Monday, December 18, 2017

New Exciting Rock Music Arriving From Avatar, Priest And We Were Sharks

Arriving very soon into the new year is the ruler of "Avatar Country." It is the new release from the heavy metal band Avatar and tells the story of the King coming to power through the 10-songs that make up their new album. Beginning with the grand entrance of "Glory To Our King," the band then kicks the album off with the storied history of the "Legend Of The King." This 8-minute epic piece sets the ground-work for the rest of the album with it's electrifying guitar solos and an extra injection of metal adrenaline. The album continues with the hard rock, AC/DC-feel of "The Kings Welcomes You To Avatar Country," before bringing the energy up a notch with the intensity of "King Harvest." Avatar finish up their new release with the spoken words of "The Kings Speaks," as the story comes to a close with "Silent Songs Of The Kings," instrumental parts one and two, that build up to the other heavier songs on this album. To find out more about Avatar and their latest release "Avatar Country," please visit

Industrial/Electronic band PRIEST recently released their new album "New Flesh" on December 8th. The album was produced by ex-Ghost members Alpha and Airghoul and contains 10-tracks that carry a retro-eighties sound. The album begins with the addictive keyboard melody of "The Pit" and the more intense beats of "Vaudeville," before slowing down for the darker tone of "History In Black." The goth-like feel of "The Cross" brings up similarities to eighties bands like Depeche Mode and Joy Division. PRIEST finish up their new release with the electronic pop of "Private Eye" and the experimental soundscapes of "Reloader." To find out more about PRIEST and their latest release "New Flesh," please visit their Facebook page at

Canadian alternative/punk band We Were Sharks are preparing to release their new full length album "Lost Touch" in February 2018. It is the band's first album on Victory Records and it starts off with the addictive, high-energy rocker "Beyond Repair." This six-piece band lock into the mainstream punk groove of "Drop The Act" and "Hotel Beds," before speeding the tempo up with the more reckless, energy-fueled "Ashley." Broadside singer, Ollie Baxter joins the band for pop-punk feel of "Late Bloomer," before We Were Sharks finish up their new album with the sped-up pounding rhythm of "Never Looked Better" and the alternative-rock love story of "Always You." To find out more about We Were Sharks and their latest release "Lost Touch," please visit

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