Wednesday, November 15, 2017

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Releases From Tyfon's Doom, Lady Beast, Iron Griffin, Thantifaxath & Starsoup

There is a trio of new heavy metal releases arriving in mid-November that you need to know about. First up is the full-length debut release titled "Emperor's Path" from the Finish heavy metal Tyfon's Doom. It features 11-tracks of classic, NWOBHM-type anthems that will make you an instant fan. The chugging guitar riffs of "The Hidden Hand" and the exciting, head-banging rhythm of "Sea Of Life" showcase that Tyfon's Doom have done their homework, studying the music of Motorhead and Saxon. The album's driving force is heard in the intensity of "Moonlight" and the musicianship during the 6-minute progressive metal sounding "Rising Earth." To find out more about Tyfon's Doom and their latest release "Emperor's Path," please visit their Facebook page at

Also arriving on November 17th is the latest release from Lady Beast titled "Vicious Breed." This new 8-song energy blast is the band's latest on Cruz Del Sur Music and should grab the attention of the underground metal world. The album begins with a gentle guitar instrumental that gets pumped up with the adrenaline of "Seal The Hex." Lead singer Deborah Levine will easily draw you in with her charismatic, timeless vocals as in "The Way," while the band's classic thrash metal sound as in "Get Out" will keep you wanting more from Lady Beast. They wrap up their new album with the melodic tones of "Sky Graves" and the final heavy metal attack from the "Vicious Breed." To find out more about Lady Beast and their latest release "Vicious Breed," please visit their Facebook page at

Another mid-November release comes from the side project of Mausoleum Gate drummer Oskeri Razanez. His new one-man band, Iron Griffin will release their debut EP on the 17th. The self-titled album features 5-tracks that tell the tale of "Iron Griffin," beginning with the atmospheric keyboard "Intro." The intensity picks-up with the quick-steady pace of "Message From Beyond" and continues with the chugging rhythm of "Metal Conquest." His new short release finishes up with the six-plus minute epic sounding adventure of "Lord Inquistor" as Razanez finally comes into his own as artist. To find out more about Iron Griffin and his new self-titled EP, please visit his Facebook page at

The next week brings us the new release titled "Void Masquerading As Matter" from the Canadian death-metal band, Thantifaxath. Their new 4-song release begins with the aggressive sonic blast of "Ocean Of Screaming Spheres." With 3 of the albums 4 songs clocking in past the nine-minute mark, you will easily find yourself lost within the songs.  The pounding rhythm of "Self-Devouring Womb" opens up to the gentle violin strings, which lead straight into the intense build-up of "Cursed Numbers." Thantiaxath have abandoned the blueprint of creating songs and have instead led you down to a completely different musical experience. To find out more about Thantifaxath and their latest release "Void Masquerading As Matter," please visit

Two weeks later, on December 1st we will see the new release from Starsoup titled "Castles Of Sand." After four years of waiting, fans will be able to immerse themselves back into the progressive rock world of Starsoup. Their new 12-song release begins with quick tempo changes and pounding rhythm of "The Catcher In The Lie" as your excitement builds with each song. The band demonstrates their soft rock sound with "Into The Woods," before returning with the Metallica-like appeal of "Brother's Plea." The acoustics of "Rumors Of Better Love" showcase the band's wonderful songwriting, while the hardcore metal feel of "Escapist" displays Starsoup's diversity in their music. They wrap up their new album with the epic prog-rock of "Castle" and the piano ballad instrumental piece "Moon On The Shore." To find out more about Starsoup and their latest release "Castles Of Sand," please visit their Facebook page at

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