Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Check Out New Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Music From I The Fire, American Me And The Nika Riots

From New York comes the debut album from the hard rock band I The Fire. Their new 12-song release is a nice wake-up call that there are still new bands out there that have that classic hard rock edge. The album kicks off with the high-octane of "Bridges" as you'd never know this was the band's debut release. Their sound gets a little more raw on the screams of "Reckless" and the pounding rhythm of "Keeping Secrets." Sandwiched between the heavy hitters is the amazing power ballad "Every Sun Casts A Shadow," before I The Fire kick things into high gear with the energy blast of "I Know You Know." They wrap up their new album with the more mainstream rock approach of "Broken Eyes Disguise" and the final hard rock attack of "Anthem." To find out more about I The Fire and their new debut album, please visit their Facebook page at

Next from Portland, OR comes the latest release titled "Still Firing" from the hardcore metal band American Me. The band returns from a five year hiatus with a trio of new songs, beginning with the quick-driving, 90-second attack of "Still Firing." They continue with the hard-hitting, industrial metal appeal of "Anti-Life Equation," before finishing up their new short release with the growling vocals of "Passing Ships." To find out more about American Me and their latest release "Still Firing," please visit their Facebook page at

Then, from Oslo, Norway comes the debut album from The Nika Riots titled "Set Fire." Their new six-song release kicks off with the high-energy screams and bashing rhythms of "Anti-Social Club." The Nika Riots pick up the tempo with the hardcore punk appeal of "Knock'em Dead" and the retro, thrash-metal attack of "Hanged, Drawn & Quartered." Their new short debut release finishes with high-powered "All Hail The Queen" as the chorus will draw you in and make you an instant fan. To find out more about The Nika Riots and their latest release "Set Fire," please visit their Facebook page at

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