Thursday, October 18, 2018

Check Out These New Hard Rock Releases From Arlington, Below 7 and The Black Planes

Arriving October 26th is the Rise Records debut album from the hard-rocking trio Arlington. Their new release titled "A Walk Through Jackson County" features 11-tracks that are filled with pure energy and passion. They kick things off with the album's lead-single "Don't Mind," which is a tour de force with its strong sonic rhythm (including a cowbell solo) and melodic tone. The album continues with the addictive bass groove of "Ride Out" and the blazing vocals of "Mud," which showcase the band's winning formula for creating great music. Arlington slow down the pace for the emotion-fueled ballad "Motion," before blazing a trail of intense, punk-like music with the quick pace of "Native Tongue." The trio wrap up their new album with slow burn of "Halo," the slightly funky, beat-infused sound of "Children" and the country/rock swing of "What They Say." To find out more about Arlington and their latest release "A Walk Through Jackson County," please visit their Facebook page at

Also arriving in October is the debut album from the Bristol, TN modern hard rock band, Below 7. Their new release titled "Crashing Down" has been two years in the making as the band's line-up took shape in late-2016. Their new ten-song album begins with the chugging guitar riffs of "Freight Train Coming," as you can feel the band's power and intensity on this opening track. They continue with the deep bass groove of "Miss Misery" and the pounding rhythm of "Church Of Prophecy" as Below 7 showcase their right to be mentioned along side bands like Alice In Chains and Godsmack. The grunge-like feel of "It Follows" and the dark melody of "Crashing Down" has the band building upon their influences as their sound has the perfect blend of vocals and music in order to develop their growing fanbase. Below 7 close out their new album with the high-powered energy of "Whiskey Baby" and the thunderous rhythm of "Scream." To find out more about Below 7 and their latest release "Crashing Down," please visit

Another debut album arriving soon is from the Seattle psych-rock band The Black Planes. Their new release titled "This Is The Black Planes" features 11-tracks, beginning with the steady rhythm and swirling melody of "Cyclonsonic Sister." Their sound get even more raw, with the buzz of "Stone In Love," as the vocals feel as if they appeared from a dream. The Black Planes hype-up their seventies influences on the experimental rock of "Hush Hush" and "Where Is My Mind?" The album continues with the heavier, moody tones of "Too Radar Love" and "Not Like Monday" as the band allows your to explore their music at your own pace. The Black Planes wrap up their new album with the more up-tempo, psychedelic grunge of "Take It Higher" and the steady bass line of "Charity." To find out more about The Black Planes and their latest release "This Is The Black Planes," please visit

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