Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Music From Indie-Artists Abe Partridge, Yellow Feather, Micah Olsan And Hinda Hoffman

Southern-based singer/songwriter Abe Partridge will be releasing his new full-length album "Cotton Fields and Blood For Days" on January 26th. The album features nine-tracks, beginning with the acoustic folk strumming of "Colors" as Abe's experiences are brought into his lyrics. His gruff, experienced vocals gives authenticity to the storied songs "Ride Willy Ride" and "Out Of Alabama Blues." Abe continues with the slow-moving acoustic, folk tale of "Turn The Volume Down," before plugging in for the rebellious, punk-like attitude of "The Ghosts Of Mobile." Abe Partridge closes his new album with a rough-recorded, emotional cover of the traditional spiritual song "Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down."  To find out more about Abe Partridge and his latest release "Cotton Fields and Blood For Days," please visit

From North Carolina comes the debut release from Americana band, Yellow Feather, which features vocalist Casey Kristofferson (daughter of Kris Kristofferson) and band leader/principal songwriter Hunter Begley. Their new album titled "And Gold" includes a dozen tracks, beginning with the slow, country-blues of "If You Ain't Cheatin'," before they pick the tempo up with the thick, heavy stomp rhythm "Swallow You Down." The band reflects the early days of Ryan Adams' band, WhiskeyTown with the slow sway of "Sarah Accidentally," then deliver the country rock vibe of "Lucille." Yellow Feather simplify their sound with "Key Of C" and the acoustic ballad "Pirate's Love Song." They finish up their new album with country swing of "Couch Farm" and the back porch, banjo-infused "Lost All Direction." To find out more about Yellow Feather and their latest release "And Gold," please visit

Singer/Songwriter Micah Olsan returns with a new 4-song EP titled "Open Space." Beginning with the title-song, the gentle acoustics of his new album showcases the way Micah crafts his songs to make his voice and words the main focus of songs like "To The Moon" and "Dollar." He finishes his new short release with the six-minute, new age feel of "Palace Of The Setting Sun" as he displays the best of his talents on this closing song. To find out more about Micah Olsan and his latest release "Open Space," please visit

From Chicago comes the latest release from jazz vocalist Hinda Hoffman. Her new album album titled "Driftin' At The Lake" contains 13-tracks and showcases Hinda's truly exceptional backing band. Her new release kicks off with the Herbie Hancock song "Driftin' At The Lake," which includes new lyrics by Hinda Hoffman, which fit perfectly into the song's smooth jazz groove. Then she turns the Eddie Arnold classic "You Don't Know Me" into a magical blues/jazz standard and pays tribute to Charlie Rich with the bright, uplifting rendition of "Who Will The Next Fool Be." She picks the tempo up with the quick pace of the Rogers & Hammerstein originals "Hello Young Lovers" and "People Will Say We're In Love." Hinda finishes up her new release with the slow blues of "I'm Traveling Light" and the gentle swing of "The Good Life," made popular by the legendary Tony Bennett. To find out more about Hinda Hoffman and her latest release "Driftin' At The Lake," please visit

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