Thursday, December 28, 2017

A New Year Equals New Heavy Metal Music From Dark Hound, Black Space Riders & Revenger

Here we have a few more new heavy metal albums that will be making their way to you at the beginning of the new year. First up is the new album titled "Dawning" from the Nashville-based metal band Dark Hound. Their influences are smeared all over this new album as you can hear the intensity of Testament in "The Ashes Of Your Worth" and the power of Megadeth in "Carnival Of Youth." They speed things up even more with the thrash metal attack of "The Answer" and "Crisis Of Hope." They also incorporate a progressive metal sound with "Thrown To The Wolves," before finishing up their new 11-song release with the hardcore metal attack of "Balancing Act" and the deep, chugging guitars of "Here Lies Truth." To find out more about Dark Hound and their latest release "Dawning," please visit

German rockers Black Space Riders will be releasing their brand new album titled "Amoretum Vol. 1" on January 26th. Their new 8-song release is a complete flow of music as their sound switches between the hardcore grind of "Lovely Lovelie" and the new wave/alternative appeal of "Soul Shelter (Inside Of Me)." The 8-minute progressive rock adventure of "Movements" showcases the band's excellent musicianship and songwriting as they are still finding their way around the hard rock/heavy metal genre. Black Space Riders finish up their new album with the buzzing guitars of "Come And Follow" and the steady flow of the ballad "Fellow Peacemakers." To find out more about Black Space Riders and their latest release "Amoretum Vol. 1," please visit

Arriving about a month later in mid-February is the new five song EP titled "The New Mythology Vol. 1" from Revenger. The band formed in 2012 and this is only their second release, which carries a very aggressive thrash metal sound as showcased in the opener "Hex." They keep the intensity at a maximum level with "Anti Life" and "We Want Blood," before finishing up their new release with the screaming vocals of "The Watcher." To find out more about Revenger and their latest release "The New Mythology, Vol. 1," please visit their Facebook page at

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