Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Heavy Metal Music Arriving From Sacred Leather, Apostle Of Solitude And Old Mother Hell

Arriving in February is a trio of new releases on the Cruz Del Sur Music label. First up is the arrival of Sacred Leather and their full-length debut album "Ultimate Force." Right from the opening chords of the title-song, "Ultimate Force," you'd think you stepped back in time with the song's classic metal sound. They keep you locked in with the 1980's heavy metal scene, with songs like "Watcher" and "Power Thurst" as you are transported back to a simpler time in metal music. Their new album also contains two epic music numbers, the 8-minute power ballad "Dream Searcher" and the nine-plus minute album closer "The Lost Destructor/Priest Of The Undoer" as you can hear the band's influences throughout their new album. To find out more about Sacred Leather and their new release "Ultimate Force," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/leathersacredleather.

Next up is the latest release from the doom metal band Apostle Of Solitude. Their new album titled "From Gold To Ash" features 7-tracks that carry that dark heavy metal sound, filled with chugging guitar riffs and pounding drums. The album opens with the instrumental "Overlord" as you get introduced to the band's sound. They continue with the slow burn of "Ruination Be Thy Name" and the sonic buzz of "Keeping The Lighthouse," before reaching the epic, 10-minute progressive metal piece "My Heart Is Leaving Here." They wrap up their new album with the slow, steady pace of "Grey Farewell." To find out more about Apostle Of Solitude and their latest release "From Gold To Ash," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/apostleofsolitude.

Last, but not least is the latest release from Old Mother Hell with their self-titled debut album. This German trio have already caught the attention of magazines and radio over in Europe and now look to invade the U.S. with their new 6-song album. They begin with the high-energy of "Another War" as their sound has a universal heavy metal sound that will simply draw you in with its power and intensity. The album continues with the heavy pounding rhythm of "Mountain" and the guitar driven chaos of "Narcotic Overthrow." Old Mother Hell wrap up their new release with the heavy metal anthem "Kneel To No God" and the nearly nine-minute, epic piece "Old Mother Hell." To find out more about Old Mother Hell and their self-titled debut album, please visit oldmotherhell.de.

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