Monday, October 8, 2018

Enjoy The Wonderful Sounds Of Birdsong At Morning And Shindigs With Their New Albums

New England folk/rock band Birdsong At Morning recently released their new studio album titled "Signs And Wonders." It features eleven tracks (ten originals and one cover song) that display the maturity and growth of the band's sound, lead by singer/songwriter/producer Alan Williams. Their new release begins with the steady, shuffled rhythm of "Waterfall" as you are eased into their musical world. The album continues with the emotions of the title song "Signs And Wonders" as you will instantly fall in love with the melody, which includes a 20-piece string orchestra. Birdsong At Morning slow the tempo down even further for the quiet acoustics of "All The Sadness," then stretch out their cover of Supertramp's "The Logical Song," as this acoustic folk version nearly reaches the eight minute mark. They bring on the blues of "Won't Let It Go" and the enlightening melody of "Arms Around Me," before finishing their new album with the timeless sound of "Extraordinary" and the epic orchestral feel of "Study In Blue."

The album was released back in September as a CD/Blu-ray set, which includes a stereo mix, surround sound mix and a DTS-HD 5.1 surround sound mix of the music. To find out more about Birdsong At Morning and their latest release "Signs And Wonders," please visit

Also new from Cleopatra Records is the latest release from the lo-fi, melodic band, Shindigs. Their new album titled "Chilland" features ten tracks that just sets the tone for a laid back vibe to just "chill" and enjoy their music. After a short two-minute "Into To," the slow beats lay down the groundwork for the pop tones of "Sd Kj" and the addictive groove of "Julian." Shindigs continue their new album with the low-key, moody vibe of "Don't Mind" and the jazzy feel of "Healthy Snaks." The band sticks close to this mono melodic tone throughout their new release, as they wrap up their new album with the light-hearted pop of "Aloveplices" and the steady pace of "When We Can." To find out more about Shindigs and their latest release "Chilland," please visit

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