Saturday, October 27, 2018

Get Up And Dance With New Music From Michael & The Rockness Monsters and Hopalong Andrew

From New Jersey comes the latest release "Monster's Ball" from the homegrown family rock band, Michael & The Rockness Monsters. Their new 13-song release is pure fun for the entire family, as they introduce you to their sound with a simple "Introduction." The band get their funk groove moving with the fun, light-hearted lyrics of "Smile" and the addictive beats coming from the "Party Train." You will easily be finding yourself singing along to "Woodpecker," falling in love with the wonderful story of "A Fish Named Dog" and rocking out to the up-tempo rhythm of "Mona Lisa." Michael & The Rockness Monsters wrap up their new album with the imaginative, playfulness of "Truck Day" and a lesson in French tradition with the sweet harmonies of the ballad "Les Lumieres De Paris." To find out more about Michael & The Rockness Monsters and their latest release "Monster's Ball," please visit

New York may not be the exact location you'd think of when hearing the new western folk album from Hopalong Andrew, but that's were this urban cowboy hails from. His new album "Howdy Do! Songs Of The Urban Cowpoke" was released back in September and features a dozen re-workings of classic cowboy hymns, with lyrics geared toward the Big Apple. The album kicks off with "Outside" as Hopalong Andrew turns the sound of "Rawhide" into a tale of walking around the city, as he also does with "Back In The City," instead of "Back In The Saddle." Next, he turns the Geoff Mack classic "I've Been Everywhere" (made famous by Johnny Cash) into a subway themed anthem. He pays homage to the movie "Night At The Museum" with the honky-tonk swinging chorus of "Tyrannosaurus" and you can't help but get addicted to "Ice Cream Dude (Jingle, Jangle)." Hopalong Andrew wraps up his new album with the easy to learn lyrics of "Buffalo, Buffalo" and the sweet sounds of "Bring Back My Cowgirl To Me." To find out more about Hopalong Andrew and his latest release "Howdy Do! Songs Of The Urban Cowpoke," please visit

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