Wednesday, December 20, 2017

New Independent Releases From John McCutcheon, David K. Mathews, John Hufford And Dru Cutler

Arriving in early 2018 is the latest release from American singer/songwriter John McCutcheon. His new album titled "Ghost Light" was made over this past summer by complete accident. McCutcheon got the idea of writing about the subject of this fictional character named 'Billy' and his adventures. John ended up writing 30 brand new songs in only 25 days. Of those new songs, he picked 12 for his new album, which begins with the bright, up-beat Americana feel of "A Perfect Day." He continues with the beautiful storied tales of "This Road" and "The Machine" as his vocals have an experienced quality that you can enjoy listening to for hours. You can feel the emotions he pours into "Ghost Light" and "Burley Coulter At The Bank" as the ballad paints the perfect picture of the story in your mind. John McCutcheon finishes up his 39th studio album with the tale of Billy's life during the storied blues "Dark Side Of This Town" and moves on to his collaboration with the late-Woody Guthrie on the bluegrass feel of "When My Fight For Life Is Over." To find out more about John McCutcheon and his latest release "Ghost Light," please visit

Pianist/keyboardist David K. Mathews has been apart of some of the biggest names in jazz and rock, first as member of Tower of Power, then as the main sideman of the legendary Etta James. Now, he is the full-time keyboardist of the rock band, Santana, but David is finally fulfilling his dream of recording a solo album of his own. The new album titled "The Fantasy Vocal Sessions Vol. 1" will be released on February 2nd and features a load of special guests, including Steve Miller, Tony Lindsay, Kenny Washington and Maria Muldaur just to name some of the outstanding artists and singers on this album. Mathews' new 13-song album begins with the smooth jazz standard "I Want To Talk About You," featuring lead vocals supplied by Nicolas Bearde. Then singer Amikeayla Gaston simply excels on "Alfie," while Steve Miller turns Irving Berlin's "Blue Skies" into a new blues-infused jazz classic. Nicolas Berde returns for the more up-tempo rendition of "Smile," before guitarist Carl Lockett and tenor saxophonist Wayne de Silva join forces on the smooth melody of "When Sunny Gets Blue." The album finishes with Kenny Washington performing a stellar version of the ballad "Lush Life," before the jazz standard "In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning" featuring the warming vocals of John Laslo. To find out more about David K. Mathews and his latest release "The Fantasy Vocal Sessions Vol. 1," please visit his Facebook page at

New England folk singer/songwriter John Hufford recently released his new 5-song album titled "Sleep." It begins with "It Kicks" and "Chicago," as the graceful, acoustic melody gets backed by a slight, electronic drum beat. His voice sounds relaxed and laid-back on "You're Not Here Now," as if he was singing his new song, just for you. John wraps up his new short release with the title-song "Sleep" as he works together a steady rhythm with just the gentle touch of vocals that will have your senses floating on every word. To find out more about John Hufford and his latest release "Sleep," please visit

From Brooklyn comes the new, very short 2-song EP titled "Oceanside" from singer/songwriter Dru Cutler. The first song, "Oceanside" carries an alternative/country sound as you can hear Dru's knack for writing strong melodies. The second song is a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Dance Me Until The End Of Love" as the song's seductive groove will draw you in to Dru's strong vocals as he still keeps the essence of the original alive. To find out more about Dru Cutler and his latest release "Oceanside," please visit

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