Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Silvertung "Lighten Up" On Their Newly Released Video Documentary

Back in December, American hard-rock band Silvertung launched a Pledge Music Campaign in order to release their new DVD "Lighten Up." The 90-plus minute video documents the band recording their eye-opening, acoustic EP of the same name. The DVD features footage of the band performing their hard rock anthems in an intimate, acoustic setting in front of a small live audience. Watching the passion and emotion on their faces of the band, as they pour all of their energy and talents into these songs, showcases the meaning behind the music. Interwoven between the songs, are interviews with members of the band as they tell their story of how the band and this album came to be. While most hard rock bands shutter at the thought of going acoustic, Silvertung embraced the challenge and documented every step as you get that rare inside look at a band reaching another plateau of their career.

The video also includes some of the band's past music videos for songs like "Face The Music," "Dig" and "You & Me," along with footage of their award win and performance at the Maryland Music Awards show. The Pledge Music Campaign offers different packages, including everything from exclusive t-shirts, to clocks to signed guitars. For access to the Pledge Music Campaign and purchase your own video package, please go to To find out more about Silvertung and their new video release "Lighten Up," please visit

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

New Hard Rock Releases From Pop Evil, Cavo, Turbowolf, For The Fallen Dreams And Jungle Rot

The hard rock band Pop Evil will be releasing their fifth studio album on February 16th through eOne Music. Their popularity has continued to grow since their debut ten years ago and they are ready to deliver their best album to date. They kick off their new album with the juggernaut attack of the album's lead single "Waking Lions," which has already cracked the "Top 10" Mainstream Rock chart. Their album is filled to the brim with hard rock anthems like "Colors Bleed" and "Art Of War" as Pop Evil will certainly get your adrenaline pumping. Pop Evil still know how to capture the mainstream with the hard rock theme "Be Legendary," before experimenting with the electronic beats of "Nothing But Thieves." They wrap up their new album with addictive chorus of "When We Were Young" and "Rewind," which should become gems on modern rock radio. Pop Evil will be hitting the road in February for a two-month tour of the U.S. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album, please visit

Arriving February 23rd through Pavement Entertainment is the return of Cavo with their brand-new studio album "Bridges." After a four-year hiatus, the band re-grouped and wrote over 50 songs to appear on their next release. They whittled that down to 12 and the music of Cavo continues to impress with this latest release. The album kicks off with the addictive, alternative, hard rock appeal of "Nights" as the band will win you over with this opening track. They keep the energy going with the modern rock groove of "Just Like We Want It" and the raw, grunge appeal of "She Don't Care." Cavo will find their way into your heart with the ballad "On Your Own," before returning with the arena rocker "Get Away" and "Weather Rolls." The album closes with the thunderous rhythm of "Straight To The Bottom" and the mainstream, alternative sound of "Take Me Home." To find out more about Cavo and their latest release "Bridges," please visit

Returning with their third album is the U.K. hard rock band Turbowolf. Their new release titled "The Free Life" arrives on March 9th and showcases a raw, punk-like attack as in the album's opening track "No No No." Turbowolf continues with the guitar buzz of "Capital X" and then switches gears for the more alternative, Jane's Addiction-feel of "Half Secret" as Turbowolf's music crosses many different musical genres. Their new 11-song release continues with the garage rock appeal of "Last Three Clues" and the aggressive punk attack of "Black Hole," before closing their new album with the acoustic strumming of "Concluder." To find out more about Turbowolf and their latest release "The Free Life," please visit

The hardcore metal band For The Fallen Dreams are preparing to release their new album "Six" on February 16th, through Rise Records. After four years between albums, For The Fallen Dreams are ready to return to the limelight with their new 10-song release. They begin with the thunderous pounding of "Stone" and the screams of "The Undertow" as their music will simply takeover your speakers and put them to the test. The growls of "Forever" and the intense, attack of "Burning Season" will certainly get the adrenaline pumping, before For The Fallen Dreams wrap up their new album with head-banging rhythm of "Hypnosis" and the high octane of "The Storm." To find out more about For The Fallen Dreams and their latest release "Six," please visit their Facebook page at

Victory Records is preparing to reissue the long, out-of-print album "What Horrors Await" from American death metal band Jungle Rot. The album was originally released in 2009 on a limited basis and was quickly snatched up by fans. Now, the original album is being re-released on CD and vinyl and features the amazing cover art of Gyula Havancsak (who has created every Jungle Rot album cover since 2009). This release will also tide fans over until the arrival of Jungle Rot's tenth studio album arriving this spring on Victory Records. To find out more about this new re-issue from Jungle Rot and Victory Records, please visit

Monday, January 29, 2018

New Music From Independent Artists Andrew Sheppard, Jeff Bryant, Mark Daniel And Dhanya

Singer/songwriter Andrew Sheppard is preparing to release his album "Steady Your Aim" on March 23rd. After packing up and moving from a small town in Idaho to Los Angeles, Sheppard felt that his music missed out on that hometown vibe and returned back to Idaho as he explains on the album's opening track "Take A Walk With Me." His new 10-song release continues with the Americana vibe of "Steady Your Aim" and the alternative-country appeal of "Red Wine & White Roses." You can fully appreciate Sheppard's songwriting during the quieter numbers, "Standin' Tall" and "Not My Kind," before he finishes up his new album with the beautiful acoustics of "Further Away." To find out more about Andrew Sheppard and his latest release "Steady Your Aim," please visit

When you hear that an artist from Texas is releasing an new album, you instantly think it has a country connection to it, but Jeff Bryant will change your expectations with his new R&B/funk album. Texas-based music artist Jeff Bryant is preparing to release his debut solo album "Sleeping With The Lights On" on February 9th. It contains 7-songs, beginning with the contemporary pop of "Not Gonna Run" as Bryant sounds experienced beyond his years. He gets funky with the groove of "Let It In," before the wonderful piano ballad "Sleeping With The Lights On." He wraps up his new album with the soulful, R&B delivery of "You Don't Know" and the Stevie Wonder-inspired "Goodbye." To find out more about Jeff Bryant and his latest release "Sleeping With The Lights On," please visit

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Mark Daniel will be releasing his latest album "New Truth" in late February. It features 5-tracks that Daniel has crated with band members, Mickey Curry (Eric Clapton, David Bowie) and Marc Hickrox (Charlie Musselwhite). The album showcases Daniel's skills on guitar, as he kicks off the album with the electrifying rocker "Slow Setting Sun." He keeps the energy flowing with blues shuffle of "Walk Through Fire," before finishing up his new EP with the guitar-driven "Coming Down" and the power ballad "Got It Bad." To find out more about Mark Daniel and his latest release "New Truth," please visit

Venezuelan born pop artist Dhanya is preparing to release her self-titled debut album on February 2nd. She gathers together Eastern music traditions and adds addictive pop melodies with exotic soundscapes to give her songs an addictive vibe, highlighted by her amazing vocals. Her new 12-song release begins with the dance beats of "Fire" and the quieter, piano-led "Another Lifetime," which allows the songstress to win you over with her words. Dhanya adds an island groove to "Over Again" and then allows her voice to float above the R&B flavor of "Longing." She wraps you up with the warming vocals of "You'll Be Fine" and the dark, atmospheric, classical/pop piece "Lesson," before finishing her new release with the inspirational, gospel-like delivery of "Gurudev" and modern pop flair of "Another Lifetime," featuring hip-hop artist MC Yogi. To find out more about Dhanya and her new self-titled debut album, please visit

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Guitarist Stephane Wrembel Continues His Tribute To Django Reinhardt With "The Django Experiment III"

Guitarist Stephane Wrembel returns with the third volume of "The Django Experiment." This new release co-insides with jazz guitarists Django Reinhardt's 108th birthday on January 23rd. Wrembel released volume one and two last March as he continues to be inspired by Reinhardt's music. Stephane Wrembel is following up this new release with a trio of shows, including the 1st annual "Django Festival" in North Carolina.

The new 9-song release begins with the seven-minute traditional piece "Les flots du Danube" as Wrembel introduces his guitar-style to you. Next he continues with a composition from Django Reinhardt's younger brother, Joseph as "Melodie au crepuscule" carries a classic jazz feel. Wrembel handles Django Reinhardt's "Manoir de mas reves" with love and grace as the music just floats on by, before Stephane delivers his only original tune on this release, "Apocalypse" as it is paired with the traditional hymn "Swing gitan." Wrembel finishes up his new album with two more Django Reinhardt numbers ("Nuages" and "Fleche d'or") and the quiet, gentle strumming of "Si tu saveais" and the nearly 10-minute, experimental piece "Indifference." To find out more about Stephane Wrembel and his latest release "The Django Experiment III," please visit

Friday, January 26, 2018

New Releases From First Aid Kit And Dream Wife Need To Be On Your Radar

Swedish folk duo, First Aid Kit recently released their fourth full-length studio album titled "Ruins." The band's popularity has continued to grow since their debut album eight years ago. Their new 10-song release begins with the pulsating rhythm of "Rebel Heart" as the sister duo showcase their harmonies on the album's lead single "It's A Shame." First Aid Kit continue with their latest single "Fireworks" as the song's melody builds upon each verse. The acoustic folk strumming of "Postcard" and the quieter "To Live A Life" displays the beautiful songwriting without the need for any extra instruments. They finish up their new album with the country blues of "Distant Star" and the gentle sway of "Nothing Has To Be True."

First Aid Kit have been on the road since their album was released on January 19th, performing at sold out shows across the U.S. Plus, in April they will be performing at this year's Coachella Festival. To find out more about First Aid Kit and their latest release "Ruins," please visit

What began as an art school performance project has blossomed into one of the most anticipated debut albums of the year. The trio of Rakel, Bella and Alice met while in college and formed the band, Dream Wife. They created a Spinal Tap-type documentary explaining the band's backstory, with original songs that caught the attention of fans all over the world.

Their brand new, self-titled album will be released on January 26th and features eleven, high-energy, punk anthems, beginning with "Let's Make Out." The trio's 90's female punk/grunge influence is heard in the songs "Somebody" and "Fire," while "Hey Heartbreaker " sounds like a rally cry, with its addictive chorus. They keep the energy flowing with the nostalgic, new wave sound of "Kids" and the quick-hitting "Act My Age," before finishing up their new album with the alt-pop sound of "Spend The Night" and the driving rhythm of "F.U.U." Dream Wife will be hitting Australia in February, Europe in March and the U.S. in May. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new debut album, please visit

Thursday, January 25, 2018

New Music From Singer/Songwriters Steve Barton & Sarah McQuaid

Music artist Steve Barton (Translator) is preparing to release his 7th solo album "Tall Tales And Alibis" on March 2nd through Sleepless Records. It will be a triple-album release with all three albums having their own unique feel. The first two albums were recorded and produced by Steve at his home studio in Portland, OR, while the third album was recorded with a full band in Los Angeles.

The first album contains 13-tracks, beginning with the acoustic folk poetry of "How Can I Believe" and the quick, aggressive strumming of "Shadow Of The Bride." Many of the songs on this release feel stark and in raw, demo form as a full band would have given songs like "Dawn" and "That Picture Of You" more impact. The first album closes with the alternative rock build-up of "You're A Star Tonight" as Barton showcases many different sides to his songwriting.

The second album begins with the quiet acoustic piece "Breath" as Barton slowly invites you into this mellower set of songs. He pours his emotions into the ballads "I'll Still Be Loving You" and "I Count The Minutes." It's a nice switch when Barton brings in the blues of "Haunt Me Tonight," before finishing up this second chapter with the troubadour folk appeal of "Stare At The Sun Tonight."

Barton seems to have the most fun with a full band backing him up as on the third album of this triple-record set. He gets things moving with the short alternative, post-punk feel of "Wake Up In Roses" and "Gimme Your Hand." Barton also works in the rockabilly flair of "The Day My Baby Went Blind" and the grunge-like fuzz of "Where Did I Go Wrong," before closing with the passionate, acoustic rock of "I Fly." To find out more about Steve Barton and his latest three album set "Tall Tales And Alibis," please visit

Singer/songwriter Sarah McQuaid is preparing to release her new solo album "If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous" on February 2nd. The new 12-song release begins with the raw blues of the title song as you easily find yourself lost in Sarah's vocals. She continues with the light, acoustic folk story of "Slow Decay" and the jungle rhythm of "One Sparrow Down." Her voice plays out beautifully on the ballad "Forever Autumn," before her music takes on a dark turn with the instrumental "The Day Of Wrath, That Day." Sarah McQuaid finishes up her new album with the country tones of "Cot Valley," the wonderful acoustic instrumental "New Beginnings" and the gentle, floating melody of "The Tug Of The Moon." To find out more about Sarah McQuaid and her latest release "If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous," please visit

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Neal Morse Goes On Solo With "Life & Times" And Zack Zalon Heads "Into The Great Divide"

One of the busiest men in music has to be Neal Morse, whether fronting his own band or working along side Mike Portnoy in the bands, Transatlantic or Flying Colors. Not to mention, Neal Morse runs his own festival called "Morsefest." During all that, Neal Morse found time to record a new solo album titled "Life & Times." It will be released on February 16th through Radiant Records via Metal Blade Records. The new 12-song release shows Morse taking a break from the long, progressive-rock of his other bands to concentrate on a more pop sound as he begins with the smooth, country-like feel of "Livin' Lightly." He continues with the more up-lifting tones of "Good Love Is On The Way" and "Selfie In The Square." Emotions run high on the acoustic-based ballad "He Died At Home" as the words tell the story of a mother's grief over the death of her soldier son. Morse lightens the mood with the fun in the sun, island-flair of "Wave On The Ocean" and the sixties-pop vibe of "Manchester, " before closing his new album with the thoughtful lyrics of "If I Only Had A Day." To find out more about Neal Morse and his latest solo release "Life & Times," please visit

Guitarist Zack Zalon is preparing to release his debut album as Into The Great Divide on January 26th. Zalon wanted to change the idea of instrumental albums and make them into a more progressive rock piece, inspired by the works of Kansas, Rush and Dream Theater. The new album is broken down into spoken word chapters, followed by some amazing instrumental pieces that incorporate classical music, as well as heavy metal vibes. Helping out this album is current Dream Theater drummer Mike Mangini and producer Rick Chycki. Zalon considers this new release a "rock novel" and it will certainly have you following this album from beginning to end. To find out more about "Into The Great Divide," please visit

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Umphrey's McGee Want To Let You Know That "it's not us" On Their Latest Release

Indiana rock band Umphrey's McGee are starting the new year off right with a brand new studio album (their 11th) and of course a U.S. tour to follow. If you know the band, then you are aware that they perform almost 200 shows a year. They earn their fans on the road, but their latest release "it's not us" shows another side of the band as they deliver one the most exciting studio albums of the band's 16 year career.

The new 11-song release begins with the six-minute hard rock assault of "Dark Brush" as you can feel the band's progressive/jamband side light up your speakers. They deliver the alternative rock appeal of "The Silent Type," then get funky with the rhythm of "Looks." Umphrey's McGee break out the blues for the "Whistle Kids," before delivering the back-to-back epic rock pieces "Maybe Someday" and "Remind Me." They finish up their new album with the acoustic folk ballad "You & You Alone" and the built-up buzz of "Piranhas." Umphrey's McGee are currently on tour through March. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "it's not us," please visit

Monday, January 22, 2018

Saxon Deliver A "Thunderbolt" & Dizzy Reed Explains With "Rock 'n Roll Ain't Easy"

British heavy metal band Saxon will be releasing their 22nd studio album titled "Thunderbolt" on February 2nd through Militia Guard (Silver Lining Music label). The album will be released in a number of different formats, including CD, 180-gram colored vinyl, cassette, digital and a special edition box set. Following the album's release, Saxon will be heading out on a headlining tour of Europe, before joining fellow heavy metal giants Judas Priest for their U.S. tour this spring.

The new 11-song release begins with the 93-second instrumental "Olympus Rising" as the build-up of music invites you in to the band's new album. After 40 years, Saxon can still rock with the best of them, as displayed in the high-powered energy of "Thunderbolt" and "The Secret Of Flight" as singer Bill Byford sounds as good as ever. Their classic metal sound is felt in their tribute to "Nosferatu (The Vampires Waltz)" and in the dark tones of "Predator," while "Sons Of Odin" is an epic sounding piece that deserves to live in the musical history of Saxon. The band finish up their new album with the high-energy attack of "Sniper" and the classic rock feel of "Roadie's Song." For a complete list of tour dates and to find out more about Saxon and their latest studio release "Thunderbolt," please visit

Long-time Guns 'N' Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed is preparing to release his debut solo album "Rock 'n Roll Ain't Easy" on February 16th. Reed takes the lead on vocals for this album, with a backing band that includes members of W.A.S.P., Quiet Riot, Thin Lizzy, No Doubt and many more, including fellow "Gunner" Richard Fortus. The album starts off with the lead-single, "This Don't Look Like Vegas" as Reed's vocals carry that classic, seventies hard rock vibe as the music just pulsates with energy. The music gets a little grittier on "Mother Theresa," before Reed showcases his skills on the keys for the steady climb of "Fragile Water."  The music of "Mystery In Exile" has that classic post-punk vibe, while "Understanding" carries an iconic G'N'R shuffle rhythm. Dizzy Reed wraps up his solo debut album with the dirty blues of "Forgotten Cases" and the soulful emotions of "Rock 'n Roll Ain't Easy."

Dizzy Reed has some dates left on his U.S. tour and has an album launch planned for February 18th in Sydney, Australia. To find out more about Dizzy Reed and his new solo LP "Rock 'n Roll Ain't Easy," please visit his Facebook page at

Sunday, January 21, 2018

New Luther Russell Anthology Delivers "Selective Memories" Of His Music

American musician Luther Russell has been making music since the early nineties, first as a member of The Bootheels, then as part of the band The Freewheelers, before going on his own, releasing five full-length studio albums. The songs date back to Russell's earliest days with a couple of unreleased demo tracks from The Bootheels, which included future founding member of The Wallflowers, Jakob Dylan. In fact only four of the nineteen songs that appear on the first disc have ever been released, as most of the songs appear in raw, demo form as you can really appreciate Russell's songwriting. His sound can easily be compared to the music of Ryan Adams, Jeff Tweedy or Elliot Smith as Russell songs are well-crafted, even as they appear in their demo form.

The second disc begins with the song "Smoke Signals," which also appears here in demo form, but with a full band that makes the song sound nearly complete. Russell's work with former Black Crowes bassist, Marc Ford helped give the songs of Luther Russell an alternative-country sound, similar to Wilco and Big Star. Throughout his solo career, Russell would experiment more with styles, as displayed in the instrumentals "Fried Bananas" and "Keohen's Theme." Many of the songs on this second disc feature Russell on his own, such as performing the piano ballad "Empty Taxis" or the acoustic folk strumming of "Somehow Or Another." The 22-track second disc wraps up a few tracks he's composed in the last five years, including the lush instrumental "The Sunnyland" and the steady acoustic rock appeal of "The Sound Of Rock & Roll."

Also included in this 2-CD anthology is a 24-page booklet with descriptions of every song that appears in this set. To find out more about the newly released "Luther Russell / Selective Memories: An Anthology," please visit

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Classic Album Re-Issue From Anthony Phillips And Discover The Early Days Of Duran Duran

British born musician Anthony Phillips has been in the music industry for well-over 50 years. First, he was a founding member of the band Genesis and then his own solo career, which has lasted over 40 years.  Phillips is re-visiting his 1983 album "Invisible Men" by re-releasing the album as a two-CD expanded edition. The new release features a new remastered version of the original 12-song album on the first disc, with an additional three bonus tracks. The second disc is what fans will enjoy as it contains sixteen tracks, which includes demos, outtakes and alternative versions of songs featured on the original album. The early versions showcase the development of songs like "Golden Bodies" and "Falling For Love," while the song "Finale" is another recording Phillips made at Atomosphere Studios during this time period. The 2CD set was originally released late, last year through Cherry Red Records. To find out more about this new expanded version of "Invisible Men," please visit

Cleopatra Records recently released a rare 4-song EP from pop superstars Duran Duran. Now don't get too excited, it is not new music from the band, but instead it is the band's demo from 1979. The new release titled "Girls On Film 1979 Demo" features that classic song, but with original singer Andy Wickett. Wickett, along with Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor recorded these four songs to shop to different record labels to land a recording contract. You can hear that eighties pop vibe in the songs "See Me Repeat Me" and "Working The Steel," while "Girls On Film" has a quicker, new wave/punk vibe that shows the rawness in developing their early recordings. To find out more about the newly released 4-song EP from Duran Duran, please visit

Friday, January 19, 2018

New Music Arriving From Pianist Gleb Kolyadin, Drummer Bob Holz And The 6-Piece Band Tautologic

Russian pianist Gleb Kolyadin will be releasing his self-titled, debut solo album on February 23rd. After two highly-regarded albums with the band Iamthemorning, Kolyadin decided to try his hand at a solo career with the help of some guest performers. The new 13-track album begins with the classical/rock fusion of "Insight" before arriving at the powerful piano ballad "Astral Architecture," featuring Mick Moss on vocals. Kolyadin showcases his beautiful piano skills as a performer and composer in the songs "Kaleidoscope" and "The Room." Singer Steve Hogarth (Marillion) steps in to lend a hand on the ten-minute progressive rock piece "Confluence" and also on the album's lead single "The Best Of Days." The power of Gleb's performances is felt in the two-minute instrumental "Echo Sigh Strand" and the exciting "Penrose Stairs." To find out more about Gleb Kolyadin and his new debut release, please visit

Legendary jazz drummer Bob Holz is ready to release his latest album "Visions: Coast To Coast Connections" in February. It features the work of iconic jazz bassist Stanley Clarke, along with Mahavishnu Orchestra bassist Ralphe Armstrong, who also joined Holz and his band on this latest work of art. The new album features 10-tracks, beginning the exciting, up-tempo opening of "Split Decision," which allows members of his band their time in the spotlight. They slow the tempo down for the bluesier feel of "Espresso Decision" as lead singer Dave Porter is introduced. Holz and his band infuse a reggae groove to the modern jazz piece "Jammin Man," before you're taken on the seven-minute jazz fusion adventure of "Pink Fur." The album wraps up with the quieter touch of "Light & Day" and the up-beat, steady pace of the nine-minute closer "Flat Out" as Holz shines behind the drum kit. To find out more about Bob Holz and his latest release "Visions: Coast To Coast Connections," please visit his Facebook page at

Arriving this January is the latest release from alternative-pop band Tautologic titled "Re: Psychle." It features an impressive line-up of Grammy-nominated musicians, producers and mastering; as this new 10-song release covers many different genres of music. The album begins with addictive, up-tempo pop chorus of "Loud Shoes," as Tautologic draw you in with the lush strings of "The Admiral." They stretch out their sound with the six-minute experimental soundtrack piece "The Professor," then Tautologic pick the tempo up with the polka/ska rhythm of "On Your Left." This 6-piece band finish up their latest release with the upbeat, alt-pop of "Coltrane Supermarket" and the quiet, acoustic folk appeal of "Osaka Garden." To find out more about Tautologic and their latest release "Re: Psychle," please visit

Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Debut Albums From The Naked Sun, The Surabhi Ensemble And Whiskey Wolves Of The West

Americana/folk-rock band The Naked Sun are starting the new year off with their full-length debut album "War With Shadows." After releasing only two EPs in the last five years, now was the perfect time to re-introduce The Naked Sun to the world of roots music. Their new 10-song release begins with the six-minute addictive, radio-friendly build-up of "Do You Wanna Dance?" as you will easily find yourself lost in their sound. The album's first single "Holdin' Back The Heart" is a more up-beat, rocking tune, and it is the first song the band ever wrote together back in 2010. The Naked Sun draw upon their inspirations for the wonderful melody of "Rose Gold" and the acoustic strumming, story of "War With Shadows." They finish up their new album with the alternative rock sounds of "Purple Sunset" and the beautiful, lush Americana sounds of "Clouds." To find out more about The Naked Sun and their latest release "War With Shadows," please visit

From Chicago comes the sophisticated musical smoothie of Surabhi Ensemble and their latest self-titled release. The Indian-based music, meshes together a Latin flair with rock and blues to give the Middle-Eastern sound a more mainstream appeal. Their new 7-song release begins with the up-tempo spirited swinging of "Swan Song" and psychedelic rock of "Raga Blues." The album continues with the gentle, acoustic sway of "Hanoi Pho" and the rhythm-fueled "Kalbelia/Tera Tali," before finishing with the enlightenment of "In Search Of Serenity." To find out more about Surabhi Ensemble and their latest release, please visit their Facebook page at

From Nashville comes the debut album from the Americana/country duo Whiskey Wolves Of The West. It is due to be released on March 2nd through Rock Ridge Music and features 7-tracks oozing with down-home, feel-good music that will only have you wanting more from this band. Their album begins with the classic, country-rock feel of "Sounds Of The South" as the duo of Tim Jones and Leroy Powell just highlight each others strengths. They pick the energy up with the country-roots shuffle of "Lay That Needle Down" and "Rainy Day Lovers" as you'd think this band has been around for years, producing hit singles on country radio. Whisky Wolves Of The West finish up their new album with the nostalgic twang of "Country Roots" and the acoustic, island flavor of "No. 1 (The Ballad Of Dallas Davidson.)" To find out more about this duo and their debut album, please visit

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Indie-Rock Music Arriving From The Outfit, Saint Tragedy And Burdens Within

The Chicago rock band, The Outfit will be releasing their debut album on February 2nd through Pavement Entertainment. It gathers together this group of club circuit veterans to produce nine, straight up addictive rock tunes for you to enjoy. The album begins with the steady pace of "The Wire" as The Outfit are out to give you a wake up call with their hook driven, guitar blazing melodies. Their new album continues with the up-tempo, Foo Fighters-type rocker "Lucky One" and the adrenaline-fueled, head-banger "Soldier Boy." The album's energy flows through "Just As One," all the way to the closing numbers "No Lights On" and "Hot Love." To find out more about the self-titled debut album from The Outfit, please visit

Next, from Wisconsin comes the latest release from the four-piece hard rock band Saint Tragedy. Their new album titled "Prolonging The Agony" features 6-tracks that showcases the band's evolving sound since their conception ten years ago. They begin with the raw, grunge-like appeal of "Make Believe" and the guitar driven buzz of "Ties That Bind." They should break-through into the mainstream with the hard rock ballad "Move On," then they finish up their new album with the aggressive, chugging rhythm of "Would I Lie" and a dark, acoustic version of  their most popular song "Jumpin' The Gun." To find out more about Saint Tragedy and their latest release "Prolonging The Agony," please visit their Facebook page at

Arriving on January 26th, is the self-titled debut release from Burdens Within. Built from the ashes of their former bands, bassist Ryan J. Kline and guitarist Mike Riley came together just by coincidence and created some exciting new music that draws heavily from their alternative and classic rock influences. Their new 11-song release begins with the raw, garage-rock buzz of "Bruised" and the slow-burning rock of the "Devil's Due." Burdens Within pick the energy up with the intensity of "The Great Deceiver" and then showcases the classic eighties hard rock fun of "Let's Party." They wraps up their latest release with the power ballad "Intensity," the chugging rhythm of "You Could Have Listened" and a cover of Buffalo Springfield's "For What Its Worth," infused with a bolt of hard rock energy. To find out more about Burdens Within and their latest self-titled release, please visit their Facebook page at