Saturday, December 16, 2017

Omnivore Recordings Reissues Reggae Classics By Gladiators & Ethiopian

Omnivore Recordings has recently expanded its musical genre with the acquisitions of both the reggae label Nighthawk Records and the R&B/soul label Ru-Jac Records. This will allow the Omnivore Recordings to stretch out beyond their rock borders and the first releases are reissues of albums by reggae bands Gladiators and Ethiopian & His All Stars.

The reggae band Gladiators were hitting their creative stride in the early eighties for the Nighthawk Records label, recording enough material for three full-length albums, plus more. The songs that did not make it on to these albums were brought together to form the "Full Time" album. The 14-track album was first released in 1992, with over half of those songs being released on a vinyl-only EP in the early eighties. The tracks carry that classic mainstream reggae sound, made popular by Bob Marley and the Wailers and one of Marley's songs ("Fussing And Fighting") actually appears on this release. Most of the songs are presented in more that one version as the songs were remixed for the original 1992 release of the album.

The other new Nighthawk Records reissue comes from Ethiopian (Leonard Dillon) & His All Stars and their album "The Return Of Jack Sparrow." The album features 20 tracks recorded during studio sessions booked by Nighthawk Records owner Robert Schoenfeld in 1987. After initial recordings were completed, the tapes were shipped to Jamaica for overdubs, which helped turn Leonard Dillon into an international star, before his passing in 2011. The album has a very polished reggae sound as the All-Stars band knew how to create hit music by popularizing the reggae island vibe of the music. Leonard Dillon (Ethiopian) has been known as one of the elder statesman of reggae music, producing hit songs during the sixties and seventies. Both albums will be released on December 15th through Omnivore Recordings, for more information, please visit

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