Tuesday, September 25, 2018

New Music From Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Artists Ice Nine Kills, Strativarius, Once Human and Starset

Arriving October 5th, just in time for your Halloween adventures, is the new album from the Boston-based trio Ice Nine Kills. Their new album titled "The Silver Scream" features 13-tracks that come at you like an intense scary movie, where the music attacks your senses just like a slasher does to his/her victims. Ice Nine Kills comes blasting out of the gate with the hard-hitting, thunderous rhythm of "The American Nightmare," which sets the stage for the next 50 minutes of intense heavy metal music. They pay homage to the "Friday The 13th" films with "Thank God It's Friday" and the "Saw" movies with the screaming vocals of ""The Jig Is Up." They hit mainstream metal gold with the addictive delivery of "A Grave Mistake," before bringing in Stanley Kubrick's grandson, Sam Kubrick to help on "The Shining" inspired song "Enjoy Your Slay." Ice Nine Kills wrap up their new album by inviting guests from the punk bands Mest, Less Than Jake and Fenix TX to add a extra boost of energy to the hardcore metal anthems "The World In My Hands" and "It Is The End." To find out more about Ice Nine Kills and their latest release "The Silver Screams," please visit iceninekills.com

The premier power metal band, Stratovarius is preparing to release their new album "ENIGMA: Intermission II," which features three brand new songs among the album's total 16-track layout. The other 13 songs that are not original, are a mix of former Stratovarius songs that have been updated for this release, beginning with the high-powered energy of one of the brand new songs, "Enigma." A few tracks on this new release are very rare gems for fans of the band and are appearing on CD for the first time, including the six-minute, progressive metal piece "Hallowed" and the grand, power ballad "Last Shore." Stratovarius will simply electrify your senses with the quick pace of "Kill It With Fire" and "Second Sight" as both tracks find their new home on this release. After the beautifully gentle acoustics of "Old Man And The Sea," the album includes four bonus tracks that consist of some of the band's most well-known tunes, as re-recorded orchestral versions. To find out more about Stratavarius and their latest release "ENIGMA: Intermission II," please visit stratovarius.com.

From Los Angeles comes the first live album titled "Stage Of Evolution" from the death-metal band, Once Human. It will be released on September 28th through earMUSIC and features nine tracks that cover the band's last two studio albums, as well as a rare track from Machine Head. The set begins with the growling vocals of Lauren Hart on the opening track "Eyes Of Chaos" and the aggressive attack of "Killer For The Cure." The band turn it up another notch with the shear speed of "Mass Murder Frenzy" and the thunderous pounding of "Gravity." Once Human finish up their 50-minute set with a cover of Machine Head's "Davidian," featuring a guest appearance by Fred Leclercq (Sinsaeneum, Dragonforce) and the hardcore metal onslaught of "Flock Of Flesh." To find out more about Once Human and their latest live release "Stage Of Evolution," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/oncehuman.

Fearless Records will be re-issuing the sophomore release from American rockers Starset as a new 3-LP expanded release. The album's original 15-song set will get an additional 9 bonus tracks that consist of acoustic versions, remixes and outtakes from the recording sessions. The new release will also be available digitally, as well as on vinyl and features quieter versions of the songs "Die For You," "Telepathic," "Starlight," "Satellite" and "Ricochet." Two of those songs also get the electronic remix treatment as you can discover the many different sides to Starset's music. To find out more about the new re-issue of Starset's "Vessels" album, please visit starsetonline.com.

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