Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Expand Your Musical Horizons With New Releases From Kristo Rodzevski, Monoglot & Sihasin

Progressive jazz fusion artist Kristo Rodzevski will be releasing his new album "The Rabbit And The Fallen Sycamore" on May 25th. It is the  third album of his trilogy of musical ideas as he explores many different avenues of sound on this album. Kristo begins with the steady, avant-garde rock tones of "Polyester Suit," before blurring the lines between jazz and progressive rock on experimental melody of "Bucharest 1913." He slows down for the lounge feel of "Madadayo" and the guitar ballad "Wire," where you can truly appreciate Kristo's songwriting talents. His new album wraps up with the title song as Kristo quietly strums a melody that allows the listener to focus on the song's lyrics. To find out more about Kristo Rodzevski and his latest release "The Rabbit And The Fallen Sycamore," please visit his Facebook page at

The European progressive rock/jazz group Monoglot recently released their new studio album "Wrong Turns And Dead Ends." It features nine instrumental tracks, beginning with the hectic pace of "Wake Up Song," before continuing with the swift, melodic tones of "N192." They slow down the pace with the mellowness of "Swing," before building the excitement back up with the short, but intense delivery of "The Coast." Monoglot finish up their latest release with the most rock oriented piece of the new set, "Tuxedo" and then closes with the lush steady pace of "Suna Rosa." To find out more about Monoglot and their latest release "Wrong Turns And Dead Ends," please visit

Native American brother and sister duo, Sihasin, return with their first new album in six years, titled "Fight Like A Woman." Jeneda and Clayson Benally from the Navajo Nation, located in Northern Arizona have reformed to follow-up their debut album with this new combination of punk-like rebellion and Native American traditions. Their new 14-song release begins with Native American rhythms that get taken over by the youthful energy of "Child Of Fire." Sihasin keep the rock tempo on high with "Shine" and the album's lead single "Strong Together." They continue with the addictive chorus of "See You," before the thunderous rhythm of "Gentler Than Night" allows Veneda's vocals to soar and take control of the music. The Native American chants become the focus of "Listening?," while "Vengeance" blows up with reckless punk fury, before Sihasin finish up their new album with the quick attack of "Provoke You" and the short one-minute chant of "Kojilee." To find out more about Sihasin and their latest release "Fight Like A Woman," please visit

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