Wednesday, March 28, 2018

New Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Releases From Reef, Frost Koffin, Deseized & Man Mountain

From Australia comes the new studio album titled "Revelation" from hard rockers Reef. Their new album will be released on May 4th and features a dozen feel good, energetic anthems, beginning with the wildly raw, reckless rock of the title song "Revelation." The album's lead single, "My Sweet Love" brings you out to the country as vocalist Gary Stringer duets with Sheryl Crow on one of her best collaborations ever. Reef will lift your spirits with the gospel-infused "How I Got Over" and the spiritual, sing-along ballad of "Don't Go Changing Your Mind." They inject their brand of raw rock, mixed with some blues to create "Precious Metal," before finishing up their new album with the grungy, southern rock style of "Ball & Chain" and the funky bass groove of "Like A Ship (Without A Sail)." To find out more about Reef and their latest release "Revelation," please visit their Facebook page at

Next, from Dallas comes the latest release from the high-powered, heavy metal quintet, Frost Koffin. Their new album titled "Danger And Deliverance" features 6-tracks of youthful, mind-crunching metal that will turn you into an instant fan of their music. Frost Koffin kicks things of with the thunderous rhythm of "Crucible Relief," which lead into the chugging guitars and screaming vocals of "Hell Roller" and "Position Of Power." Frost Koffin wrap up their new 25-minute EP with the electrifying guitar work of "Brain Pollution" and the slow, doom metal appeal of "Harmful Delusion." To find out more about Frost Koffin and their latest release "Danger And Deliverance," please visit their Facebook page at

Next up from Norway comes the latest release from the hardcore metal band Deseized. Their new album titled "Paradigms" features 5-tracks of aggressive, in-your-face vocals and energetic, riff-infused songs, beginning with "Status." The music carries a progressive metal tone, while the vocals try and knock your back in your seat. Deseized pick up the energy with the quick-pace of "Celestial" and the mainstream, nu-metal appeal of "Echoes," before closing their new short EP with the epic feel of "Sonder." To find out more about Deseized and their latest release "Paradigms," please visit

Finally we arrive at the Spartan Records debut release from Man Mountain titled "Infinity Mirror." The new 6-song release begins with the crest of sound as you enter the dream-like realm of "Illumination Rings." You begin to feel swept away by the song's 8-minute melody, which leads up to its rhythmic conclusion. The album continues with the dark, steady, alt-rock groove of "Memory Trace" and the more up-beat, up-tempo progressive pop sound of "Elysian." Man Mountain finish up their new album with the hard rock edginess of "No Man Needs Nothing" and the epic, seven-minute adventure of "Peripheral Drift." To find out more about Man Mountain and their latest release "Infinity Mirror," please visit their Facebook page at

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