Saturday, March 31, 2018

New Music From Indie-Artists The Furious Seasons, Gus McKay & Gerry Spehar

Friday, March 30, 2018

Rob Zombie Covers Last White Zombie Album For New Live Release "Astro-Creep: 2000 Live"

Thursday, March 29, 2018

New Releases By Eva Cassidy, The Coronas, Jeff Warren Johnston, The Keller Sisters & Thanks Brother

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

New Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Releases From Reef, Frost Koffin, Deseized & Man Mountain

From Australia comes the new studio album titled "Revelation" from hard rockers Reef. Their new album will be released on May 4th and features a dozen feel good, energetic anthems, beginning with the wildly raw, reckless rock of the title song "Revelation." The album's lead single, "My Sweet Love" brings you out to the country as vocalist Gary Stringer duets with Sheryl Crow on one of her best collaborations ever. Reef will lift your spirits with the gospel-infused "How I Got Over" and the spiritual, sing-along ballad of "Don't Go Changing Your Mind." They inject their brand of raw rock, mixed with some blues to create "Precious Metal," before finishing up their new album with the grungy, southern rock style of "Ball & Chain" and the funky bass groove of "Like A Ship (Without A Sail)." To find out more about Reef and their latest release "Revelation," please visit their Facebook page at

Next, from Dallas comes the latest release from the high-powered, heavy metal quintet, Frost Koffin. Their new album titled "Danger And Deliverance" features 6-tracks of youthful, mind-crunching metal that will turn you into an instant fan of their music. Frost Koffin kicks things of with the thunderous rhythm of "Crucible Relief," which lead into the chugging guitars and screaming vocals of "Hell Roller" and "Position Of Power." Frost Koffin wrap up their new 25-minute EP with the electrifying guitar work of "Brain Pollution" and the slow, doom metal appeal of "Harmful Delusion." To find out more about Frost Koffin and their latest release "Danger And Deliverance," please visit their Facebook page at

Next up from Norway comes the latest release from the hardcore metal band Deseized. Their new album titled "Paradigms" features 5-tracks of aggressive, in-your-face vocals and energetic, riff-infused songs, beginning with "Status." The music carries a progressive metal tone, while the vocals try and knock your back in your seat. Deseized pick up the energy with the quick-pace of "Celestial" and the mainstream, nu-metal appeal of "Echoes," before closing their new short EP with the epic feel of "Sonder." To find out more about Deseized and their latest release "Paradigms," please visit

Finally we arrive at the Spartan Records debut release from Man Mountain titled "Infinity Mirror." The new 6-song release begins with the crest of sound as you enter the dream-like realm of "Illumination Rings." You begin to feel swept away by the song's 8-minute melody, which leads up to its rhythmic conclusion. The album continues with the dark, steady, alt-rock groove of "Memory Trace" and the more up-beat, up-tempo progressive pop sound of "Elysian." Man Mountain finish up their new album with the hard rock edginess of "No Man Needs Nothing" and the epic, seven-minute adventure of "Peripheral Drift." To find out more about Man Mountain and their latest release "Infinity Mirror," please visit their Facebook page at

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Aaron Clift Experiment Instruct Us "If All Goes Wrong" & Caverns Of Pine Rock With "Dissociate"

Monday, March 26, 2018

New Music From Rising Artists The Neighbourhood, George Ezra & We Are Scientists

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Omnivore Records Revisits The Jugband Influence Of Geoff & Maria Along With The Lyman Family

Saturday, March 24, 2018

New Music From Progressive/Experimental Artists Sonar And The Joshua Trinidad Trio

Friday, March 23, 2018

New Independent Suspense Film "Live Or Die In La Honda" Strives With New Soundtrack

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Connecticut Artists Jeff Przech And Kerri Powers Release New Music & Schedule Local Shows

Connecticut native Jeff Przech and his band The Outfit are preparing to release their new, self-titled album on April 6th. The band's country/Americana sound comes pouring right out on the opening track "Maribelle" as you feel right at home with their music. They continue with the country blues of "Cold November" and "Coy," along with guitar boogie of "Be Gone" and the soft-shoe shuffle of "Four Letter Words." Jeff Przech & The Outfit wrap up their new album with poetic, acoustic ballad "The Willows" and a great Americana-style cover of The Band's hit song, "The Weight." Jeff Przech & The Outfit have an album releaed show scheduled for April 8th in Collinsville, CT. To find out more about Jeff Przech & The Outfit and their latest release, please visit their Facebook page at

Another fellow Connecticut native Kerri Powers is currently on tour in New England as she prepares for the release of her forthcoming, full-length album "Starseeds" on May 4th. She starts out her new 10-song release with the jazzy-blues shuffle of "Peeping Tom" as you will simply fall in love with her vocals all over again. She slows down the pace for the acoustic folk appeal of "Somewhere On The Vine," before plugging in for the electric blues of "Bicycle Man." She returns to the soft, acoustic folk sounds of "Polly" and "Free Bird Flying," before finishing up her new album with country blues of "Grace And Harmony" and a spiritual cover of Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home." Look for Kerri Powers to headline this year's Daffodil Festival at Meriden's Hubbard Park on April 28th. To find out more information on her latest release "Starseeds," please visit

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New Music Ariving From Elite Female Singer/Songwriters Lisa Mednick Powell & Cheri Magill

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Range Of New Rock Releases From Pigweed, HeRz, Slap Guru & Razorhouse

From south Texas comes the debut album titled "The Weight" from hardcore metal rockers PigWeed. The new 11-song release comes blasting out and grabs you by the throat with the opening chords and pounding drums "Eyes Of The Wasp" and "Check Yourself." The band continues the onslaught the pure intensity in the vocal delivery of "Fake For Now" and "Time Is Now" as the screams will ring in your head. They turn up the energy with high-powered thrash metal appeal of "The End," before wrapping up their new album with the 11-plus minute epic, progressive metal piece "Suffer" and the chugging rhythm of "Mistakes (Revisited)." To find out more about PigWeed and their latest release "The Weight," please visit

From the U.K. comes the third album from the progressive metal band HeKz. The new album titled "Invicta" features ten tracks that are sure to carry on the tradition of exceptional musicianship, started by bands like Rush, Dream Theater and Iron Maiden. The opening track "Quetzlcoatl" will turn you into an instant fan of the band as the music is just exceptional and will have no trouble holding your attention during the long solos. The band's wonderful harmonizing at the beginning of "For Our Lives"  and in "The Light Fantastic" draws up memories of Styx, while "To The Lions" balances on the line between rock and heavy metal. HeKz take you on a sonic journey with the nearly ten-minute build up of "Line In The Sand," before closing their new album with the 15-minute epic piece "The Devil's Coin" and the power ballad "Victorious." To find out more about HeKz and their latest release "Invicta," please visit

From Spain comes the latest release from the psychedelic rock band Slap Guru titled "Cosmic Hill." It was only released on vinyl and contains 8-tracks of exceptional hard rock and blues that pays homage to their classic rock influences. The new album begins with the title song "Cosmic Hill" that sounds as if it came from the swamps of New Orleans with is southern blues shuffle and riffing guitar. They continue to showcase their exceptional skills with the up-tempo romp of "Fighting With A Mirror" and the slower, spaced-out sound of "Ollin." Slap Guru display a harder edge to their music with the high-powered energy of "Dharma Streets," before finishing up their new album with sonic blues of "Like A Fool" and the nostalgic sounding rock of "Best Wishes." To find out more about Slap Guru and their latest release "Cosmic Hill," please visit