Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New Music From Metal Blade Records Artists Hamfero, Accuser & Fight The Fight

As the calendar click down to the end of another year, here are a few upcoming new releases from Metal Blade Records to kick off 2018.

First, from the Faroe Islands comes the Metal Blade Records debut release from the doom mental band Hamfero. There new album will be released on January 12th and is titled "Tamsins Iikam." It features only six tracks, but the journey of the songs will bring you a deeper experience, even if you can't understand the non-English lyrics. This six-piece band begins their new album with the 9-minute slow build up of "Fylgisflog," which turns into a simmering death metal assault. The album continues with the growls of "Stygd" and the quieter approach of "Fronsthvarv," before finishing their new album with nearly 11-minute epic prog-metal journey "Vapn i anda." To find out more about Hamfero and their latest release "Tamsins Iikam," please visit

Next, we have the latest release from the re-formed German thrash/technical metal band Accuser. Their new album titled "The Mastery" will be released on January 26th and follows on the heels of the band's milestone album "The Forlorn Divide." Their new 10-song release comes blasting out of the gate with the chugging rhythm of "Mission: Missile." The band flex their metal muscle with the intensity of "The Real World," then showcase their experience on the adrenaline pumping attack of "Time For Silence." Accuser display their Bay Area thrash metal influence on "My Skin" as the song carries a classic Metallica vibe. They speed things up with "Catacombs," before finishing up their new release with the jolt of "Ruthless" and the high octane album closure, "The Mastery." To find out more about Accuser and their latest release "The Mastery," please visit

Then skipping ahead a couple months, we get the self-titled debut album from Norwegian metal band Fight The Fight. Their new 8-song release kicks off with the high-energy, sonic blast of "Fight The Fight." The band combines addictive melodies with black metal howls as in "The Edge," while the more mainstream feel of "The Other Side" will get the band the exposure on satellite radio. Fight The Fight return to their hardcore ways with the onslaught of "Perfect Combination," before finishing up their new album with punk-like tones of "This Is War" and the screaming attack of "Patient Zero." To find out more about Fight The Fight and the self-titled debut album, please visit

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