Thursday, May 10, 2018

New Music From Manic Street Preachers, Stolar & The Nectars

The Welsh rock band, Manic Street Preachers return with their brand new studio album "Resistance Is Futile." It is the band's 13th release and also features the longest gap (4 years) between albums. The new release features a dozen tracks that are filled with melodic, rock-based songs of empowerment, beginning with "People Give In" as the music simply soars during the chorus. The album continues with the high-energy rocker "International Blue" and the explosiveness of "Distant Colours" during the song's chorus. Manic Street Preachers work with The Anchoress on the love story, duet of "Dylan & Caitlin." The band's confidence and swagger comes shinning through on the modern alt-rock of "Liverpool Revisited" and the more intense delivery of "Sequels Of Forgotten Wars." They wrap up their new album with raw, punk-like energy of "Broken Algorithms" and the descriptive lyrics of "The Left Behind." To find out more about Manic Street Preachers and their latest release "Resistance Is Futile," please visit

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Stolar recently released his debut album "Raw Emotions." It contains 5 tracks that showcase why this may be one of the hottest independent artists of 2018. Beginning with the R& B swagger of "Erase You," Stolar will surprise you that he has been kept a secret for so long. The energy picks up with the dance beats of "Forget And Feel," then he delivers the addictive chorus of "Kurt Cobain T-Shirt," that will be stuck in your head for hours. Stolar finishes up his new release with the soulful sounds of "Grow Up." To find out more about Stolar and his latest release "Raw Emotions," please visit

Finally from New Jersey comes the debut album, "Sci-Fi Television," from the alternative rock outfit, The Nectars. Their new 9-song release is a shot of adrenaline as the songs are short, concise and hit their mark. The album begins with the punk-like energy of "I Want It" as vocalist Jessica Kenny delivers the vocals with an attitude that makes this a must hear album. The Nectars continue with the youthful feel of "Heaven," before delivering the No Doubt-soundalike "Cemetery Girl." They wrap up their new release with high energy, punk-rock attack of "Holy Punk," the sultry pop tones of "Lights Off" and the pick-me-up blast of "Tired." To find out more about The Nectars and their latest release "Sci-Fi Television," please visit their Facebook page at

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