Thursday, March 15, 2018

New Music From Alternative Rock Band blessthefall & Heavy Metal Giants Primordial And Critial Mess

Arriving March 23rd is the new studio release from the alternative rock band blessthefall. This five-piece band from Arizona will be making their debut on the Rise Records with their new album "Hard Feelings." The band preceded the album's release with a 2-month tour of the U.S. as they got the word out on their new music. They begin with the chugging guitar attack of "Wishful Sinking" as the energy builds with each verse. Blessthefall deliver a modern edge to the alt-rock of "Find Yourself," before charting their own territory in the hardcore metal scene with "Cutthroat." They continue with the high intensity of "I'm Over Being Under(rated)" and the more mainstream appeal of "Keep Me Close." They finish up their new album with sonic build-up of "Sakura Blues" and the rhythm-fueled, arena rocker "Welcome Home." To find out more about blessthefall and their latest release "Hard Feelings," please visit

Arriving a week later on March 30th is the return of the progressive metal band Primordial with their ninth full-length album titled "Exile Amongst The Ruins." The new 8-song release begins with the 9-minute journey of "Nail Their Tongues" as you are quickly re-introduced to the dark forces of Primordial. The music continues to excite around every turn, as with the charging energy of "To Hell Or The Hangman" and epic tale of "Where Lie The God." Primordial wrap up their new album with the guitar-driven intensity of "Sunken Lungs" and the ten-plus minute adventure of "Last Call" as the music carries you along for the ride. To find out more about Primordial and their latest release "Exile Amongst The Ruins," please visit their Facebook page at

Also arriving on March 30th is the new album titled "Human Praey" from German death metal band Critical Mess. It features 10-tracks, beginning with the quick pace and growling vocals of "Bringer Of All End." They continue the onslaught with the aggressiveness of "Feasting" and the high-powered attack of "Preacher Of Lies." The build-up of "Creation Of Abomination" comes crashing down with the intense vocals and chugging guitars as Critical Mess seems to get faster and faster with each song. They finish up their new album with the sonic blast of "Into Oblivion" and the excellent musicianship of "Repent," which will open your eyes to death metal music scene. To find out more about Critical Mess and their latest release "Human Praey," please visit

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