Friday, October 5, 2018

Dive Deeper Into John Lennon's "Imagine" Album With The New 2 Blu-rays + 4 CDs "Ultimate Collection"

Arriving October 5th from Geffen/UMe is a brand new set that revolves around John Lennon's most popular album, "Imagine." This new release titled "Imagine - The Ultimate Collection" is a 2 Blu-ray + 4 CD set that encompasses practically everything you would want as a fan of the album. Also, to support this new release is a limited edition 180-gram clear double-vinyl, which features a new remix of the "Imagine" album and an entire disc of demos and outtakes.

The 4 CD set is where you will find all of the goodies as each song gets remastered for the best quality available. The first disc features the entire "Imagine" album, remixed in stereo, while still staying as close as possible to the original release. The music is much cleaner as you listen to tracks like "I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don't Wanna Die" and "How Do You Sleep?." As you examine each track, you will notice subtle difference that were always there on the original recordings, but buried within the music's original mastering. The first disc closes with half-a-dozen singles that were recorded and released around the same time as the "Imagine" album, but not included on the album.

The second and third discs are where fans will drool over the 34 outtakes that were newly mixed for this release to provide the best quality ever presented of these sessions. The first set of tunes you will run into features the different elements that make up some of the the songs, like just the strings of "Imagine" and "How?," along with a beautiful vocals only version of "Oh My Love." The rest of the second disc is filled with different takes of songs from the "Imagine album. Some demos featuring  banter among the group and will place you right in the studio with John Lennon and the musicians. You can hear the growth in songs like "Crippled Inside" and "Oh Yoko," which were recorded in the Bahamas and feature multi-takes on this set.

The third disc, which has been named "Extended Album Versions - Live," gives the same running order as the original album, but each song features the best live recording from Ascot Sound Studios. It displays the band, in the studio running through the songs from start to finish without any overdubs or reverb added to the mixes. The versions of these songs are as pure as you will hear from these sessions. The rawness of "It's So Hard" and "Gimme Some Truth" almost surpasses the original released versions as you can appreciate the band that Lennon brought together for this album.

The final CD features a walk through of how John Lennon approached the recording of the album as you hear interviews with John and Yoko. All ten of the album's songs are discussed extensively and show the progression of these songs from demo to masker take. It's a great insight into the mind of a musical genus. 

The two Blu-ray discs are where you will find the ultimate in sound quality, as they include a high-resolution, stereo remix, a surround sound remix and a quadrasonic mix of the album.  There is even more music to discover on these Blu-ray discs as the ultimate mixes, raw studio mixes and the evolution documentary get extended with more outtakes and information not featured on the CDs. There is also new mix of a 30-minute interview by Elliot Mintz with John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Along with this newly released box set of John Lennon's "Imagine" album is also new, fully restored and remastered versions of the films "Imagine" and "Gimme Some Truth." Both of those will also be released on October 5th through Eagle Vision. To find out more about John Lennon's "Imagine - The Ultimate Collection," please visit

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