Monday, January 15, 2018

New Metal Blade Records Releases From Visigoth, Harms Way And Good Tiger Arriving In February

Arriving in early February are a trio of new releases from Metal Blade Records artists Visigoth, Harms Way and Good Tiger. After releasing their debut album three years ago, Visigoth have kept the idea of NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) alive with their tales of sword fights and dragons. Their new album, "Conqueror's Oath" features 8-tracks that place you back in the middle ages with the chanting chorus of "Steel And Silver" as you feel prepared for battle. They keep the power and intensity on high, telling the tales of the "Warrior Queen" and then speed things up with the thrash metal appeal of "Outlive Them All." Visigoth deliver the epic, 7-minute prog-rock piece "Traitor's Gate," before finishing up their new release with the chugging rhythm of "Blades In The Night" and the grand Viking metal feel of the title song "Conqueror's Oath." To find out more about Visigoth and their latest release "Conqueror's Oath," please visit their Facebook page at

New to Metal Blade Records is the band Harms Way, which will be releasing their first full-length album (fourth overall) on the label. The new album titled "Posthuman" features ten hard-hitting anthems that will surely get your adrenaline pumping. They begin with the sonic pounding of "Human Carrying Capacity" and the aggressive growls of "Last Man." Harms Way take a step back from their hardcore attack for the grunge-like experiment of "Temptation," before quickly returning to the raw, thrash metal assault of "Become A Machine." They wrap up their new album with the harsh, in-your-face vocals of "Unreality" and the deep, dark pounding rhythm of "Dead Space." To find out more about Harms Way and their latest release "Posthuman," please visit their Facebook page at

Finally we arrive at the sophomore release titled "We Will All Be Gone" from the alternative/hard rock band Good Tiger. Their new 10-song release  begins with the high-powered energy of "The Devil Thinks I'm Sinking" and the mainstream alt-rock appeal of "Float On." They venture into more pop territory with "Blueshift," before returning with the hard rock edge of "Salt Of The Earth." Good Tiger will certainly draw you in with the energetic mainstream sound of "Just Shy" and "Nineteen Grams," before closing their new album with the build-up of "I'll Finish That Book Later." To find out more about Good Tiger and their latest release "We Will All Be Gone," please visit their Facebook page at

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