Wednesday, October 31, 2018

New Music From Singer/Songwriters Rob Moir and D.B. Rielly Along With Rockers Big Lonely and Lost In Japan

From Ontario, Canada comes the new indie-rock release from Big Lonely. The band has seen tremendous growth since their debut four years earlier. Their new album titled "Bad Magic" features nine-tracks, beginning with the pop/rock melodies of "Just Lose," as you begin to explore this great new release. The album continues with the steady, up-tempo rhythm of "Butter On Ice" and the high-energy rocker "Don't Fool Me Twice." Their sound is tailored for modern rock radio as they wrap up their new album with addictive chorus of "Ticket" and the slow-burn of the title-song "Bad Magic." To find out more about Big Lonely and their latest release "Bad Magic," please visit

Also from Canada comes the new "Solo Record" from singer/songwriter Rob Moir. This new 12-song release is his first set of new music since spending the last five years on the road. His new stripped-down album begins with the gentle acoustics of "Love Is A House On Fire." Rob's voice is true and pure as his picks the tempo up on the tracks "Sometimes You Gotta Go" and "I Recognize Nothing." You will fully appreciate his songwriting on the stark, folk poetry of "Claudine," before Rob plugs in for the steady build-up of "Lonely English." He wraps up his new album with the dark, moody feel of "Nonchalant" and the country-blues of "Infinity Fool." To find out more about Rob Moir and his latest release "Solo Record," please visit his Facebook page at

Next, from London comes the new self-titled album from the alt-pop/rock band, Lost In Japan. Their new 12-song release begins with the build-up of "Lighthouse" as the band gives you a little introduction to their musical style. The album continues with the addictive, up-beat pop groove of "Fake Answers" and strumming guitar melody of "Message In The Stars." The band's new single "Never Was You" showcases their youthful energy, as they display the growth in their songwriting to create these made for radio anthems. Lost In Japan close out their new release with the inspirational, build-up of "Waves" and their eight-minute epic piece "Lighthouse Pt II." To find out more about Lost In Japan and their new self-titled album, please visit their Facebook page at

Finally, we return a little closer to home with New York City singer/songwriter D.B. Rielly's new live album, "Live From Chester," which was recorded in Connecticut. This new ten-song release begins with the almost comical break-up song "Your Stupid Face," that calls for chuckles from the audience, as does "I'm Your Man." Rielly is just accompanied by an acoustic guitar as you focus on his playful words. He tugs at your heartstrings with the emotions of "The Sea," before picking up the pace with the bluegrass picking, stomp rhythm of "Moving Mountains." D.B. Rielly tells you a little story about his family, before the quiet acoustics of "I'll Remind You Every Day." He wraps up his new live album with the inspirational folk strumming of "Don't Think So Much." To find out more about D.B. Rielly and his latest release "Live In Chester," please visit

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Check Out New Releases From The Silent Comedy, Frenchie's Blues Destroyers and Big Village Little City

From Austin, TX comes the third, full-length release from the modern rock band, The Silent Comedy. Their new album "Enemies Multiply" was released earlier this month and showcases the growth in the band's songwriting over the course of the last few albums. The new 11-song set begins with the steady pace of the title song "Enemies Multiply," as they begin to draw you in with their addictive, modern rock sound. They take their sound up another notch with the big riffs of "Avalanche" and the wonderful pop appeal of "Break It Slow." The Silent Comedy slow down the pace with the Americana-feel of "California Queen," before picking the energy back up with the wild, swinging rhythm of "Heaven And Hell." They wrap up their new album with the angry blues of "No Saints Forgiven" and the acoustic ballad "Peace Of Mind." To find out more about The Silent Comedy and their latest release "Enemies Multiply," please visit

Also from Texas comes the new album titled "Love Is Blood," from blues rockers Frenchie's Blues Destroyers. It will be released on November 9th and features nine tracks that pays homage to the blues, country and rock artists from Texas that have come before. Their new album kicks off with the straight-to-the-point classic rock groove of "Little Bit Crazy" and the British blues influenced, "Beautiful Mess." They continue with the steady, guitar riff of "Get Through To You" and the classic, nostalgic country/rock feel of "Bound For OKC." Frenchie's Blues Destroyers take their foot off the pedal for the bluesy ballad "Nighttime Is The Right Time," while "JuJu Boo Bunny" is a raw, guitar boogie to get your body moving. They finish up the album with paying tribute to life on the road with "Behind The Wheel." To find out more about Frenchie's Blues Destroyers and their latest release "Love Is Blood," please visit

Finally, from New York City, comes the debut album from this 7-piece jazz/funk/hip-hop band, Big Village Little City. Their new six song release titled "Over The Weather," showcases some of the finest local musicians that have come together to put a new twist on pop music. The album begins with the modern R&B groove of "Snake Oil," as MC "Forefeather" Zac Hills-Bonczyk and singer Amy Grace Patierno lay down the perfect blend of hip-hop and soulful vocals to introduce you to this new iconic band. The album continues with the fun, exciting, uptempo marching band rhythm of "The Knocks" and funk-fueled beats of "Between" that keeps the energy flowing throughout their music. Big Village Little City wrap up their new, short release with brass-driven spurts of "Original Melody" and the seventies-style funk flashback of "Lifter," as the album will leave you wanting more. To find about the new release from Big Village Little City," please visit

Monday, October 29, 2018

New Music From Indie-Artists The Woolly Mammoths, Starframes, SKNAIL and Adrian DiMatteo

Arriving November 9th is the new album from the experimental pop/rockers The Woolly Mammoths. Their new album "C I T Y Z E N" showcases an alternative to the mainstream pop/rock music being channeled today. Their sound on the opening track "No Confidence Man" sounds like a cross between Talking Heads and Barenaked Ladies. They continue with the sweeping melody of the title song "C I T Y Z E N" and the Devo-like beats of "2manycars." Woolly Mammoths find the perfect dance groove with "Buttons (Whatever You Want)," while "1st Of The Month" displays a new wave, eighties post-punk sound that is hard to find in today's glossed over pop music world. The album finishes with the steady electronic rock vibe of "Korea" and the avante garde soundscapes of "Yr Trying 2 Hard." To find out more about The Woolly Mammoths and their latest release "C I T Y Z E N," please visit their Facebook page at

Also arriving in November is the latest release from Italian, dreampop/new wave band, Starframes. Their new album titled "Nicht Vergessen" features 15-tracks, beginning with the ambient soundscape of "Overture," as the band look to send you on a sonic journey with their music as the soundtrack. The album continues with the alternative/pop tones of "1961" and the steady, new wave rocker "Berlin Is In Love." This four-piece band draw you in with the addictive pop/rock feel of "Rising Wall" and the beautiful piano-led ballad "Prisoned." Starframes look to flash you back to the eighties with the sweeping electronics of "1989," before wrapping up their new album with the floating melody of "Amulet" and the steady flow of "If I Die Today, I Will Live Tomorrow." To find out more about Starframes and their latest release "Nicht Vergessen," please visit their Facebook page at

Experimental, electronic jazz artist SKNAIL returns with a brand new album titled "Mutation." It features ten tracks, beginning with the industrial beats of "A Storm," which is highlighted by some sweet jazz horns, which carries over into the subtle sounds of "First Mutation." The album continues with other forms of mutations that showcase SKNAIL's skills by mixing together dance beats with piano, horns and even an accordion. He throws his hat into the hip-hop ring with "Somewhere Below The Rainbow" and then continues the evolution with the piano ballad "Rooms." SKNAIL wraps up the album with his seventh, and last, "Mutation," which further explores the collaboration of electronic dance beats, with jazz music and hip-hop vocals. To find out more about the latest release from SKNAIL, please visit

From New York, comes the latest release from singer/songwriter/guitarist Adrian DiMatteo. His new album "Everyone Knows The Blues" was released back in August and features 11-tracks, beginning with the light, airy blues-vibe of the title song. He showcases a jazzier side to his music on "The Daily Grind," as he lets his guitar skills do the talking for him. He slows down for the seven-minute, R&B groove of "If I Could" and the acoustic poetry of "The Blues King" as you will easily warm-up to Adrian's smooth vocals. He delivers a classic southern blues feel to "I'm Gonna Move" and "The Blues Ain't Enough," before finishing up his new album with the emotions of "Seal The Deal." To find out more about Adrian DiMatteo and his latest release "Everyone Knows The Blues," please visit

Sunday, October 28, 2018

New Music From Award-Winning Children Artists Mister G and Ben Rudnick & Friends

Latin Grammy-winning artist Mister G continues to be inspired, as he rolls out his third album in less than a year. His new release titled "Fireflies" is a return to his singer/songwriting roots. The new ten-song album reflects a simpler folk sound that will easily have you falling in love with Mister G's music all over again. He begins with the gentle acoustics of the title song "Fireflies" as the beautiful harmonies will just ease your troubles away. As you dig in further into this new release, Mister G delivers a funk groove to "Sweet Summertime" and the jazz bass driven "S'Mores" with its fun, playful lyrics. Mister G also tries his hand at the bluegrass swing of "Big Old World," before slowing back down with the quiet acoustics of "Four-Footed Friend." He wraps up his new album with Americana/folk shuffle of "Together As One" and the soft lullaby, "Moonbeams." To find out more about Mister G and his latest release "Fireflies," please visit

Also recently released is the brand-new studio album from Parents Choice award winner, Ben Rudnick and Friends. The new release titled "Little Bitty Critter" is a super-short three song release, just to remind you about Ben's playful music, between his full-length releases. The new album starts off with the energetic, rockabilly fun of "Little Bitty Critter" as your kids will love dancing to this swinging song. Ben Rudnick and Friends have been nicknamed "the Grateful Dead for kids," and the follow up song "Shine Upon Everyone" is the perfect example, as the classic organ and guitar solos will certainly have you grooving. This new short release closes with the steady pace and positive lyrics of "New World In Sight." To find out more about Ben Rudnick and Friends, please visit

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Get Up And Dance With New Music From Michael & The Rockness Monsters and Hopalong Andrew

From New Jersey comes the latest release "Monster's Ball" from the homegrown family rock band, Michael & The Rockness Monsters. Their new 13-song release is pure fun for the entire family, as they introduce you to their sound with a simple "Introduction." The band get their funk groove moving with the fun, light-hearted lyrics of "Smile" and the addictive beats coming from the "Party Train." You will easily be finding yourself singing along to "Woodpecker," falling in love with the wonderful story of "A Fish Named Dog" and rocking out to the up-tempo rhythm of "Mona Lisa." Michael & The Rockness Monsters wrap up their new album with the imaginative, playfulness of "Truck Day" and a lesson in French tradition with the sweet harmonies of the ballad "Les Lumieres De Paris." To find out more about Michael & The Rockness Monsters and their latest release "Monster's Ball," please visit

New York may not be the exact location you'd think of when hearing the new western folk album from Hopalong Andrew, but that's were this urban cowboy hails from. His new album "Howdy Do! Songs Of The Urban Cowpoke" was released back in September and features a dozen re-workings of classic cowboy hymns, with lyrics geared toward the Big Apple. The album kicks off with "Outside" as Hopalong Andrew turns the sound of "Rawhide" into a tale of walking around the city, as he also does with "Back In The City," instead of "Back In The Saddle." Next, he turns the Geoff Mack classic "I've Been Everywhere" (made famous by Johnny Cash) into a subway themed anthem. He pays homage to the movie "Night At The Museum" with the honky-tonk swinging chorus of "Tyrannosaurus" and you can't help but get addicted to "Ice Cream Dude (Jingle, Jangle)." Hopalong Andrew wraps up his new album with the easy to learn lyrics of "Buffalo, Buffalo" and the sweet sounds of "Bring Back My Cowgirl To Me." To find out more about Hopalong Andrew and his latest release "Howdy Do! Songs Of The Urban Cowpoke," please visit

Friday, October 26, 2018

New Re-Issues Arriving Soon For The Lee Michaels Albums "Nice Day For Something & "Tailface"

Arriving November 16th, from Manifesto Records is the reissue of Lee Michaels' albums "Nice Day For Something" and "Tailface" on CD, for the very first time. Lee Michaels began his solo career with the release of his debut album, "Carnival Of Life" in 1968. He would hit the top 10 on the singles chart with the song "Do You Know What I Mean" in 1971 and would end up releasing seven albums with A&M Records between 1968-1973. After the release of his live album, "Lee Michaels Live," he would switch records labels and release these two albums, without much fanfare.

After being long out of print, both "Nice Day For Something" and "Tailface" have been digitally remastered from the original tapes. As Lee Michaels tried to expand upon his sound, the two constants on these albums are his warm, soulful vocals and his classic sounding Hammond organ. On the album "Nice Day For Something," Michaels would let loose with a stellar organ solo on the nearly six-minute jam of "High Wind" and then showcase his sweet songwriting skills on the epic ballad "Olson Arrives At Two Fifty-Five." He still had his finger on the pulse of pop music of the day with the up-tempo swing of "Rock & Roll Community" and "Went Saw Mama," before experimenting with his sound on the rocking album closer "Nothing Matters (But It Doesn't Matter)."

Lee Michaels quickly followed up that album with the release of "Tailface." He stuck with an edgier sound on this release, which may have caught his soft rock fans by surprise. He delivered a raw, guitar blues to "Slow Dancin' Rotunda" and tried to capture his classic pop sound with the up-tempo rocker "Roochie Toochie Loochie." Lee Michaels still seemed to be searching for comfort in his music with this album. He closes out his shorter, seven-song "Tailface" release with the piano blues-romp "Garbage Gourmet." Lee Michaels would end up releasing only one more album in 1975, before retiring from the music industry. To find out more about these two new re-issues from Lee Michaels, please visit

Thursday, October 25, 2018

New Music From Guitarist Martin Barre, Drummer Neal Smith and Singer/Songwriter Jann Klose

Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Barre returns with a brand new solo album titled "Roads Less Traveled." It was released on October 12th, through Cleopatra Records and features 11-tracks that highlight Barre's own distinct rock style. He begins with the up-tempo rock of "Lone Wolf" and the progressive rock feel of "Out Of Time." He brings together over fifty years of experience on this new album as he works in a country vibe to "I'm On My Way" and a deep southern stomp groove to "Badcore Blues." Martin Barre showcases his exceptional skills on guitar for the addictive melody of "For No Man" and the hard rocking power of "(This Is) My Driving Song." Martin Barre wraps up his new album with the beautiful acoustics of "Trinity" and classic rock appeal of "And The Band Played Only For Me." To find out more about Martin Barre and his latest release "Road Less Traveled," please visit

Former Alice Cooper Band drummer, Neal Smith is preparing a new release to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his currently band, KillSmith. The new compilation is titled "KillSmith Halloween" and features a dozen tracks (11 previously released) including one brand new track, "Strychnine." All of the music on this new release features some of the best music from his band, as you get the heavy pounding of "Death By The Numbers," the eerie, dark epic "Cemetery Of The Damned" and the magnificent sound of "The KillSmith Overture." Neal Smith has no problem showing that he can still rock with the best of them on the exciting, energetic rocker "Pandemonium" and the electrifying new classic "Strychnine." Smith also draws influence from his past with the seven-minute horror story of "Monsters In The Attic." To find out more about Neal Smith and his latest release "KillSmith Halloween," please visit

Award-winning singer/songwriter Jann Klose recently released his latest album titled "In Tandem," back in September. His new 13-song release kicks off with the album's first single "Love High," which is an up-tempo pop number with a positive message. The album continues with acoustic swing of "Dear Mel" and his cover of Peter Gabriel's "Don't Give Up," which also features the exceptional vocals of Annie Haslam. Jann Klose continues to pour on the charm with the sweet pop melodies of "Never Fall," then switches gears for the funk-fuel of "You And I (Cosmic Love)." Karen Zoid joins Klose for the duet, "Pour The Champagne," before injecting a swinging Latin rhythm to "Take Me 2 Forever." He wraps up his new album with the beautiful harmonies of "Win This Fight," featuring The RJ Benjamin Voices and the emotion-filled "Wedding Song." To find out more about Jann Klose and his latest release "In Tandem," please visit

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Ultimate KISS Tribute Gets Re-Released and Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin Debut New Music

Back in 2004, KISS alum Bob Kulick brought together some of the biggest names in rock music at the time to put together the ultimate KISS tribute album. Many of these artists involved in this album were already huge KISS fans and jumped at the opportunity to lend their talents to this amazing collaboration. The set was originally released as "Spin The Bottle," but is now getting a new makeover with a new cover, title ("Pure Fire - The Ultimate KISS Tribute) and a bonus "making of" DVD.

The original 11-song set comes blasting out of the gate with Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) on vocals, belting out the chorus to "Detroit Rock City." The entire album includes members of Styx, Mr Big, Motorhead, Guns N Roses, Poison and many, many more as they perform some of the biggest hits of KISS. You can hear the admiration in Chris Jericho's voice during "King Of The Night Time World" and wonder what it was like to be in the studio with Lemmy, as he sings "Shout It Out Loud." Plus, all of these amazing singers are supported by some of the top musicians in rock, like Paul Gilbert, Greg Bissonette, Carmine Appice, Jeff Pilson, and C.C. DeVille just to name some of them. Even Bob and Bruce Kulick get into the act, as both are KISS alumni. The bonus DVD includes 30-minutes of interviews with many who were involved in this project, including some that are no longer with us. This definitely one of the best KISS tribute albums that you will ever find. For more information on this release, please visit

Singer/songwriter Quinn Walker found his big break with he debut single "My Road" appearing on the television show, "Scrubs." Now he is exploring another avenue of music with the debut album from his band, Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin. The new self-titled release will be available on November 2nd and features a dozen tracks, beginning with the high-energy punk fury of "The Nu Punks." Then, the band introduces you to "Meet The Ronin" as they deliver two-minutes of raw, reckless rock. They thrash their way through the quick-pace of "Headfirst" and come blazing out with the guitar frenzy of "Squash It." Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin wrap up their new album with addictive, mainstream punk appeal of "Rebel" and the fun, high-energy run through "Mickey Got Married." To find out more about Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin and their new self-titled release, please visit

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

New October Heavy Metal Releases From Sacral Rage, Greyhawk and Texas Metal Outlaws

Arriving just last week is the highly-anticipated sophomore effort from the Greek metal band, Sacral Rage. Their new album titled "Beyond Celestial Echoes" re-introduces you to the power metal music that has made them a rising force in the heavy metal community. They come speeding out of the gate with the quick-pace of "Eternal Solstice" and the nearly eight-minute epic number "Vaguely Decoded." Their music and vocals rank up their some of the best extreme metal bands around, as the pounding of "Suspended Privileges" and solid guitar riffs of "Necropia" showcase a youthful energy to the band's overall sound. They wrap up their new album with their 15-minute progressive metal adventure of "The Glass." To find out more about Sacral Rage and their latest release "Beyond Celestial Echoes," please visit their Facebook page at

Last week also saw the arrival of the debut release from the Seattle-based metal band, Greyhawk. Their new six-song EP titled "Ride Out" and includes elements of grunge, heavy metal and extreme rock music to showcase the band's powerful sound. The chugging rhythm of "The Abdication" and intense pounding of "Serpent King" brings together the band's early metal influences. They finish up their new short album with the high-powered energy of "Circle Of Heroes" that leaves you wanting more from this new heavy metal band. To find out more about Greyhawk and their latest release "Ride Out," please visit their Facebook page at

At the end of October, we get the new self-titled album from the Texas Metal Outlaws. Their new nine-song release features some of the best independent heavy metal artists from the Texas area, as each song features a different line-up of performers. The album kicks off with the aggressive, hard-hitting attack of "Texas Metal Outlaws," which lets you know what you are in for. The album continues with the heavy pounding of "Rebel Years" and a cover of the Riot song "Running From The Law," which fits in perfectly among their originals. The band displays a darker, grunge metal sound to "Sound Of Scorns," before picking the pace back up with the thrash metal appeal of "Echoes Of Memory." To find out more about Texas Metal Outlaws and their new self-titled release, please visit

Monday, October 22, 2018

New Music From Metal Blade Records Artists Nothgard, The Ocean Collective and Mother Feather

We have a trio of new releases arriving over the course of the next couple weeks from Metal Blade Records artists Nothgard, The Ocean and Mother Feather. Nothgard's new album titled "Malady X" will arrive before the end of the month and features an epic, heavy metal sound spread across 11-tracks. The album begins with the Norse-like introduction of "Voyage Of Decay," before blasting off with the intense delivery of the title song "Malady X." Next, the band speeds up the pace even more with the high-powered attack of "Shades Of War" and "Epitaph," before the slower, progressive metal appeal of "Deamonium I." Nothgard come roaring back with the guitar frenzy of "Serpent Hallow" and the thunderous rhythm of "Fall Of An Empire," before closing with the grand instrumental "Black Horizon." To find out more about Nothgard and their latest release "Malady X," please visit

Next, we have the experimental German progressive metal band, The Ocean Collective, with their latest release "Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic" arriving at the beginning of November. It features seven tracks that showcases the band's exceptional musicianship as they take songs like "Silurian: Age Of Sea Scorpions" and "Devonian: Nascent" past the 9-minute mark. The band flex their metal muscle on the shorter tracks like "Ordovicium: The Glaciation of Gondwana" and "The Carboniferous Rainforest Collapse." To find out more about The Ocean Collective and their latest release "Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic," please visit their Facebook page at

Arriving the same day is the full-length sophomore effort from New York City rockers, Mother Feather. Their new album titled "Constellation Baby" features ten tracks that re-establishes the band as a rising force in hard rock music. Their new album kicks off with the addictive groove of "Red Hot Metal" and the pounding rhythm of "Man, I Wish You Were Here." Their songs are short and to the point as they waste no time with filler. The rawness of "Snakebite" and "Totally Awesome" have a great mainstream alternative/rock sound. Mother Feather wrap up their new release with the buzz of "Shake Your Magic 8 Ball" and the slow build-up of the album closer "I Blow A Kiss." To find out more about Mother Feather and their latest release "Constellation Baby," please visit

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Celebrating 50 Years Of Jimi Hendrix "Electric Ladyland" With New Deluxe Edition

Arriving on November 9th is the release of the deluxe box set of Jimi Hendrix's pinnacle album "Electric Ladyland." This 3CD/1 Blu-ray set, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the album's release back on October 16, 1968. It includes a newly remastered version of the album from the original analog tapes, as well as an entire disc of early takes and another CD featuring the Jimi Hendrix Experience live at the Hollywood Bowl on September 14, 1968, just one month before the release of the album. The Blu-ray includes the previously released 90-minute documentary "At Last...The Beginning: The Making Of Electric Ladyland," as well as a new stereo and surround sound version of the album.

When you put on a pair of headphones and dive into this new set, you will instantly feel transported back to 1968, in the studio with the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Right from the beginning, you will notice all of the different sounds swirling around the album's opening song, "Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)" The thunderous rhythm of "Crosstown Traffic" and "Gypsy Eyes" will certain test out your speakers as the bass and drums are stronger and more intense. The in-studio jam of "Voodoo Chile" and the jazzy vibe of "Rainy Day, Dream Away" showcase how spontaneous Hendrix was with his music. You will need to look no further than, "Still Raining, Still Dreaming" and "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" to appreciate the care that went into this remaster as the music is simply stunning.

Fans of the album will certainly want to dive right into the second disc, which consists mostly of Jimi Hendrix demoing these songs with just him and a guitar. The set also includes some outtakes that did not make the final album, like the steady blues of "Cherokee Mist" and "Somewhere." You can hear the love and passion in his performance of "Long Hot Summer Night" as he builds upon the development of the song with each different take. This set also includes some never before heard glimpses to the musical mind of Jimi Hendtrix with the short acoustic "Snowballs At My Window" and the experimental jazz fusion of "Rainy Day Shuffle."

The Jimi Hendrix Experience "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" is more about the date of the show, than the performance. It only includes one track from the upcoming "Electric Ladyland" album, but does showcase how the band has grown into this monster live act, in less than 24 months. The feedback packed "Are You Experienced" breaks way to the slow blues of "Red House," before returning to the chaos of "Foxey Lady" and "Fire." The beauty of "Little Wing" gets lost in this live setting, while an early rendition of Jimi Hendrix performing the "Star Spangled Banner" leads into the classic show closer "Purple Haze." While the recording may sound rough at times, the energy that the Jimi Hendrix Experience pour into their performance is definitely felt in this newly released live show. To find out more about the new 50th anniversary release of the Jimi Hendrix Experience's "Electric Ladyland," please visit

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Celebrate 60 Years Of Frank Sinatra Singing For "Only The Lonely" With A New Deluxe Edition Release

Arriving October 19th from Capitol Records/UMe, is the new 60th anniversary reissue of Frank Sinatra's Grammy-winning album "Frank Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely." It features a brand-new, 2018 stereo mix of the album, plus 4 bonus tracks (2 previously unreleased). A deluxe two-CD release of the album also includes a newly remastered version of the original 1958 mono recording of the album, along with the new 2018 stereo mix.

This album does not feature the swinging jazz numbers of Sinatra's previous album, "Come Fly With Me," but instead his voice and music slowly and quietly shuffles through your speakers. It features some of Sinatra's best vocal contributions of his career as his voice is stellar on the opener "Only The Lonely" and the classic "One For My Baby" has mended a lot of broken hearts. The new remaster of the mono mix of the album delivers that nostalgic tone as you may discover the amazing orchestra that supports Sinatra's voice on this album. Songs like "Willow Weep For Me" and "Gone With The Wind" showcase the beautiful music that was once again conducted by his long-time collaborator, Nelson Riddle. The first disc features an alternative take of "Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry," which sounds as if less instruments were used on this version. The other bonus track puts your right in the recording booth as Sinatra runs through multiple takes of the bar room ballad "Angel Eyes."

The new 2018 stereo version of the album was mixed by Larry Walsh and mastered by Ron McMaster at Capitol studios from the original recording tapes. It displays more depth to the recordings as it utilizes the multiple microphones that were placed in the studio to record Sinatra's vocals. You will instantly notice how much more direct his voice is on this stereo mix as songs like "What's New?" and "Blues In The Night" will grab your attention. This new version turns this album from a lush, quiet soundtrack that could be played in the background, to a dominant, therapeutic push for recovery from broken relationships. This second disc closes with a couple more bonus tracks, including a previously unreleased version of "Lush Life" and a test track version of "One For My Baby," which feels more subtle and spontaneous than the original released version. To find out more about the new 60th anniversary release of Frank Sinatra's iconic album "Frank Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely," please visit

Friday, October 19, 2018

New Debut Albums From Black Peaks and Fight The Fury, While All That Remains Celebrates 20 Years

Arriving earlier this month was the Rise Records debut release from Brighton rockers, Black Peaks. Their new album titled "All That Divides" was released back on October 5th and features nine tracks that are ready to shake your mind, beginning with the intense opener "Can't Sleep." They deliver an epic, progressive metal sound on the nearly seven-minute romp of "The Midnight Sun," as the band have their finger on the pulse of modern metal music. They continue with the tempo changes of "Aether," which showcases the band's exceptional songwriting, while the heavy pounding rhythm of "Home" hits you like a ton of bricks. Black Peaks finish up their new album with the hardcore shuffle of "Eternal Light" and the other progressive metal piece "Fate I & II," which end their new album on a high note. To find out more about Black Peaks and their latest release "All That Divides," please visit

Another debut arriving this month on Atlantic Records, comes from the heavy metal band, Fight The Fury. The band is led by Skillet vocalist/bassist John Cooper, who felt he needed another outlet for his brand of hardcore music. Their new 5-song EP titled "Still Breathing" hits hard and quick as they band wastes no time diving right into the heavy-hitting opener "My Demons." The chugging guitars and thunderous drums of "Dominate" will excite your senses, before they speed up the tempo even more with the hardcore delivery of "I Cannot." Fight The Fury finish up their new album with the growling vocals and buzzing guitar of "Lose Hold Of It All." To find out more about Fight The Fury and their latest release "Still Breathing," please visit the band's Facebook page at

We close with a band that is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their formation, I'm talking about the Massachusetts metal band, All That Remains. Their new album titled "Victim Of The New Disease" will be released on November 9th on Fearless/R&T records. It features ten tracks, beginning with the heavy metal assault of "F*ck Love" and the intense, quick-pace of "Everything's Wrong." The new album continues with the hardcore, sonic attack of "Wasteland," before showcasing their more mellow side with the power ballad "Alone In The Darkness." All That Remains comes roaring back with the guitar frenzy of "Misery In Me" and the thunderous pounding of "Broken." They wrap up their new album with the modern, mainstream hard rock appeal of "Just Tell Me Something" and heavy metal arena anthem of "Victim Of The New Disease." To find out more about All That Remains and their latest release "Victim Of The New Disease," please visit

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Check Out These New Hard Rock Releases From Arlington, Below 7 and The Black Planes

Arriving October 26th is the Rise Records debut album from the hard-rocking trio Arlington. Their new release titled "A Walk Through Jackson County" features 11-tracks that are filled with pure energy and passion. They kick things off with the album's lead-single "Don't Mind," which is a tour de force with its strong sonic rhythm (including a cowbell solo) and melodic tone. The album continues with the addictive bass groove of "Ride Out" and the blazing vocals of "Mud," which showcase the band's winning formula for creating great music. Arlington slow down the pace for the emotion-fueled ballad "Motion," before blazing a trail of intense, punk-like music with the quick pace of "Native Tongue." The trio wrap up their new album with slow burn of "Halo," the slightly funky, beat-infused sound of "Children" and the country/rock swing of "What They Say." To find out more about Arlington and their latest release "A Walk Through Jackson County," please visit their Facebook page at

Also arriving in October is the debut album from the Bristol, TN modern hard rock band, Below 7. Their new release titled "Crashing Down" has been two years in the making as the band's line-up took shape in late-2016. Their new ten-song album begins with the chugging guitar riffs of "Freight Train Coming," as you can feel the band's power and intensity on this opening track. They continue with the deep bass groove of "Miss Misery" and the pounding rhythm of "Church Of Prophecy" as Below 7 showcase their right to be mentioned along side bands like Alice In Chains and Godsmack. The grunge-like feel of "It Follows" and the dark melody of "Crashing Down" has the band building upon their influences as their sound has the perfect blend of vocals and music in order to develop their growing fanbase. Below 7 close out their new album with the high-powered energy of "Whiskey Baby" and the thunderous rhythm of "Scream." To find out more about Below 7 and their latest release "Crashing Down," please visit

Another debut album arriving soon is from the Seattle psych-rock band The Black Planes. Their new release titled "This Is The Black Planes" features 11-tracks, beginning with the steady rhythm and swirling melody of "Cyclonsonic Sister." Their sound get even more raw, with the buzz of "Stone In Love," as the vocals feel as if they appeared from a dream. The Black Planes hype-up their seventies influences on the experimental rock of "Hush Hush" and "Where Is My Mind?" The album continues with the heavier, moody tones of "Too Radar Love" and "Not Like Monday" as the band allows your to explore their music at your own pace. The Black Planes wrap up their new album with the more up-tempo, psychedelic grunge of "Take It Higher" and the steady bass line of "Charity." To find out more about The Black Planes and their latest release "This Is The Black Planes," please visit

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Nine Beats Collective Explores The Wisdom Of The Beatitudes & R&B Singer Dawn Richard Gets "Kinky" On Soundtrack

Newly released collaboration, Nine Beats Collective features world-class musicians, singers and songwriters that have come together to pay homage to "The Beatitudes." The Beatitudes are the name given to the blessings that Jesus gave at the Sermon on the Mount as recorded by the Gospel of Matthew. This new 26-track album titled "Nine Beats To The Bar" highlights these teachings with the worldly sounds of R&B, soul, jazz, rock, pop, funk, gospel and African vibes.

The album is highlighted by the beautiful vocals of Heatherlyn on "Blessed Are The Undead," the funk-infused rhythm of "#Blessed" by Vince Anderson and a jazzy, hip-hop tone of "9/8" from Eric Leroy Wilson. You also get a taste of classical music with the string instrumental "Tread Softly" and "Song For The Earth" by Deborah Pritchard, as well as the smooth R&B/jazz of ""Serenity" by Martin Trotman. The album finishes with the worldly rhythm of "Nine Beats To The Bar" from Mikael R. Andreasen and the enlightening gospel tones of "Give In To The Love" by Heatherlyn. To find out more about Nine Beats Collective and their new album "Nine Beats To The Bar," please visit

Also, just recently released from Lightyear Entertainment, in association with Caroline/Universal Music Group, is the soundtrack to the independent film, "Kinky." The movie was released in theaters on October 12th and the soundtrack was released three weeks prior on CD and digital platforms. The star of the movie and the soundtrack is R&B artist, Dawn Richard. She first gained fame is a member of Sean "Diddy" Combs' group, Danity Kane, before developing her solo career on her own label, Our Dawn. The soundtrack features fifteen R&B gems as Dawn's beautiful vocals weaves through the soundtracks with the songs "Maybe," "Me Myself and I" and "Conversation." Also included on this album is the smooth vocals of Willie Taylor (Day 26) on "Protection" and "Harder Deeper." The new soundtrack closes with the pop beats and stellar voice of R&B/Hip-Hop producer Durty So Clean on "Guilty." To find out more about the film and soundtrack to "Kinky," please visit

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

New Music From Singer/Songwriters Taylor Barton, Christopher Pellnat and Kim Barlow

Singer/songwriter Taylor Barton returns with her tenth studio album titled "House Of Light" on November 9th. It features 11-tracks, beginning with the gentle, poetic touch of the title song, "House Of Light." The album continues with the acoustic swing of "For Those Among Us" and the light-hearted pop tones of "Chaos," as Taylor's vocals are sweet and inviting. Her husband, guitarist G.E. Smith (Bob Dylan, Saturday Night Live) helps her set the dark mood of "Last Time" and also, the bright, country setting of "Steeplechase" as Taylor's storied lyrics lead the way. She wraps up her new album with the inspirational, empowering words of "I'll Stand Strong" and the steady folk strumming of "Jerusalem." To find out more about Taylor Barton and her new album "House Of Light," please visit

Fellow singer/songwriter Chris Pellnat released his new album "Liftoff," back in August. It features ten tracks that showcases the growth in Chris' songwriting since his debut album, which was released only one year earlier. He starts off with the up-tempo, pop melody of "Sacred Truths and Lies" and the showtune feel of "Dystopia Is Over." Chris adds an unnecessary electronic drum beat to the wonderful lyrics of "Ode To Olivia Rhodes," while "Waiting All Night," displays his bluesier side. He wraps up his new album with the Americana/country vibe of "You Left The Gate Swinging" and the addictive acoustic strumming of "I Saw Everything." To find out more about Christopher Pellnat and his latest release "Liftoff," please visit his Facebook page at

Next we head up north to Nova Scotia for the latest release titled "How To Let Go," from singer/songwriter Kim Barlow. Her new album features 13-tracks, beginning with the light-hearted, banjo driven "String Bean" and the innocent pop of "Whitehorse." You will easily find yourself falling in love with her voice, as she delivers an iconic, Americana feel to "Walking To Calais" and fun, inspirational, up-tempo swing of "Not My Little Baby." Kim continues her new album with the folk sounds of "Daily A-Growing" and "I Dyed My Petticoat Red," before finishing her new album with simple, stark poetic tone of "Cruel Mother." To find out more about Kim Barlow and her latest release "How To Let Go," please visit

Monday, October 15, 2018

New Music From The Refusers, C Wired, Matty T Wall, The Good Morning Nags, Brown Kid, Norm Brunet and Randy Forte

On your doorstep, is the next wave of new music from independent artists, The Refusers, C Wired, Matty T Wall, The Good Morning Nags, Brown Kid, Norm Brunet and Randy Forte. First up, is the hard rock assault of The Refusers with their latest release "Disobey." Their new album features nine tracks, that are filled to the brim addictive guitar riffs and arena-build choruses. Songs like "Why Do They Lie" and "My Baby Loves Rock And Roll" have that classic rock vibe that will turn you into an instant fan of their music. To find out more about The Refusers and their latest release "Disobey," please visit their Facebook page at

Next up, is the debut EP titled "Omega" from singer/songwriter C Wired. His back story sounds like a roller coaster ride as went from being a multi-millionaire to flat-broke and back up to millionaire status in the last decade, and he's only 33 years old. In only the last few years, C Wired has followed his love of music, playing in clubs and bars around the Berkeley Square, WV area, before he headed into the studio to record this six-song EP. Songs like "Anna Kissed The Sky" and "Jessah" showcase the wonderful song-writing of C Wired as he brings you into his musical world to enjoy. To find out more about C Wired and his latest release "Omega," please visit

Australian singer/songwriter Matty T Wall recently released his new album titled "Sidewinder." Matty and his band are on fire right from the opening chords of "Slideride" and its follow-up "Sidewinder." The band perform an amazing. burning blues cover of Sam Cooke's "Change Is Gonna Come," which displays their diversity. Matty T Wall draws strong similarities to Stevie Ray Vaughn's Double Trouble as they know how to get the blood flowing with the up-tempo numbers, "Shake It" and "Sophia's Strut." To find out more about Matty T Wall and their latest release "Sidewinder," please visit

The New York City roots/country band The Good Morning Nags quickly followed up their debut album, which was released earlier this year with a new short two-song EP titled "No Damn Good." Their new short set features the quick, Americana-type sing-along of "Birmingham" and the fun, country swinging tempo of "No Damn Good." To find out more about The Good Morning Nags and their latest release "No Damn Good," please visit

Next up is the latest release from the Alabama-based singer/songwriter, Brown Kid. His new studio album "Rusty Strings" features only six songs, which is perfect to remind you of how good of a song-writer he is. His sound is stark, as in the acoustic-based opener "Welcome To My Funeral" and "Hole In The Wall," as Brown Kid continues to develop his sound with each new release. He finishes this one up with island vibe of the title-song "Rusty Strings" and the steady flow of "Complacency." To find out more about Brown Kid and his latest release "Rusty Strings," please visit

Veteran singer/songwriter Norm Brunet recently released his new album titled "It Don't Get Better Than This." It feature ten tracks that showcases Norm's examination of his feelings, especially on the openers "Can't Stop Thinking" and "I Will." He gets down into the Americana groove of "Like Out Of A Dream," before closing out his new release with the gentle touch of "She's Afraid To Stay" and the bluesy rocker "Heartbreaker Girl." To find out more about Norm Brunet and his latest release "It Don't Get Better Than This," please visit his Facebook page at

Finally we arrive at the latest from singer/songwriter Randy Forte. His new album "Chas Randall" features a classic, almost nostalgic country vibe as in the openers "Six Beers Away" and "Rollin'." His emotions come pouring out during the acoustic ballad "Best Friends," before plugging back in for the country rocker "My Love Away." Randy wraps up his new album with the folk-style of "When The River Swallows Me" and the guitar driven energy of "Cross The Mississippi." To find out more about Randy Forte and his latest release "Chas Randall," please visit his Facebook page at