Thursday, February 8, 2018

New Independent Releases From Sub Groove, Life On Mars, Amigo, Tommy Marz Band & Everett Bird

Southern Florida funk band, Sub Groove return with their sophomore album titled "Shades Off." The new 30-minute, 8-track release begins with the deep bass groove of "Amplified," as if you were listening to a new song by the Commodores. Sub Groove deliver a more rock oriented vibe with "LOL," while "Dancing On The Moon" feels as if it came straight from the seventies nightclubs. After the marching rhythm and Prince-like vocals of "Checkmate," Sub Groove finish up their new album with the infusion of blues and funk on the title-song, "Shades Off." To find out more about Sub Groove and their new release "Shades Off," please visit

Arriving in January was the third album from this New York-based progressive folk/rock band, Life On Mars. Their new album titled "Trance Formation" features 10-tracks, beginning with the acoustic/folk story of "In The Garden Of Time" as you easily follow the heartening vocals of Earl Kayoss. Their music carries a nostalgic feel with the gentle angelic songs "Keeper Of The Dreams" and "Ever?," but sandwiched between these hymns are the Pink Floydian tones of "Rabbits" and the hard rock groove of "Burgers." Life On Mars wrap up their new album with the uplifting, spirited sing-along of "If I Fall." To find out more about Life On Mars and their latest release "Trance Formation," please visit their Facebook page at

From Charlotte, NC comes the debut album from the rock trio Amigo. Their new album "And Friends" features ten-tracks filled with addictive melodies and rock/pop tones. They start out with the Tom Petty-like rocker "The Big Idea" as you find the familiarity in their music comforting. They pick the tempo up for the nostalgic swinging rhythm of "Everybody" and "Bless Your Heart," before delivering the slow, island sway of "I Wanna Live." They finish up their new album with the high-powered, garage rock energy of "Underground Medicine," the blues of "Too Far Gone?" and the quiet, acoustic, country/folk piece "Almost Something Good." To find out more about Amigo and their latest release "And Friends," please visit their Facebook page at

The Detroit trio, The Tommy Marz Band is returning with a brand new studio album"Seventy-One Trips Around The Sun." The new 12-song release begins with the ringing of sirens during "My Former Self" as this trio know how to rock. The alternative rock groove of "Tumble In The Rough" and "Misery" will get your adrenaline pumping as they deliver an addictive, modern rock vibe with their music. Their sound gets a little edgier with the sonic blast of "Spiritus Mundi," before the band's Neil Young-like cover of America's "A Horse With No Name." The Tommy Marz Band finish up their new album with the raw, grunge appeal of "Living Stronger" and the deep, bluesy space groove of "Out Of Body Experience." To find out more about The Tommy Marz Band and their latest release "Seventy-One Trips Around The Sun," please visit

The experimental/alternative rock band Everett Bird are set to release their debut album "People Person" on February 23rd through Royal Mountain Records. The new 9-song release begins with the howling feedback driven "A Blessing In Da Skies," before this Canadian trio hit a more mainstream vibe with "Lizard." The band lightens up their sound for the pop-oriented feel of "Paranoid," then lift the energy level back up with the punk-like delivery of "Shred City Nights." Everett Bird finish up their new album with the gentle ballad, "Plug" and the addictive melody of "Slitherin'." To find out more about Everett Bird and their latest release "People Person," please visit their Facebook page at

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