Friday, February 16, 2018

New Music From Indie-Artists The Good Morning Nags, Reina Mora, The Pale Monsters And Ezra Vancil

From New York City comes the debut album from the bluegrass/country band The Good Morning Nags. Their new seven-song EP begins with the quick strumming of "Sugar Baby" which showcases this band's love for the old-fashion, Appalachian-bluegrass sound. The banjo picking of "Blackberry Bush" and the gentle acoustics of "Love Like No Other" make you want to sit on the front porch swing, enjoying the summer breeze listening to this exceptional roots music. The Good Morning Nags finish up their new album with the sing-along of "I Wish My Baby Was Born" and the up-tempo swing of "Good Morning Girl." To find out more about The Good Morning Nags and their latest self-titled release, please visit

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Reina Mora is preparing to release her debut solo album titled "Birds Eye View" later this year. She is starting to get her music out their with the release of her lead-single, "Trouble." It has an alternative, pop/rock appeal with a little Latin-flair to pay homage to her Puerto Rican heritage. The music is exciting and will leave you wanting more from this rising new artist. To find out more about Reina Mora and her new release, please visit

Next, from Boston, MA comes the latest release from The Pale Monsters. Their popularity continues to grow with each new release and their latest single "All This Time We Wait" has a rocking, up-tempo feel, as you find yourself singing along to the chorus after only a couple listens. To find out more about The Pale Monsters and their latest release, please visit

Arriving in late March is the new album from independent singer/songwriter Ezra Vancil. The new 11-song release titled "You" showcases Vancil's knack for writing heart-warming gems that will turn you into an instant fan. The vibe of "Complicated Man" feels as if it blends together a seventies folk-style with modern storytelling lyrics to melt away your troubles. He sets the mood with only his voice and an acoustic guitar on the country tone of "Wild Girl," before involving the whole band on "Settle Down Good" as you are drawn in by his lyrics and his charm. To find out more about Ezra Vancil and his latest release "You," please visit

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