Friday, March 16, 2018

New Heavy Metal Music Arriving Soon From Godthrymm, Gatekeeper, Sanhedrin & Monsterworks

Here are some new independent heavy metal releases arriving the next few months, beginning with the new 4-song EP from U.K. doom metal band Godthrymm. Their new album titled "A Grand Reclamation" paves the way for a handful of tour dates this spring and summer in Europe. They begin with the 7-minute thunderous romp of the title song, "A Grand Reclamation." Godthrymm then picks up the pace on the progressive metal track "Sacred Soil," before finishing up their new release with the quiet, 2-minute guitar instrumental "Forevermore." For a complete list of live shows and to find out more about Godthrymm and their latest release "A Grand Reclamation," please visit their Facebook page at

Arriving a month later in mid-April is a new compilation of material from guitarist Geoff Blackwell's band, Gatekeeper. The new release titled "East Of Sun" features mix of older, unreleased songs that date back almost ten years. The album kicks off with the high-powered energy of "Blade Of Cimmeria," as the song's swift pace will certainly get your blood pumping. The intensity of the delivery of "North Wolves" and the pounding rhythm of "Warrior Without Fear" showcases the fierceness of Blackwell's guitar work. Gatekeeper continue with the epic tales of "Ninefold Muse" and "Swan Road Saga," before closing out their new album with a couple of cover songs as bonus tracks. To find out more about Gatekeeper and their latest release "East Of Sun," please visit

Also in April arrives the debut album from the Brooklyn hard rock/metal band Sanhedrin. Their new release titled "A Funeral For The World" features 8 tracks, beginning with the exciting, high-powered rock of "Riding On The Dawn" and the doom metal sound of the title song "A Funeral For The World." The trio come crashing in with the pounding of "Collateral Damage," then show their softer side with "No Religion," before wrapping up their new album with the aggressive attack of "Massive Deceiver" and the classic heavy metal energy of "Die Trying." To find out more about Sanhedrin and their latest release "A Funeral For The World," please visit their Facebook page at

Then, about two weeks after that comes the sixteenth studio album from Monsterworks titled "Scale And Probability." It features 6-tracks that will bring you on a sonic journey with a hardcore metal appeal. They begin with the 8-minute progressive metal piece "The Great Silence" as you can fully appreciate the band's musical talents. The album continues with the slow-moving, doom metal of "Weight Of Emptiness" and the high-powered attack of "Cosmic Deadly Probe." Monsterworks wraps up their new album with the steady pace of "All Truths Be True" and the 12-minute epic adventure of "Ockham's Razor." To find out more about Monsterworks and their latest release "Scale And Probability," please visit their Facebook page at

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