Saturday, February 10, 2018

New Music From Genre Defining Artists Gong Expresso And Eva O

From Canada comes the latest release from the progressive rock/jazz fusion band Gong Expresso. Gong Expresso is a side project of the progressive, space-rock band Gong, which has been making music since the late-sixties. This latest album titled "Decadence" will be released on February 20th and features 8-tracks that carry a more laid-back, calming tone and allows you to get lost within the music. The opening track "Decadence" is a gentle, guitar-led  instrumental that includes elements of soft jazz as the song's rhythm continues to build. The song "Zephyr" takes you on a space-like journey, while "Talisman" melts away your troubles as you listen to the song's improvisational music. Their new release wraps up with the jazz/rock fusion of "Eastern Platinum" as the intensity builds, before closing with the quiet, guitar-jazz piece "God Knows." To find out more about Gong Expresso and their latest release "Decadence," please visit their Facebook page at

Gothic rock artist Eva O, the "Queen Of Darkness" recently released her new solo album titled "The Rise Of Eva O." It features 8-tracks, beginning with the 11-minute dark, sonic, poetic requiem "Mister Death." You can feel the tragedy and loss his her vocals as she pours her soul into this new album. The atmospheric soundscapes of "Yesterday's Pain" and moody undertones of "Cliff/Fade" will have you re-examining your life as you follow every one of Eva O's words. The album closes with the quiet, Gothic/folk ballad "Eye See" and the eerie passion recital of "Rejection." To find out more about Eva O and her latest release "The Rise Of Eva O," please visit

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