Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A Handful Of New Heavy Metal Releases Arriving This October From Massive Scar Era, Dungeonhammer, Vanhelgd, Road Warrior and Northern Crown

Here are a handful of independent metal bands that will unleash new releases at the beginning of October. First, we start out with the sophomore EP from Egyptian/Canadian metal band Massive Scar Era. Their new release titled "Color Blind" incorporates their Egyptian heritage into their music as singer Cherine Amr leads them with her strong vocal delivery. The five-song album continues with the addictive clash of cultures on "Unfollow" and the intense screams of "Oblivious," before closing their new short release with the mainstream metal appeal of "Rogue." To find out more about Massive Scar Era and their latest release "Color Blind," please visit

Next album, arriving October 12th is the debut release from European thrash metal duo, Dungeonhammer. Their new album "Infernal Moon" features eight high-powered tracks, beginning with the aggressive pounding of the title-song "Infernal Moon." This duo were influenced by the early days of thrash and speed metal, as they look to incorporate it into the songs "Empire de la Mort" and "Perpetual Funeral Winds." Sandwiched between those two songs, is the pounding rhythm of "Solitudinem Mysteriis," which also drives the song "Stigma Diabolli." Dungeonhammer wrap up their new album with the seven-minute doom metal piece "Ad Infinitum." To find out more about Dungeonhammer and their latest release "Infernal Moon," please visit their Facebook page at

Also arriving October 12th is the latest album from Swedish death metal band, Vanhelgd. Their new album "Deimos Sanktuarium" is considered to be their heaviest, most extreme album is years and kicks off with "A Plea For Divine Necromancy," which hits you with its wall of sound. They quicken the pace with the intense drumming and growling vocals of "Vi foddes i samma grav," then showcase their progressive/doom metal side on the seven-plus minutes of "The Ashes Of Our Defeat." Vanhelgd finish up their new album with the guitar driven, epic feel of "Har finns ingen nad." To find out more about Vanhelgd and their latest release "Deimos Sanktuarium," please visit

The Gates of Hell Records label is ready to unleash the debut album from the Australian metal band, Road Warrior.  The new album titled "Power" features eight-tracks that were inspired of the early days of heavy metal. The band look to mirror that sound on the chugging guitar riffs of "Don't Fight Fate" and the mystical nature of "Devils In Waiting." Road Warrior continue to revive their classic heavy metal sound with the high-powered energy of "Tease n' Torture" and "Sweating Out The Poison." Road Warrior wrap up their new album with electrifying guitar work of "Back Alley Tokyo Woman" and "The Future Is Passed." To find out more about Road Warrior and their latest release "Power," please visit their Facebook page at

Lastly we arrive at the fourth October 12th release, which comes from the American doom metal band, Northern Crown. Their new self-titled release is the groups sophomore effort and still rides along the heavy metal vein of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. Their new eight-song release begins with the dark, slow burn of "I Am Your Slave" and the more energetic, guitar driven classic metal sound of "Merciless, They Let You Suffer." Northern Crown return to the slow, chugging rhythm of "Forged From Nothing," before delivering the ten-minute progressive/doom metal piece "The Desert And The Wind." The duo finish up their new album with the deep, dark buzz of "By Demons Bidden" and the progressive chord changes of "Your River." To find out more about Northern Crown and their new self-titled album, please visit their Facebook page at

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