Wednesday, October 31, 2018

New Music From Singer/Songwriters Rob Moir and D.B. Rielly Along With Rockers Big Lonely and Lost In Japan

From Ontario, Canada comes the new indie-rock release from Big Lonely. The band has seen tremendous growth since their debut four years earlier. Their new album titled "Bad Magic" features nine-tracks, beginning with the pop/rock melodies of "Just Lose," as you begin to explore this great new release. The album continues with the steady, up-tempo rhythm of "Butter On Ice" and the high-energy rocker "Don't Fool Me Twice." Their sound is tailored for modern rock radio as they wrap up their new album with addictive chorus of "Ticket" and the slow-burn of the title-song "Bad Magic." To find out more about Big Lonely and their latest release "Bad Magic," please visit

Also from Canada comes the new "Solo Record" from singer/songwriter Rob Moir. This new 12-song release is his first set of new music since spending the last five years on the road. His new stripped-down album begins with the gentle acoustics of "Love Is A House On Fire." Rob's voice is true and pure as his picks the tempo up on the tracks "Sometimes You Gotta Go" and "I Recognize Nothing." You will fully appreciate his songwriting on the stark, folk poetry of "Claudine," before Rob plugs in for the steady build-up of "Lonely English." He wraps up his new album with the dark, moody feel of "Nonchalant" and the country-blues of "Infinity Fool." To find out more about Rob Moir and his latest release "Solo Record," please visit his Facebook page at

Next, from London comes the new self-titled album from the alt-pop/rock band, Lost In Japan. Their new 12-song release begins with the build-up of "Lighthouse" as the band gives you a little introduction to their musical style. The album continues with the addictive, up-beat pop groove of "Fake Answers" and strumming guitar melody of "Message In The Stars." The band's new single "Never Was You" showcases their youthful energy, as they display the growth in their songwriting to create these made for radio anthems. Lost In Japan close out their new release with the inspirational, build-up of "Waves" and their eight-minute epic piece "Lighthouse Pt II." To find out more about Lost In Japan and their new self-titled album, please visit their Facebook page at

Finally, we return a little closer to home with New York City singer/songwriter D.B. Rielly's new live album, "Live From Chester," which was recorded in Connecticut. This new ten-song release begins with the almost comical break-up song "Your Stupid Face," that calls for chuckles from the audience, as does "I'm Your Man." Rielly is just accompanied by an acoustic guitar as you focus on his playful words. He tugs at your heartstrings with the emotions of "The Sea," before picking up the pace with the bluegrass picking, stomp rhythm of "Moving Mountains." D.B. Rielly tells you a little story about his family, before the quiet acoustics of "I'll Remind You Every Day." He wraps up his new live album with the inspirational folk strumming of "Don't Think So Much." To find out more about D.B. Rielly and his latest release "Live In Chester," please visit

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