Friday, January 19, 2018

New Music Arriving From Pianist Gleb Kolyadin, Drummer Bob Holz And The 6-Piece Band Tautologic

Russian pianist Gleb Kolyadin will be releasing his self-titled, debut solo album on February 23rd. After two highly-regarded albums with the band Iamthemorning, Kolyadin decided to try his hand at a solo career with the help of some guest performers. The new 13-track album begins with the classical/rock fusion of "Insight" before arriving at the powerful piano ballad "Astral Architecture," featuring Mick Moss on vocals. Kolyadin showcases his beautiful piano skills as a performer and composer in the songs "Kaleidoscope" and "The Room." Singer Steve Hogarth (Marillion) steps in to lend a hand on the ten-minute progressive rock piece "Confluence" and also on the album's lead single "The Best Of Days." The power of Gleb's performances is felt in the two-minute instrumental "Echo Sigh Strand" and the exciting "Penrose Stairs." To find out more about Gleb Kolyadin and his new debut release, please visit

Legendary jazz drummer Bob Holz is ready to release his latest album "Visions: Coast To Coast Connections" in February. It features the work of iconic jazz bassist Stanley Clarke, along with Mahavishnu Orchestra bassist Ralphe Armstrong, who also joined Holz and his band on this latest work of art. The new album features 10-tracks, beginning the exciting, up-tempo opening of "Split Decision," which allows members of his band their time in the spotlight. They slow the tempo down for the bluesier feel of "Espresso Decision" as lead singer Dave Porter is introduced. Holz and his band infuse a reggae groove to the modern jazz piece "Jammin Man," before you're taken on the seven-minute jazz fusion adventure of "Pink Fur." The album wraps up with the quieter touch of "Light & Day" and the up-beat, steady pace of the nine-minute closer "Flat Out" as Holz shines behind the drum kit. To find out more about Bob Holz and his latest release "Visions: Coast To Coast Connections," please visit his Facebook page at

Arriving this January is the latest release from alternative-pop band Tautologic titled "Re: Psychle." It features an impressive line-up of Grammy-nominated musicians, producers and mastering; as this new 10-song release covers many different genres of music. The album begins with addictive, up-tempo pop chorus of "Loud Shoes," as Tautologic draw you in with the lush strings of "The Admiral." They stretch out their sound with the six-minute experimental soundtrack piece "The Professor," then Tautologic pick the tempo up with the polka/ska rhythm of "On Your Left." This 6-piece band finish up their latest release with the upbeat, alt-pop of "Coltrane Supermarket" and the quiet, acoustic folk appeal of "Osaka Garden." To find out more about Tautologic and their latest release "Re: Psychle," please visit

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