Monday, January 29, 2018

New Music From Independent Artists Andrew Sheppard, Jeff Bryant, Mark Daniel And Dhanya

Singer/songwriter Andrew Sheppard is preparing to release his album "Steady Your Aim" on March 23rd. After packing up and moving from a small town in Idaho to Los Angeles, Sheppard felt that his music missed out on that hometown vibe and returned back to Idaho as he explains on the album's opening track "Take A Walk With Me." His new 10-song release continues with the Americana vibe of "Steady Your Aim" and the alternative-country appeal of "Red Wine & White Roses." You can fully appreciate Sheppard's songwriting during the quieter numbers, "Standin' Tall" and "Not My Kind," before he finishes up his new album with the beautiful acoustics of "Further Away." To find out more about Andrew Sheppard and his latest release "Steady Your Aim," please visit

When you hear that an artist from Texas is releasing an new album, you instantly think it has a country connection to it, but Jeff Bryant will change your expectations with his new R&B/funk album. Texas-based music artist Jeff Bryant is preparing to release his debut solo album "Sleeping With The Lights On" on February 9th. It contains 7-songs, beginning with the contemporary pop of "Not Gonna Run" as Bryant sounds experienced beyond his years. He gets funky with the groove of "Let It In," before the wonderful piano ballad "Sleeping With The Lights On." He wraps up his new album with the soulful, R&B delivery of "You Don't Know" and the Stevie Wonder-inspired "Goodbye." To find out more about Jeff Bryant and his latest release "Sleeping With The Lights On," please visit

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Mark Daniel will be releasing his latest album "New Truth" in late February. It features 5-tracks that Daniel has crated with band members, Mickey Curry (Eric Clapton, David Bowie) and Marc Hickrox (Charlie Musselwhite). The album showcases Daniel's skills on guitar, as he kicks off the album with the electrifying rocker "Slow Setting Sun." He keeps the energy flowing with blues shuffle of "Walk Through Fire," before finishing up his new EP with the guitar-driven "Coming Down" and the power ballad "Got It Bad." To find out more about Mark Daniel and his latest release "New Truth," please visit

Venezuelan born pop artist Dhanya is preparing to release her self-titled debut album on February 2nd. She gathers together Eastern music traditions and adds addictive pop melodies with exotic soundscapes to give her songs an addictive vibe, highlighted by her amazing vocals. Her new 12-song release begins with the dance beats of "Fire" and the quieter, piano-led "Another Lifetime," which allows the songstress to win you over with her words. Dhanya adds an island groove to "Over Again" and then allows her voice to float above the R&B flavor of "Longing." She wraps you up with the warming vocals of "You'll Be Fine" and the dark, atmospheric, classical/pop piece "Lesson," before finishing her new release with the inspirational, gospel-like delivery of "Gurudev" and modern pop flair of "Another Lifetime," featuring hip-hop artist MC Yogi. To find out more about Dhanya and her new self-titled debut album, please visit

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