Friday, November 17, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Iconic Artists Boubacar Traore, Lorenzo Feliciati & Roswell Rudd

African bluesman, Boubacar Traore will be releasing his new album "Dounia Tabolo" on November 17th. He is a self-taught guitarist who came into prominence in the early 1960s. As quickly as he entered the music scene, he vanished for nearly 20 years before releasing his first album of new material in 1990. Now, Traore continues to carry on the Kassonke tradition with his new 13-song album, which begins with the swampy, New Orleans blues inspired "Dounia Tabolo." While you may not recognize the words, you can surely appreciate the music and the feeling it delivers to your soul. The backporch, acoustic blues of "Ben De Kadi" does contain some English, but's is the combination of African and American blues that is what captures your attention. The 7-minute songs, "Kanou"  and "Dis Lui Que Je L'Aime Comme Mon Pays" will have you appreciate Boubacar's songwriting ability as he combines different aspects of his influences to create these memorable works of art. Boubacar Traore finishes up his new album with the steady, repetitive chorus of "Macire," before returning back to the swamp blues of "Askia Mohamed." To find out more about Boubacar Traore and his latest release "Dounia Tabolo," please visit his Facebook page at

Italian bassist and composer Lorenzo Feliciati will be releasing his new studio album "Elevator Man" on November 17th, through RareNoise Records. It continues his work of combining the elements of jazz and rock as he associates with musicians from all over the world to achieve this goal. His new 10-song release begins with the atmospheric, keyboard driven sound of the title song, "Elevator Man" and the more aggressive, rock approach of "The Brick." The adventure continues with the wonderful horns of "14 Stones" and the quieter jazz appeal of "Black Book, Red Letters." He stretches out his sound with the progressive rock assault of "Unchained Houdini," before he lets up on his progressive rock assault to just let the music float on by "The Third Door." Lorenzo Feliciati finishes up his new album with the steady pace of "Thief Like Me," which allows the band to deliver some stellar solos and the mellow, drifting sound of "U Turn In Falmouth." To find out more about Lorenzo Feliciati and his latest release "Elevator Man," please visit

Legendary trombonist Roswell Rudd will also be releasing his new album titled  "Embrace" on November 17th, through RareNoise Records. It features eight standards that Rudd has performed from time to time throughout his illustrious career. Vocalist Fay Victor lends her beautiful voice to Duke Ellington's "Something To Live For," before she skats her way through Charles Mingus' "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat." Rudd makes his presence known, providing a lift to the songs erratic rhythm. The band is rounded out with pianist Lafayette Harris and bassist Ken Filiano as they work wonderfully with Rudd on the mellow, 11-plus minute jazz/blues of "Too Late Now." The new release wraps up with the eight-minute, dark emotional embrace of "House Of The Rising Sun" and the gentle sway of Thelonious Monk's "Pannonica." To find out more about Roswell Rudd and his latest album "Embrace," please visit

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