singing the song's chorus.

The band returned after a quick break as John Mayer lead Dead & Company through a cover of  Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door." Throughout the night, you can see the joy on Mayer's face as his home state crowd delivered the energy that has been keeping the spirit of the Grateful Dead alive for last two decades.

Setlist: Iko Iko, Shakedown Street, They Love Each Other, Loose Lucy, Friend Of The Devil, Bridsong, Estimated Prophet, Eyes Of The World, China Doll, The Other One, Drums/Space, Black Peter, Uncle John's Band U.S. Blues
Encore: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

CD Review: New Age/Family Releases From FLOW, Mister G & Lullapop Lullabies

The first New Age Supergroup, FLOW, recently released their self-titled debut album, which is already a top five album on the New Age music chart. The group consists of pianist Fiona Joy, guitarist Lawrence Blatt, trumpeter Jeff Oster and guitarist Will Ackerman, founder of Windam Hill Records. Their new 11-song release begins with the slow-build up piano melody of "Arrival," which features subtle hints of trumpet and guitar. The music on the album just glides on by in "Whisper Me This" and "Free Ascent" as you can simply ease your troubles away with the gentle tones of these songs. They add a bit of tempo to with the smooth guitar work of "Waiting For Sunshine," then enlighten the album with the rise of "Tenth Life." The album closes with the subtle touch of "Rest Now My Friend" and the sweeping piano of "Rosita And Giovanni." To find out more about FLOW and their new self-titled album, please visit

Debuting on January 26, 2018 is the release of "Lullapop Lullabies." It features lullaby version of current pop songs. The songs have been crafted into soothing instrumentals for babies and toddlers to enjoy. The new 21-song release features songs made famous by modern artists like Ed Sheeran, Adele, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake and many more. The music centers around the glockenspiel, harp and piano and will help your young ones drift off to dream land. It may also work on some parent too, so make sure you are not driving or operating machinery when listening to the soothing melodies. To find out more about "Lullpop Lullabies," please visit

Latin Grammy winner and children's recording artist, Mister G recently released his new Hanukkah-themed album titled "The Mitzvah Bus." It features fourteen playful tracks that center around the Jewish tradition. The songs are sung in English, Hebrew, Spanish and Yiddish as Mister G uses folk, rock and ska to help celebrate the holiday. Fans of his music and kids that are still learning about the Hanukkah season will certainly enjoy the songs as this album will become a new tradition for families around the holiday season. To find out more about Mister G and his latest release "The Mitzvah Bus," please visit

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Sue Menhart, Laura Benitez & Trevor Hall

From Stonington, CT comes the latest release titled "Love Ain't Hard" from the Sue Menhart Band. It is the band's second full-length release and feature 8-tracks filled with roots, rock & soul music, beginning with the up-tempo, southern rocker "All Of You." Sue's vocals are amazing and full of soul, along with the support of her band on the blues of "Here You Are" and the swinging rock of "Love Ain't Hard." The highlight of the album is the emotion-filled delivery of "Can't Feel The Rain." Sue Menhart and her band finish up their new release with a tribute to the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson with the nostalgic sounding "Party On The Beach" and the swift-moving, party rock of "Tell Me." For a complete list of live dates and to find out more about their new album "Love Ain't Hard," please visit

Arriving on January 26th is the latest release titled "With All Its Thorns" from Laura Benitez and the Heartache. The 11-songs that make up this new collection are based on Laura's experiences of love and heartbreak. The album begins with the up-tempo, country appeal of "Something Better Than A Broken Heart" and the emotional ballad "Easier Things To Do" as Laura's vocals will just melt your heart. The band's country western sound will have you swinging your partner during "Whiskey Makes Me Love You," and the honky-tonk rhythm of "The Foot I Am Right Now" is the perfect backdrop for Laura's voice. They wrap up their new release with the Cajun flair of "Secrets" and the country/bluegrass combo "Nora Went Down The Mountain." To find out more about Laura Benitez and the Heartache and their latest release "With All Its Thorns," please visit

From South Carolina comes the latest release from singer/songwriter Trevor Hall. His latest album titled "The Fruitful Darkness" draws upon his reggae influences like Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley and combines them with the storytelling pop acoustics of Michael Franti and Jack Johnson. Hall divided his new release into two parts, part one begins with the steady drum beat and sweet island acoustics of "What I Know" as you will easily get drawn into his relaxed, laid-back sound. He incorporates a pop beat into the uplifting chorus of "My Heart, Your Heart" in order to give his music a more modern feel. Part two continues with the pop tones of "Moon/Sun" as the tempo begins to pick up, before Trevor Hall finishes up his new 6-song EP with the addictive reggae beats of "Wander." To find out more about Trevor Hall and his latest release "The Fruitful Darkness," please visit

Monday, November 20, 2017

CD Review: Omnivore Recordings Gathers Together Early Demos For America

The trio of Dewey Bunnell, Gerry Beckley and Dan Peek became one of the most famous folk/rock bands in the seventies, when they were known simply as America. They topped the charts numerous times with the songs "A Horse With No Name" and "Sister Golden Hair" and released 18 studio albums between 1971-2015. The band's latest release comes from Omnivore Recordings and is titled "Heritage: Home Recordings/Demos 1970-1973." It features 15 studio recordings and eventually some would appear on one of America's first three albums. Ten of the new releases fifteen tracks have never been previously released in this form and will certainly give the listener some insight into how great these songs were formed in the studio.

The new set starts out with the wonderful harmonies of "Riverside" as the song carries a more upbeat feel than some of their other earlier tracks like "Here" and Rainy Day." The short, but sweet a capella delivery of "When I Was Five" is a real treat, while the trio's songwriting grew in the songs "Goodbye" and "Ventura Highway." The new release wraps up with the guys discussing the recording of "Rainbow Song" and a beautiful hidden bonus track, an a capella version of there hit single "A Horse With No Name." To find out more about America's latest release "Heritage: Home Recordings/Demos 1970-1973," please visit

Sunday, November 19, 2017

CD Review: Newly Discovered Live Tim Buckley Music Gets "Venice Mating Call" Release

American singer/songwriter Tim Buckley was one of the pioneers of folk music in the late-sixties. His sound would evolve over the course of his ten-year musical career. His songs would take on a more avant-garde style, adding a more psychedelic/jazz sound to his work. Buckley's life would be cut short due to a heroin overdose in 1975. Since then, multiple compilations and live albums have been released posthumous, including the fan favorite "Live At The Troubadour 1969."

Some new, unreleased music from his shows at the Troubadour in 1969 have been unearthed and have made their way onto the latest live album from Tim Buckley titled "Venice Mating Call." It is a new 2CD set that features some different versions of songs that appeared on his "Live At The Troubadour" album and some that have never been previously released. The set begins with the upbeat, acoustic folk strumming of "Buzzin' Fly" and the quieter "Blues Melody." The album begins to showcase Buckley's creativity during the jazzy instrumental "Venice Mating Call, which leads into the thirteen-plus minute jam "Gypsy Woman."

The second disc kicks off with the gentle, acoustic blues of "Drifitin'" as Buckley's voice is in fine form. He picks up the tempo for the sixties groove of "(I Wanna) Testify" as you can almost see Buckley preaching from the stage to his choir of fans. His sound gets more experimental on the 11-minute journey of "Lorca," before closing this new set with the full-on rock assault of "Nobody Walkin'." Also being released is a 2-LP set titled "Greetings From West Hollywood," which features nine more tracks (only 2 are similar to the 2CD set) that have recently been uncovered. To find out more about these two new live releases from Tim Buckley, please visit

Saturday, November 18, 2017

CD/DVD Review: Volume 13 Of "The Bootleg Series" Showcases Bob Dylan's Religous Years

On November 3rd, Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings released the latest volume in the ongoing "Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series." This years marks volume 13 of the series and centers around Bob Dylan's most controversial era of his career. The new volume titled "Trouble No More" covers Bob Dylan's live and studio output from 1979 to 1981 and during that period, Bob Dylan became a born-again Christian. He released three studio albums during that period ("Slow Train Coming," "Saved" and "Shot Of Love"). Looking back, many fans feel that this is his strongest, most personal trilogy of albums to date and they contain some of the most poetic lyrics of Dylan's entire career.

In order to dig deeper into this three year time period of Dylan's career, "The Bootleg Series, Vol. 13" contains the most massive deluxe box set to date (beside the exclusive " Vol. 12: Collector's Edition" which contained 18 discs). It features 8 CDs of unreleased live material and studio outtakes and for the first time in the series, a full-length DVD is also included in the deluxe box set. 

The first two discs of the set contain random live performances of his newly penned songs that center around Christianity. You will instantly notice how strong Dylan's vocals are in these performances and also how well these songs have been recorded. Up until this release, Dylan fans would only have access to bootleg recordings of shows from this era and many of them did not sound that great. The clarity and power of these live recordings are felt on the 30 songs that make up these first couple CDs.

Discs three and four contain over 30 studio recordings of outtakes and rehearsals that will give die-hard fans insight into Dylan's state-of-mind creating those three iconic albums. Almost half of the songs featured on these CDs are of unreleased songs that have never appeared on a Bob Dylan album, which just goes to show that amount of material that Dylan was recording during these three years of inspiration.

One song that kicks off each of the first four discs is "Solid Rock" as you hear the differences in each recording of the song, whether being performed live on stage or in the recording studio. The final four CDs in the set feature Bob Dylan live in Toronto in 1980 and his full performance of him at Earl's Court, London in June 1981. The two Toronto discs contain the best performance of his three shows there, while his Earl's Court show features one of the last shows of the tour as Dylan was beginning to incorporate some of his older songs back into his setlist like "Maggie's Farm," "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Blowin' In The Wind."

The DVD contains a newly created musical film titled "Trouble No More," which features concert footage interwoven with a newly filmed sermon preaching the word of Christianity. The hour-long film contains some outstanding footage of Dylan live in concert as you can see the enjoyment in his face, leading his amazing live band and back-up singers through his new compositions. You will also be able to re-watch the concert footage without the preaching as part of the DVD extras, along with a rare performance of "Shot Of Love" from his 1981 show in Avignon.

Included with this deluxe box set is a 120-page hardcover book of photos and artwork during the Bob Dylan era of 1979-1981. Another great addition is the 50-pages of information about each song that appears on this set, explaining what and why these recordings were picked for this latest addition of the "Bob Dylan Bootleg Series." Also released on the same day was a consolidated 2CD set that includes the first two live discs from the box set. To find out more about volume 13 of the "Bob Dylan Bootleg Series," please visit

Friday, November 17, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Iconic Artists Boubacar Traore, Lorenzo Feliciati & Roswell Rudd

African bluesman, Boubacar Traore will be releasing his new album "Dounia Tabolo" on November 17th. He is a self-taught guitarist who came into prominence in the early 1960s. As quickly as he entered the music scene, he vanished for nearly 20 years before releasing his first album of new material in 1990. Now, Traore continues to carry on the Kassonke tradition with his new 13-song album, which begins with the swampy, New Orleans blues inspired "Dounia Tabolo." While you may not recognize the words, you can surely appreciate the music and the feeling it delivers to your soul. The backporch, acoustic blues of "Ben De Kadi" does contain some English, but's is the combination of African and American blues that is what captures your attention. The 7-minute songs, "Kanou"  and "Dis Lui Que Je L'Aime Comme Mon Pays" will have you appreciate Boubacar's songwriting ability as he combines different aspects of his influences to create these memorable works of art. Boubacar Traore finishes up his new album with the steady, repetitive chorus of "Macire," before returning back to the swamp blues of "Askia Mohamed." To find out more about Boubacar Traore and his latest release "Dounia Tabolo," please visit his Facebook page at

Italian bassist and composer Lorenzo Feliciati will be releasing his new studio album "Elevator Man" on November 17th, through RareNoise Records. It continues his work of combining the elements of jazz and rock as he associates with musicians from all over the world to achieve this goal. His new 10-song release begins with the atmospheric, keyboard driven sound of the title song, "Elevator Man" and the more aggressive, rock approach of "The Brick." The adventure continues with the wonderful horns of "14 Stones" and the quieter jazz appeal of "Black Book, Red Letters." He stretches out his sound with the progressive rock assault of "Unchained Houdini," before he lets up on his progressive rock assault to just let the music float on by "The Third Door." Lorenzo Feliciati finishes up his new album with the steady pace of "Thief Like Me," which allows the band to deliver some stellar solos and the mellow, drifting sound of "U Turn In Falmouth." To find out more about Lorenzo Feliciati and his latest release "Elevator Man," please visit

Legendary trombonist Roswell Rudd will also be releasing his new album titled  "Embrace" on November 17th, through RareNoise Records. It features eight standards that Rudd has performed from time to time throughout his illustrious career. Vocalist Fay Victor lends her beautiful voice to Duke Ellington's "Something To Live For," before she skats her way through Charles Mingus' "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat." Rudd makes his presence known, providing a lift to the songs erratic rhythm. The band is rounded out with pianist Lafayette Harris and bassist Ken Filiano as they work wonderfully with Rudd on the mellow, 11-plus minute jazz/blues of "Too Late Now." The new release wraps up with the eight-minute, dark emotional embrace of "House Of The Rising Sun" and the gentle sway of Thelonious Monk's "Pannonica." To find out more about Roswell Rudd and his latest album "Embrace," please visit

Thursday, November 16, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Rising Artists Jamison Ross, Rachel Platten & Grace Vanderwaal

Grammy-nominated artist Jamison Ross is preparing to release his sophomore album titled "All For One" on January 26th, through the Concord Music Group. After receiving so much accolade for his debut album "Jamison," he continues to build upon that strong foundation with this new album. The new 13-track release begins with the up-beat, New Orleans jazz style of "A Mellow Good Time," originally written by the late, great Allen Toussaint. Jamison Ross follows that up with the mellow R&B groove of "Unspoken" and the classic ballad "Don't Go To Strangers," made famous by Etta James. Pianist Chris Pattishall showcases his talents on the keys on the smooth cover of Mose Allison's "Everybody's Cryin' Mercy," then Ross settles in to the bossa nova rhythm of "Tears And Questions." He wraps up his new album with the Big Easy-based title song "All For One" and the stripped-down, stark version of Fats Waller's "Let's Sing Again." To find out more about Jamison Ross and his new album "All For One," please visit

American pop singer/songwriter Rachel Platten recently released her new album titled "Waves." It became available on October 27th through Columbia Records and features 13-tracks that continue Platten's rise to superstardom. The new album begins with the addictive beats and chorus of "Perfect For You" and "Whole Heart" as Rachel allows her voice to soar. The album's lead single "Broken Glass" already cracked the "Top 20" singles chart since being released in August. The song's deep R&B groove will have you hooked as Platten pulls off her greatest pop endeavor. She pours her emotions into "Loose Ends" and works the rhythm of "Loveback," before finishing up her new album with the up-lifting tone of "Fooling You" and the powerful ballad of "Grace." To find out more about Rachel Platten and her latest release "Waves," please visit

Rising artist Grace Vanderwaal has been going non-stop since winning NBC's "America's Got Talent" competition in 2016 at the age of 12. She performed at the opening ceremonies of the 2017 Special Olympics Winter Games, won "Best New Artist" for Radio Disney and the Teen Choice Awards and is releasing her full-length debut solo album titled "Just The Beginning" on November 3rd through Columbia Records. Her new 12-song release continues to include her sweet vocals and ukulele as she begins her journey into pop super-stardom with the dance beats of "Moonlight." Her music portrays a fun, light-hearted atmosphere as in "Sick Of Being Told" and "Escape My Mind" as fans will enjoy her innocence. The energy in her songs are just so positive it becomes addicting as in "Florets" and "A Better Life." She wraps up her new release with the quiet, acoustics of "Darkness Keeps Chasing Me," which allows you to focus on Grace's beautiful vocals. Grace Vanderwaal has show dates lined-up in November and February that have all been sold out for months. To find out more about her new album "Just The Beginning," please visit

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Releases From Tyfon's Doom, Lady Beast, Iron Griffin, Thantifaxath & Starsoup

There is a trio of new heavy metal releases arriving in mid-November that you need to know about. First up is the full-length debut release titled "Emperor's Path" from the Finish heavy metal Tyfon's Doom. It features 11-tracks of classic, NWOBHM-type anthems that will make you an instant fan. The chugging guitar riffs of "The Hidden Hand" and the exciting, head-banging rhythm of "Sea Of Life" showcase that Tyfon's Doom have done their homework, studying the music of Motorhead and Saxon. The album's driving force is heard in the intensity of "Moonlight" and the musicianship during the 6-minute progressive metal sounding "Rising Earth." To find out more about Tyfon's Doom and their latest release "Emperor's Path," please visit their Facebook page at

Also arriving on November 17th is the latest release from Lady Beast titled "Vicious Breed." This new 8-song energy blast is the band's latest on Cruz Del Sur Music and should grab the attention of the underground metal world. The album begins with a gentle guitar instrumental that gets pumped up with the adrenaline of "Seal The Hex." Lead singer Deborah Levine will easily draw you in with her charismatic, timeless vocals as in "The Way," while the band's classic thrash metal sound as in "Get Out" will keep you wanting more from Lady Beast. They wrap up their new album with the melodic tones of "Sky Graves" and the final heavy metal attack from the "Vicious Breed." To find out more about Lady Beast and their latest release "Vicious Breed," please visit their Facebook page at

Another mid-November release comes from the side project of Mausoleum Gate drummer Oskeri Razanez. His new one-man band, Iron Griffin will release their debut EP on the 17th. The self-titled album features 5-tracks that tell the tale of "Iron Griffin," beginning with the atmospheric keyboard "Intro." The intensity picks-up with the quick-steady pace of "Message From Beyond" and continues with the chugging rhythm of "Metal Conquest." His new short release finishes up with the six-plus minute epic sounding adventure of "Lord Inquistor" as Razanez finally comes into his own as artist. To find out more about Iron Griffin and his new self-titled EP, please visit his Facebook page at

The next week brings us the new release titled "Void Masquerading As Matter" from the Canadian death-metal band, Thantifaxath. Their new 4-song release begins with the aggressive sonic blast of "Ocean Of Screaming Spheres." With 3 of the albums 4 songs clocking in past the nine-minute mark, you will easily find yourself lost within the songs.  The pounding rhythm of "Self-Devouring Womb" opens up to the gentle violin strings, which lead straight into the intense build-up of "Cursed Numbers." Thantiaxath have abandoned the blueprint of creating songs and have instead led you down to a completely different musical experience. To find out more about Thantifaxath and their latest release "Void Masquerading As Matter," please visit

Two weeks later, on December 1st we will see the new release from Starsoup titled "Castles Of Sand." After four years of waiting, fans will be able to immerse themselves back into the progressive rock world of Starsoup. Their new 12-song release begins with quick tempo changes and pounding rhythm of "The Catcher In The Lie" as your excitement builds with each song. The band demonstrates their soft rock sound with "Into The Woods," before returning with the Metallica-like appeal of "Brother's Plea." The acoustics of "Rumors Of Better Love" showcase the band's wonderful songwriting, while the hardcore metal feel of "Escapist" displays Starsoup's diversity in their music. They wrap up their new album with the epic prog-rock of "Castle" and the piano ballad instrumental piece "Moon On The Shore." To find out more about Starsoup and their latest release "Castles Of Sand," please visit their Facebook page at

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Metal Blade Records Artists RAM, Cannibal Corpse And Batushka

Metal Blade Records rolled out some new releases from established heavy metal bands RAM, Cannibal Corpse and Batushka. Then, on Black Friday, we get the sequel to 2006's "Dimevision, Vol. 1" with a more in-depth look at the life of guitarist Dimebag Darrell with "Dimevision, Vol. 2: Roll With It or Get Rolled Over." First up, is the new album from RAM titled "Rod." It is the band's 5th full-length studio album since their conception in 1999 and features the six-part story of "Ramrod the Destroyer." They begin with the seven-plus minute prog-metal piece "Declaration Of Independence" as RAM deliver a nostalgic heavy metal sound to open their new album. They pick the tempo up for the quick pace of "On The Wings Of No Return" and "A Throne At Midnight," before reaching the "side 2" concept story. The epic piece "Ignitor" gets the energy flowing, while "The Cease To Be" and "Ashes" are more concerned with the idea of the concept story than keeping up the heavy metal attack. To find out more about RAM and their latest release "Rod," please visit

Death metal icons Cannibal Corpse returned on November 3rd with a brand new studio album titled "Red Before Black." It features a dozen hardcore death metal anthems. Even 30 years into their career, this band shows no signs of slowing down. Drummer Paul Mazurkiewcz mentioned in an interview that the band spent more time "crafting these songs and getting them where we wanted to be more so than on any of our previous albums." Cannibal Corpse come blasting out of the gate with the intense destruction of "Only One Will Die" as you will instantly be drawn in to this new album. It seems like they try to speed things up even more on "Red Before Black," before they get more melodic in the delivery of "Shedding My Human Skin" as the chugging guitar riffs motor through the song. As they continue to bash away on "Remaimed," Cannibal Corpse increase the tempo of "Corpus Delicti" and "Destroyed Without A Trace," before closing their new album with the outstanding musicianship of "Hideous Ichor." To find out more about Cannibal Corpse and their latest release "Red Before Black," please visit

Next we get the eight-piece concept album "Litourgiya" from the Polish metal band Batushka. While the identities of the band members remains unknown, their music features a combination of hardcore death metal music and Gregorian chants as displayed in the opening track "Yekteniya I - Ochishcheniye." The album continues with the intense, chaotic blast of "Yekteniva II - Blagosloveniye" and the screaming vocals of the epic, 6-minute heavy metal attack of "Yekteniva V - Svyatyy Vkhod." Batushka wrap up their new album with the grand heavy metal appeal of "Yekteniva VI - Upovanie" and slow, doom metal feel of "Yekteniva VIII - Spasenie." To find out more about Batushka and their latest release "Litourgiya," please visit

Finally we arrive at the November 24th release of "Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over." It continues to tell the story of the life and times of Pantera/Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell, who was taken from us way too soon. Everywhere Dimebag went, his video camera followed and captured the footage that would give us insight into his everyday life. There is rumored to be over 40 hours of footage still available to make more volumes of "Dimevision." To find out more, please visit

Monday, November 13, 2017

CD Review: New Releases From American Standards, La Fin Absolute Du Monde And Satanic

From Phoenix, AZ comes the latest release titled "Anti-Melody" from the hardcore punk band American Standards. The band has gone through multiple line-up changes and dabbled with record labels throughout their short career, before deciding on the best route for the band would be to remain independent.  This new release is the band's fifth album and it contains 8-songs that wastes no time blasting their energy straight into your face. The lead-off track, "Writers Block" is an intense, quick-pace song that lays it all out as to what to expect from American Standards. The energy and screams continue with "Carpe Diem, Tomorrow," before pulling back the reigns for the more radio-friendly feel of "Bartenders Without Wings." Their new 30-minute release wraps up with the guitar frenzy of "Cancer Eater" and alternative buzz of "Chicago Overcoat." To find out more about American Standards and their latest release "Anti-Melody," please visit their Facebook page

What began as a love of industrial metal music has now reached its course as Oakland, CA industrial metal band, La Fin Absolute Du Monde have released their final studio album titled "Killing The Host." The husband and wife duo of Jason Myles and Cyndy Melanio met in 2009 and joined their music forces to create La Fin Absolute Du Monde. They released their debut studio album in January 2016 and have since parted ways. Their latest 14-song release "Killing The Host" is a socially conscious album, which begins with the raw, industrial rumble of the title-song. The duo work with the different tempos of "Dismal Dawn Horrid Horizons," before delivering the hardcore metal assault of "The Cleansing." The epic pieces "They Divide" and "Black Prophetic Fire" allows you get lost in their music, before they wrap up their new studio album with the experimental, grunge-like build up of "Savages" and the more melodic feel of "Dark Days." To find out more about La Fin Absoulte Du Monde and their latest release "Killing The Host," please visit their Facebook page

With a band name like Satanic, you know that these are not happy songs that appear on the band's new release titled "Architecture Of Chaos." This Canadian death metal band has gathered their influence of old school metal to unleash their hardcore sound on their debut album. It begins with the swift attack of "Mephistophelian" as the band keeps the energy on high through this 6-minute opener. Next comes the quick chugging rhythm of "World Of Chaos" and the aggressive "Processing The Undead" as Santanic are living up to their intense name. The band finishes up their new 8-song release with the epic, hardcore death metal jaunt through "Armageddon" and the nearly 9-minute recollection of "Tchernobyl 86." To find out more about Satanic and their latest release "Architecture Of Chaos," please visit their Facebook page at

Sunday, November 12, 2017

DVD Review: The Life Of Mick Ronson Finally Gets Told In New "Beside Bowie" Documentary

English guitarist/songwriter/producer Mick Ronson left us way too soon when he died of cancer at the ripe young age of 46. He helped develop the sound of David Bowie in the seventies, worked on iconic albums by Lou Reed, Mott The Hoople and Bob Dylan and also created a couple of successful solo albums. To remember the life and times of Mick Ronson, director/producer Jon Brewer gathered many of his friends and colleges to help tell the story of Mick Ronson's success in the new documentary "Beside Bowie." 

The great thing about this film is the voice overs from David Bowie telling the story of how he and Mick Ronson came to work together on some of Bowie's classic albums like "Honky Dory" and "Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars." The documentary also contains historic footage of Ronson discussing the outlandish style portrayed by Bowie in the seventies. The film also goes on to depth, discussing his amazing songwriting ability as colleges like Ian Hunter (Mott The Hoople) and Rick Wakeman (Yes) talk about how Ronson came up with certain pieces of songs that would make them iconic pieces in rock history.

The appearance of Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) helps see the impact Mick Ronson had to the careers of David Bowie, Ian Hunter, Lou Reed and Bob Dylan from a fans perspective. The way the late-Lou Reed discusses Ronson's contributions to his "Transformers" album sounds as if Reed had become an instant fan of Ronson's song compositions. Everyone interviewed for this film showcases their love and admiration for the talents of Mick Ronson and how he impacted the sound of music in the seventies especially his help establishing the early career of David Bowie.

The highlight of the film is Mick Ronson's appearance at the "Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert" in 1992. Ronson performed alongside Bowie and the members of Queen one last time in front of one of the largest television audiences of all time, even though he was dealing with terminal liver cancer. Ronson spent the final months of his life working on one final solo album that would include contributions from his friends and colleges like David Bowie, Ian Hunter and Joe Elliott to just name a few. This new documentary does an outstanding job giving fans and admirers insight into the life of one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Mick Ronson. To find out more about the newly released "Beside Bowie" documentary, please visit