Thursday, November 30, 2017

New Music From Indi-Artists Bonefish, Cary Heuchert And Dinosaur Eyelids

From Sweden comes the new release titled "Atoms" from the mainstream, modern rock band Bonefish. This is the band's second full-length album and kicks off with the slow-buildup of the title-song "Atoms" as you will find yourself singing along to the chorus. Their new 11-song release continues with the addictive dance/rock rhythm of "Another Day" and the melodic "Fallen In Love." Bonefish change gears for the darker, Americana groove of "Potential Loss Of Faith" and then return to the pop sounds of "I See Your Heart." They wrap up their new release with the country-rock appeal of "Hey Hi Ho" and the steady delivery of "Crappy Eyes." To find out more about Bonefish and their latest release "Atoms," please visit

Canadian singer/songwriter Cary Heuchert is re-releasing his 2014 album "Blue Rain" with new liner notes and a brand new song "Mirror Of Dreams/Nightwish." The original 10-track album displays Cary's amazing songwriting ability as his acoustic-based psych-folk-pop sound allows you to follow his words while the music relaxes your mind as in "Every Morning Comes." He adds a middle-eastern rhythm to "The Girl Of Dreams" and finds the perfect blend of adult contemporary pop to the soft rock of "Rainfall." His original album finishes up with the acoustic folk ballad "Someday" and the psychedelic feel of "Ode To The Sun." The new bonus track, "Mirror Of Dreams/Nightwish" has a classical backdrop as Cary gentle delivers his storied lyrics. To find out more about Cary Heuchert and his latest release "Blue Rain," please visit

From New Jersey comes the latest release titled "Left Turn On Red" from the alternative rock band Dinosaur Eyelids. This is the band first new album in three years and they kick off their new 11-song release with a couple of indie-grunge burners "Day Zero" and "Into The Woods" as down-tuned guitars and raw rock drumming showcase the band's signature sound. They continue to blaze a path with the garage-rock appeal of "Basilone Bridge" and the sonic college rock radio gem "Neshanic." The band slow down their sound for the accessible, mellow alt-rock of "L.A. Lady"  and acoustic plea to alcohol with ""Whisky," before returning with the punk-like energy of "Land Of Sky." Dinosaur Eyelids wrap up their new album with the steady strumming and inspirational "No Money Blues" and the acoustic folk-rock appeal of "Sourland Wind." To find out more about Dinosaur Eyelids and their latest release "Left Turn On Red," please visit their Facebook page at

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