Wednesday, June 20, 2018

New Music From Byron Isaacs, Brother Dege And The Chandler Travis Three-O

Next up is the latest full-length release from Brother Dege titled "Farmer's Almanac." Brother Dege may be best known for appearing on the Grammy-nominated soundtrack for Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained." His latest album features 11-tracks that begin and end with the soundtrack-ready, western feel of "Partial To The Bitters." In between those songs, Brother Dege combines his Cajun and country roots on the acoustic strumming "Country Come To Town" and the swampy blues of "The Shakedown." This album only proves the statement that Brother Dege is one of the best-kept secrets in Louisiana. He quickens up the pace for the storied lyrics of "The Ballad Of Ingo Swann," before closing out his new album with the rock ballad of "Laredo" and the country vibe of "No Man A Slave." To find out more about Brother Dege and his latest release "Farmer's Almanac," please visit

Then we come upon the sophomore release from the Chandler Travis Three-O titled "Backward, Crooked From The Sunset." While Travis is no stranger to the music industry, this is only his second album with the Three-O's, as they released their debut album back in 2011. This new release features a dozen tracks, beginning with the addictive chorus of the title song as the band have fun with their music. The exciting energy continues with the jazz like tones of "Happy Channy Oberek" and the nostalgic guitar strumming of "All The Little Things." The Chandler Travis Three-O deliver the English-sixties sounding "Salad Days," which sound straight from a long, lost album from The Kinks. They wrap up their new album with the tongue-in-check fun of "Mayor Of Drunktown" and the acoustic sing-along of "Not In Service." To find out more about the Chandler Travis Three-O and their latest release "Backward, Crooked From The Sunset," please visit

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