Friday, December 8, 2017

New Music From Robbing Johnny, The US Americans, Caroline Ferrante, Ryan Zimmerman And Surreal Nation

First from New York City comes the new full-length release "Cold March" from folk/hip-hop/rock band Robbing Johnny. Their new 9-song release begins with the gentle, acoustic harmonies of "Sylvia," before the band dives into a Celtic/punk-swinging rhythm. They roll through the title-song "Cold March" delivering lyrics like a hip-hop artist, then find the perfect groove in "Red Bird In The City" to showcase their modern alt-rock groove. Their songwriting shines on the inspirational "Highbridge Park" as the vocals and melody build up on this powerful piece of music. Robbing Johnny finish up their new release with the laid-back, mellow folk tones of "Summer Sux" and the excitingly, energetic sing-along, "Worms In The Soil." To find out more about Robbing Johnny and their latest release "Cold March," please visit

Next up is the debut release from indie-punk/rock band The US Americans titled "Greatest Hits." This new 12-song release kicks off with the high energy of "Playtime" and the heavier rock groove of "Money In America." They deliver a Red Hot Chili Peppers sound on "Dance Song 17," before experimenting more with their sound on the dark, moody feel of "Movies." The US Americans showcase their skills on the seven-plus minute epic "Fade Out," then finish up their new release with the funky beats of "Lazy Suzy" and the blues ballad "Dentist Street." To find out more about The US Americans and their latest release "Greatest Hits," please visit

From Washington, D.C. comes the latest release from Americana/country artist Caroline Ferrante. Her new 4-song EP titled "Sky" showcases Caroline's exceptional vocals, beginning with the up-beat swing of "Feels Like A Holiday." Her sound becomes bigger on the stomp-rhythm, country rock of "Better Angels," before returning to pop aspects of "Great Big Beautiful World." She finishes up her new short release with the empowering sound of "Symphony" as her vocals soar. To find out more about Caroline Ferrante and her latest release "Sky," please visit

Next, is Ryan Zimmerman, a singer/songwriter from New Jersey, who recently release his new 4-song EP titled "Ephemeral As A Kiss." The album begins with the acoustic, island, reggae groove of "The Reason" as he fuses together different music genres to suit his songwriting. He tells us the tale of "Lola And John" as his warming vocals will settle your nerves. Ryan wraps up his new release with the thick reggae vibe of "For The Meek" as he gets his groove on. To find out more about Ryan Zimmerman and his latest release "Ephemeral As A Kiss," please visit

Lastly we arrive at the latest release from Surreal Nation titled "I Know Better." This five-piece band from Delaware are full of energy, combining elements of alternative rock, ska, punk and jazz to create a unique, but very addictive sound. Their new 5-song EP begins with the swinging, up-tempo rhythm of "Would You Do Me The Honor Of Becoming My Mexican Divorce?," before the alt-pop tones of "I Can Feel The Night" are sure to get you excited for this new band. Their new short release wraps up with jazzy ballad "Hangtime" and the steady climb of "Spirit Is Silent." To find out more about Surreal Nation and their latest release "I Know Better," please visit the band's Facebook page at

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