Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Thor Finally Releases "Electric Eyes" & Rock Singer Karney Shows "No Mercy" On Her New Album

The legend of rock's first superhero, Thor, continues with the release of a newly discovered "lost album" that was recorded back in 1979, but has never been released before. After the success of their 1977 album "Keep The Dogs Away," the band toured extensively and quickly recorded a follow-up album, before lead singer Jon Miki Thor decided to take the band in a different musical direction and shelved the album. Now, after 40 years, the album, "Electric Eyes" sees the light of day when it was finally released this past January.

The new 10-song album showcases a strong foundation that would have continued the band's success from their debut album. The seventies-style big rock is alive and well in songs "Special Flight" and "Interception." The album included a cover of the Troggs' classic hit "Wild Thing," which is a great cover, but seems out of place among the other tracks on this album. The up-tempo, guitar driven rockers "Storm" and "The Door (Face Behind My Mask)" showcased a band ready to flex their metal muscle, but history had other plans. To find out more about the new release of Thor's lost album, "Electric Eyes," please visit

From the Bay area comes the latest release titled "No Mercy" from rock songstress Karney. This is her fifth full-length release and it kicks in with the thick, Heart-like rock groove of the title song, "No Mercy." Karney continues her new 12-song release with the high-energy charge of "Wild Green" and the acoustic folk/rock appeal of "Same Song" that showcases her musical inspirations. The swift, punk-like pace of "I Got Mine" is like an adrenaline shot in the arm as Karney certainly shows she can rock with the best of them. She returns to the beautiful ballad "Not Lost," before finishing up her new album with the up-tempo, politically-charged pop/rock of "Hold On" and the soulful rock ballad" Nine Lines (In The 21st Century)." To find out more about Karney and her latest release "No Mercy," please visit her Facebook page at

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Thanks JP, I appreciate the review and how you really dug in to the songs. Big up from the West Coast ~Karney