Monday, January 1, 2018

Re-Discover The First Ever Live Show From Billion Dollar Babies

In 1973, the Alice Cooper Band were flying high with their most successful album, "Billion Dollar Babies" and tour to date. Then, lead singer Vince Furnier (who would later change his name to Alice Cooper) would leave the band and decide to go solo. This left the other members of the band (Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce and Neal Smith), on their own to decide what to do. They entered the studio under the band name,  Billion Dollar Babies and produce d only one album titled "Battle Axe." Shortly following the album's release, the band went on tour. Guitarist Glen Buxton would leave the band shortly following that tour. The members of the Alice Cooper Band would not re-unite again, until 1999 at the second Glen Baxton Memorial Weekend (Baxton passed away in 1997).

Gonzo Distribution recently released a newly discovered recording of Billion Dollar Babies' first ever live show, which took place in Flint, MI in 1977. It contains 10-tracks which showcases the band's energy with songs like "I Miss You," and "Rock N Roll Radio" as Buxton's guitar work became a focus of their live shows. Billion Dollar Babies bring out the hits with a medley of songs including "Elected," "I'm Eighteen" and "School's Out" from the Alice Cooper Band, highlighted by a solo from drummer Neal Smith. They return to their new songs "Ego Mania" and "Battle Axe" from their only studio album of the same name, before closing out their set with the song that gave the band it's name "Billion Dollar Babies." To find out more about this newly released live set from Billion Dollar Babies, please visit

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