Friday, October 19, 2018

New Debut Albums From Black Peaks and Fight The Fury, While All That Remains Celebrates 20 Years

Arriving earlier this month was the Rise Records debut release from Brighton rockers, Black Peaks. Their new album titled "All That Divides" was released back on October 5th and features nine tracks that are ready to shake your mind, beginning with the intense opener "Can't Sleep." They deliver an epic, progressive metal sound on the nearly seven-minute romp of "The Midnight Sun," as the band have their finger on the pulse of modern metal music. They continue with the tempo changes of "Aether," which showcases the band's exceptional songwriting, while the heavy pounding rhythm of "Home" hits you like a ton of bricks. Black Peaks finish up their new album with the hardcore shuffle of "Eternal Light" and the other progressive metal piece "Fate I & II," which end their new album on a high note. To find out more about Black Peaks and their latest release "All That Divides," please visit

Another debut arriving this month on Atlantic Records, comes from the heavy metal band, Fight The Fury. The band is led by Skillet vocalist/bassist John Cooper, who felt he needed another outlet for his brand of hardcore music. Their new 5-song EP titled "Still Breathing" hits hard and quick as they band wastes no time diving right into the heavy-hitting opener "My Demons." The chugging guitars and thunderous drums of "Dominate" will excite your senses, before they speed up the tempo even more with the hardcore delivery of "I Cannot." Fight The Fury finish up their new album with the growling vocals and buzzing guitar of "Lose Hold Of It All." To find out more about Fight The Fury and their latest release "Still Breathing," please visit the band's Facebook page at

We close with a band that is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their formation, I'm talking about the Massachusetts metal band, All That Remains. Their new album titled "Victim Of The New Disease" will be released on November 9th on Fearless/R&T records. It features ten tracks, beginning with the heavy metal assault of "F*ck Love" and the intense, quick-pace of "Everything's Wrong." The new album continues with the hardcore, sonic attack of "Wasteland," before showcasing their more mellow side with the power ballad "Alone In The Darkness." All That Remains comes roaring back with the guitar frenzy of "Misery In Me" and the thunderous pounding of "Broken." They wrap up their new album with the modern, mainstream hard rock appeal of "Just Tell Me Something" and heavy metal arena anthem of "Victim Of The New Disease." To find out more about All That Remains and their latest release "Victim Of The New Disease," please visit

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