Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Artist Geoff Downes Unleashes New Albums With The Downes Braide Association & "iCon: Zero"

English musician Geoff Downes has been heavily involved with tours from Yes and Asia, but did find time to record a new Downes Braide Association (DBA) album with his partner Chris Braide. This is the duo's third collaboration and the album features guest appearances from Andy Partridge (XTC), Marc Almond and Kate Pierson (B52s). The new 9-song release titled "Skyscraper Souls" features artwork by famed Yes designer Roger Dean and a sophisticated progressive rock sound, beginning with the short two-minute "Prelude." Then you dive into the epic 18-minute adventure "Skyscraper Souls" as the orchestral like music guides your storied tour as Pierson makes her appearance. Singer Matthews Koma lends a hand on the addictive rock melody of "Angel On Your Shoulder" and you can hear the connection to Asia in "Lighthouse" with support from fellow English singer/songwriter Tim Bowness. The album finishes with the mellow, jazz appeal of "Skin Deep" and the rock ballad "Darker Times." To find out more about Downes Braide Association and their latest release "Skyscraper Souls," please visit downesbraide.com.

The duo of John Wetton and Geoff Downes collaborated at the turn of the century for a new series of releases titled "iCon." Three albums were created and released before the untimely passing of John Wetton earlier this year. Before his passing, Wetton and Downes were preparing to re-release the demo-filled 2002 album "Wetton/Downes." This new re-release will rename the album "iCon: Zero" and features a remastered version of the album with two additional, previously unreleased bonus tracks. The original album features recordings the two made during the late-eighties/early-nineties, which set the seeds for the "iCon" collaboration. Fans will appreciate the remastering as all of the songs now sound their best, including the ballad "Just As Long As I Need You" and "Kari-Anne." The two additional songs on this release features a demo version of "She Knows" that seems very polished for a demo and an alternative version of "I Would Die For You," which comes across with a harder rock edge to it. To find out more about Wetton & Downes re-release of "iCon: Zero," please visit johnwetton.com.

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