Sunday, February 11, 2018

Legendary Artists Merrell Fankhauser And The Vibrators Release New Albums

Surf guitarist Merrell Fankhauser brings the energy of his long-running television show "Tiki Lounge" to CD with "Tiki Lounge Live." Fankhauser first gained fame as a member of the surf rock group The Impacts, who had a hit with the song "Wipe Out." For the last two decades, Merrell Fankhauser has produced the much loved variety show "Tiki Lounge" and this is the first soundtrack from the show. The new 12-song disc begins with Merrell bringing back some of that sixties surf rock magic with "Fair Winds Blowin," as he is also joined on this album by friends and fellow musicians like The Brymers ("Love Of Rock N Roll") and Lindsey Ikeno ("My Ipo"). Merrell fills up the majority of this soundtrack with his originals like the love song for "Sweet Janeita" and the laid back vibe of "Feelin OK." His friend Big John brings out the "Rockin Country," before the album closes with Merrell's theme for the "Tiki Lounge" show. To find out more about Merrell Fankhauser and his new release "Tiki Lounge Live," please visit

The legendary UK punk band The Vibrators are entering their fifth decade of existence by looking back at their history with a new album titled "Past, Present And Into The Future." The new album features contributions by founding members Knox, John "Eddie" Edwards and John Ellis, as well as current band members Pete Honkamaki and Darrell Bath. It kicks off with the grunge appeal of "Loose Change" and the high-powered energy of "Rock 'N' Roll Rescue." The Vibrators showcase more of their classic, iconic sound with "Dark Star" and "Dirty Games" as this new release is a perfectly place to start if you a newcomer to the band. The simplicity of their music will easily get lodged into you head with songs like "Wild Cheetah" and "Hands Of Mercy," while the rockabilly swing of "Wrapped Cat" showcases another side to this band's amazing legacy. To find out more about The Vibrators and their latest release "Past, Present And Into The Future," please visit their Facebook page at

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