Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Check Out New Releases From The Silent Comedy, Frenchie's Blues Destroyers and Big Village Little City

From Austin, TX comes the third, full-length release from the modern rock band, The Silent Comedy. Their new album "Enemies Multiply" was released earlier this month and showcases the growth in the band's songwriting over the course of the last few albums. The new 11-song set begins with the steady pace of the title song "Enemies Multiply," as they begin to draw you in with their addictive, modern rock sound. They take their sound up another notch with the big riffs of "Avalanche" and the wonderful pop appeal of "Break It Slow." The Silent Comedy slow down the pace with the Americana-feel of "California Queen," before picking the energy back up with the wild, swinging rhythm of "Heaven And Hell." They wrap up their new album with the angry blues of "No Saints Forgiven" and the acoustic ballad "Peace Of Mind." To find out more about The Silent Comedy and their latest release "Enemies Multiply," please visit thesilentcomedy.com.

Also from Texas comes the new album titled "Love Is Blood," from blues rockers Frenchie's Blues Destroyers. It will be released on November 9th and features nine tracks that pays homage to the blues, country and rock artists from Texas that have come before. Their new album kicks off with the straight-to-the-point classic rock groove of "Little Bit Crazy" and the British blues influenced, "Beautiful Mess." They continue with the steady, guitar riff of "Get Through To You" and the classic, nostalgic country/rock feel of "Bound For OKC." Frenchie's Blues Destroyers take their foot off the pedal for the bluesy ballad "Nighttime Is The Right Time," while "JuJu Boo Bunny" is a raw, guitar boogie to get your body moving. They finish up the album with paying tribute to life on the road with "Behind The Wheel." To find out more about Frenchie's Blues Destroyers and their latest release "Love Is Blood," please visit bluesdestroyers.com.

Finally, from New York City, comes the debut album from this 7-piece jazz/funk/hip-hop band, Big Village Little City. Their new six song release titled "Over The Weather," showcases some of the finest local musicians that have come together to put a new twist on pop music. The album begins with the modern R&B groove of "Snake Oil," as MC "Forefeather" Zac Hills-Bonczyk and singer Amy Grace Patierno lay down the perfect blend of hip-hop and soulful vocals to introduce you to this new iconic band. The album continues with the fun, exciting, uptempo marching band rhythm of "The Knocks" and funk-fueled beats of "Between" that keeps the energy flowing throughout their music. Big Village Little City wrap up their new, short release with brass-driven spurts of "Original Melody" and the seventies-style funk flashback of "Lifter," as the album will leave you wanting more. To find about the new release from Big Village Little City," please visit bigvillagelittlecity.com.

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