Wednesday, February 21, 2018

New Hard Rocking Releases From We Are Band Nerds, Facing Fire And Black Map

What may sound like an odd name for a band, We Are Band Nerds, does not give enough justice for their brand of nu-metal music. The band's new album "Forget Me Nots" will be released on February 23rd through Pavement Entertainment and delivers a hip-hop/metal collaboration that follows the musical vein of Linkin Park and Rage Against The Machine. The new 9-song release begins with the high-energy, Eminem-like vocal delivery of "Hunger Games." They roll out the lyrics of "Whore" with a blasting chorus, before We Are Band Nerds look to incorporate elements of jazz and electronics into "Fake In You." The band looks to finish up their new release with the sonic blast of "American Trash" and the raw, grunge rock sound of "Fade Away." To find out more about We Are Band Nerds and their latest release "Forget Me Nots," please visit their Facebook page at

Hard rock band, Facing Fire will finally be releasing their self-titled debut album on February 16th through Pavement Entertainment. The album was recorded back in 2016, as the band shopped around for a record deal before landing with Pavement Entertainment in July of 2017. The new 4-song release begins with the aggressive force of "Dying Inside," followed quickly by the raw, chugging rhythm of "Filthy Life." Facing Fire will hit you hard with the shear force of "Overcome," before finishing up their new short release with the intense onslaught of "Fake" as the band leaves you wanting more. To find out about Facing Fire and their new self-titled release, please visit

Arriving last month was the new album from the Northern California rock band Black Map. Their new release titled "Trace The Path" features four tracks of blistering hard rock, beginning with the intricatestructure of "Let Me Out." They continue with the mainstream rock appeal of "Invisible Worlds," before finishing up their new short EP with the slower, melodic tone of "Why Burn." To find out more about Black Map and their latest release "Trace The Path," please visit their Facebook page at

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