Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Music Arriving On The earMUSIC Label From Heavatar, Angra And We Sell The Dead

Arriving in February from the earMusic label is the sophomore release from the German-based metal band Heavatar. Their new classical-inspired heavy metal album is titled "Opus II - The Annihilation" and delivers the message of 'what would Beethovern, Mozart or Chopin sound like if they joined a metal band?' Well, their new 12-song release comes blasting out of the gate with intensity of "None Shall Sleep," as this thrash metal opener shows very little resemblance to classical music. They keep the pedal to the metal with the speed of "Into Doom" as you can begin to hear their classical influences in the electrifying guitar solos. The piano-led "Hijacked By Unicorns" gives Heavatar a funkier, heavy metal sound, before returning to the hardcore chugging of "Wake Up Now" and the grand, classical feel of "A Broken Taboo." Heavatar finish up their new album with an epic suite of songs that showcases their love for classical music as well as their inspirations in heavy metal. To find out more about Heavatar and their latest release "Opus II - The Annihilation," please visit

Also arriving in February is the 9th studio album from the Brazilian metal band Angra. Their new album titled "Omni" is an 11-track concept piece, revolving around the idea of artificial intelligence allowing the human perception of time travel. They begin with the high energy of "Light Of Transcendence" as their sound has a nostalgic, classical feel added to their brand of heavy metal. Angra hook you in with the sonic amazement of "Travelers Of Time" as you continue to follow the album's futuristic concept. The grand chorus of "Insania" and the classic thrash metal appeal of "War Horns" displays the diversity within the band's sound. Angra finish up their new album with the Brazilian flair of "Caveman," the mainstream prog-rock feel of "Magic Mirror" and the classical instrumental "Infinite Nothing." To find out more about Angra and their latest release "Omni," please visit

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