Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Heavy Metal/Punk Music Arriving From Deliverance, Crowned Kings And Second Youth

Christian thrash metal band, Deliverance return with their brand new studio album "The Subversive Kind." It is the band's first new album in five years and only their second release through Roxx Records. The new 8-song release explodes with the intensity of the opening track "Bring'em Down" as chugging guitars and thunderous drums fill your ears. Their thrash metal sound is felt in the quick-hitting "Concept Of The Other" and "The Black Hand," before slowing the tempo down slightly for the classic metal appeal of "Epilogue." Deliverance wrap up their new album with the high-powered attack of "The Subversive Kind" and the bashing rhythm of "The Fold." To find out more about Deliverance and their latest release "The Subversive Kind," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/DeliveranceRocks.

From Australia comes the sophomore release from the hardcore metal band Crowned Kings. After the release of their debut album "Forked Road," the band jumped on the Sick Of It All 30th Anniversary tour and then took that experience to the studio to create their new album, "Sea Of Misery." The 13-song, hard-hitting assault begins with the frenzied guitars and pounding rhythm of the title-song "Sea Of Misery." The intensity continues with the sonic blast of "Cold Like You" and the screams of "Reign Supreme." Crowned Kings are "all-in" on this album as they deliver a continuous attack with the high-powered vibe of "Dominance & Control" and "Winters War." They wrap up their new release with the hardcore intensity of "Grind My Teeth" and the explosive build up of "The Suffering." To find out more about Crowned Kings and their latest release "Sea Of Misery," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/crownedkingshc.

English punk band Second Youth are preparing to release their new album titled "Dear Road" on March 9th. It features 10 tracks, 30 minutes of high-energy, in your face music that will get the blood pumping. Their new release begins with the quick-pace of "Friday" and the more hectic attack of "This City" as Second Youth delivery that classic nineties punk sound. The simply lyrics of "Suzanne" will have you singing-along, while "Homeward Bounce" is a rally cry for being homesick. Second Youth finish up their new album with the swift blast of "Close" and their homage to being on tour with "Dear Road." To find out more about Second Youth and their latest release "Dear Road," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/secondyouthpunk.

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