Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ben Craven Delivers "The Single Edits," David Atkins Is "Spitting On A Fish" & Marbin Brings Us "Israeli Jazz"

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Robert S. Silverstein said...

from the interview with David Atkins:

mwe3: Who are some of the musicians with you on Spitting On A Fish and what instruments did you play on the album? How long did it take to write, record and complete?

DLA: It took a bit more than a year on and off, booking a day or two here and there. A few of the songs are just me, a couple (“Lighten Up Your Life” and “Little Soldier”), were actually done at home and then cleaned up in a "proper" studio that I found at the end of my street. I had no idea it even existed! Roger Wagner, a friend I've done a few gigs with over the last 20 years played finger picking guitar on a couple, Matt Lanchester played keyboards and John Barrett played the drums. Fulvio Sigurta, Roberto Manzin and Paul Taylor played trumpet, sax and trombone. The rest is me. I have to give a special mention to Paul Taylor, whose trombone solos are for me, just about perfect.