Thursday, November 9, 2017

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Drive On Mak, Diving Rod, Resilient & Randy Steele

Austin-based rock band Drive On Mak recently released their follow-up album "Babylon" to their 2014 debut album "Weapon." Their new 6-song EP begins with the title song "Babylon" as the song's steady, addictive groove follows the lyrics based on Biblical stories and also inspired by the movie "A Knight's Tale." The album continues with the stories of King David in the bluesy delivery of "Kiss They Hand," before the tempo finally picks up with the classic rockabilly/punk sounding "Outlaw." Drive On Mak finish up their latest album with the light-hearted folk/rock of "When I'm Gone." To find out more about Drive On Mak and their latest release "Babylon," please visit their Facebook page at

From Brooklyn, NY comes the latest 2-song release from the country/rock duo Diving Rod. The main single, titled "Hemlock Blues" features the iconic vocals of Hawaiian-born, multi-instrumentalist Miyuki Futado, while the sweet guitar work of Patrick Harmon closes the song with an amazing solo. The flipside of the double-single release is the steady pace of "Love Come Tumbling" as Futado's vocals lead the way. The two tracks are from the forthcoming album from Diving Rod titled "Return To Crystal Cove." To find out more about Diving Rod and their latest release "Hemlock Blues/Love Comes Tumbling," please visit their Facebook page at

From Philadelphia comes the alternative/grunge band Resilient with their new album, "How To Peach." Their new 10-song release begins with the guitar-driven, "Crickets" and the slow-pace of "Ceiling" as you get drawn in to the band's post-punk sound and vocals of Erin Fox. Resilient showcase their nineties influence on "Medication," while "Comin Yer Way" carries a funky groove. They finish up their new release with the quieter delivery of "The Duchess Act" and the raw, punk approach of "How To Preach." To find out more about Resilient and their latest release "How To Peach," please visit

Bluegrass frontman Randy Steele breaks away from his band, Slim Pickins to release his debut solo album "Songs From The Suck." This new 12-song release begins with the nostalgic feel of "Northbound 29" as you'd thing that Earl Scruggs and Ricky Skaggs made a record together. Randy showcases his skills on the banjo with the instrumental "Shove The Pig's Foot A Little Closer To The Fire," before the beautiful bluegrass ballad "Mobile Soon." The pace songs quickens for "Eliza Mae" and "1983,"  while he hits his folk stride with the acoustic, storied lyrics of "Visitation Day." Randy Steele finishes up his new album with the quick, punk-like speed of "One Man Stringer" and the short blues of "...To The New Perspective." To find out more about Randy Steele and his latest release "Songs From The Suck," please visit

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