Monday, November 13, 2017

CD Review: New Releases From American Standards, La Fin Absolute Du Monde And Satanic

From Phoenix, AZ comes the latest release titled "Anti-Melody" from the hardcore punk band American Standards. The band has gone through multiple line-up changes and dabbled with record labels throughout their short career, before deciding on the best route for the band would be to remain independent.  This new release is the band's fifth album and it contains 8-songs that wastes no time blasting their energy straight into your face. The lead-off track, "Writers Block" is an intense, quick-pace song that lays it all out as to what to expect from American Standards. The energy and screams continue with "Carpe Diem, Tomorrow," before pulling back the reigns for the more radio-friendly feel of "Bartenders Without Wings." Their new 30-minute release wraps up with the guitar frenzy of "Cancer Eater" and alternative buzz of "Chicago Overcoat." To find out more about American Standards and their latest release "Anti-Melody," please visit their Facebook page

What began as a love of industrial metal music has now reached its course as Oakland, CA industrial metal band, La Fin Absolute Du Monde have released their final studio album titled "Killing The Host." The husband and wife duo of Jason Myles and Cyndy Melanio met in 2009 and joined their music forces to create La Fin Absolute Du Monde. They released their debut studio album in January 2016 and have since parted ways. Their latest 14-song release "Killing The Host" is a socially conscious album, which begins with the raw, industrial rumble of the title-song. The duo work with the different tempos of "Dismal Dawn Horrid Horizons," before delivering the hardcore metal assault of "The Cleansing." The epic pieces "They Divide" and "Black Prophetic Fire" allows you get lost in their music, before they wrap up their new studio album with the experimental, grunge-like build up of "Savages" and the more melodic feel of "Dark Days." To find out more about La Fin Absoulte Du Monde and their latest release "Killing The Host," please visit their Facebook page

With a band name like Satanic, you know that these are not happy songs that appear on the band's new release titled "Architecture Of Chaos." This Canadian death metal band has gathered their influence of old school metal to unleash their hardcore sound on their debut album. It begins with the swift attack of "Mephistophelian" as the band keeps the energy on high through this 6-minute opener. Next comes the quick chugging rhythm of "World Of Chaos" and the aggressive "Processing The Undead" as Santanic are living up to their intense name. The band finishes up their new 8-song release with the epic, hardcore death metal jaunt through "Armageddon" and the nearly 9-minute recollection of "Tchernobyl 86." To find out more about Satanic and their latest release "Architecture Of Chaos," please visit their Facebook page at

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