Sunday, October 28, 2018

New Music From Award-Winning Children Artists Mister G and Ben Rudnick & Friends

Latin Grammy-winning artist Mister G continues to be inspired, as he rolls out his third album in less than a year. His new release titled "Fireflies" is a return to his singer/songwriting roots. The new ten-song album reflects a simpler folk sound that will easily have you falling in love with Mister G's music all over again. He begins with the gentle acoustics of the title song "Fireflies" as the beautiful harmonies will just ease your troubles away. As you dig in further into this new release, Mister G delivers a funk groove to "Sweet Summertime" and the jazz bass driven "S'Mores" with its fun, playful lyrics. Mister G also tries his hand at the bluegrass swing of "Big Old World," before slowing back down with the quiet acoustics of "Four-Footed Friend." He wraps up his new album with Americana/folk shuffle of "Together As One" and the soft lullaby, "Moonbeams." To find out more about Mister G and his latest release "Fireflies," please visit

Also recently released is the brand-new studio album from Parents Choice award winner, Ben Rudnick and Friends. The new release titled "Little Bitty Critter" is a super-short three song release, just to remind you about Ben's playful music, between his full-length releases. The new album starts off with the energetic, rockabilly fun of "Little Bitty Critter" as your kids will love dancing to this swinging song. Ben Rudnick and Friends have been nicknamed "the Grateful Dead for kids," and the follow up song "Shine Upon Everyone" is the perfect example, as the classic organ and guitar solos will certainly have you grooving. This new short release closes with the steady pace and positive lyrics of "New World In Sight." To find out more about Ben Rudnick and Friends, please visit

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