Sunday, September 16, 2018

Ringo Starr And His All Starr Band Perform Decades Of Hits At The Toyota Oakdale Theatre

Ringo Starr brought the 2018 version of his All Starr band with him to the Toyota Oakdale Theatre last Saturday night. The band featured a who's who of iconic artists from the seventies and eighties, including Colin Hay (Men At Work), Steve Lukather (Toto), Gregg Rolie (Santana) and Graham Goulman (10cc). The band also included the work of percussionist, sax and backup singer Warren Ham and the steady drumming of long-time member Gregg Bissonette. 
As the older crowd, who have followed Ringo's career from his days with The Beatles through his solo albums, filed into the theater, sprinkled throughout were the fresh faces of many young ones. Whether it was their parents or their grandparents who may have introduced these young kids to the music of The Beatles, it would be an enjoyable night, not only filled with songs from The Beatles catalog, but also hits from the seventies and eighties.
As Ringo energetically strolled out on stage to a roaring applause, the band dove right into the Carl Perkins' classic "Matchbox," followed quickly by Starr's solo effort "It Don't Come Easy." As the line "please remember peace is how we make it" was sung, Ringo struck his iconic posed flashing the peace sign, which in turn was flashed back by the audience. Ringo would dive way back in The Beatles catalog, performing the classics "What Goes On" and "Boys."
The members of his All Starr band would also have their time in the spotlight as each of them performed some of their greatest hits. Gregg Rolie would lead the way through Santana's "Evil Ways" and "Black Magic Woman," which included some amazing solos from Steve Lukather on guitar and Gregg Bissonette on drums. Colin Hay would showcase three of his biggest hits with the performances of Men At Work's "Down Under," "Overkill" and "Who Can It Be Now." Steve Lukather sparked the crowed with the Toto favorites "Rosanna," "Africa" and "Hold The Line," while Graham Goulman displayed the soft rock of 10cc with the songs "I'm Not In Love" and "The Things We Do For Love."
But of course, everyone was there for Ringo, who lead the audience through the sing along of "Don't Pass Me By" and of course "Yellow Submarine." Ringo would also throw in one of his solo songs from this past decade with a call for peace during "Anthem." Ringo would switch between playing drums alongside Gregg Bissonette and being center stage singing, as he closed the two hour show with one of his most well-known solo hits "Photograph" and his most popular singing Beatles number "With A Little Help From My Friends." As the whole theater stood up to sing along to this Beatles classic, the night closed with a few rounds of the chorus of "Give Peace A Chance."
As fans exited the theater, smiles were on everyone's face, as the music performed this evening brought them back to a simpler time. Where the music of The Beatles, Ringo Starr and the music of his All Starr band, sparked memories that continue to last a lifetime.
Setlist: Matchbox, It Don't Come Easy, What Goes On, Dreadlock Holiday (10cc), Evil Ways (Santana), Rosanna (Toto), Down Under (Men At Work), Boys, Don't Pass Me By, Yellow Submarine, I'm Not In Love (10cc), Black Magic Woman (Santana), You're Sixteen, Anthem, Overkill (Men At Work), Africa (Toto), Oye Como Va (Santana), I Wanna Be Your Man, Things We Do For Love (10cc), Who Can It Be Now (Men At Work), Hold The Line (Toto), Photograph, Act Naturally, With A Little Help From My Friends/Give Peace A Chance

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